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                 02/19/2018 01:06 AM  
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11/04/2007 04:24 PM ID: 66210 Permalink   

Passengers Complain About Plane's Missing Wing Tip


A SriLankan Airlines crew faced a passenger revolt when they informed their clients they were about to take off in an plane that was missing 5ft of wing tip.

The passengers were horrified to find that the Airbus A340 they were boarding was the same plane they had crashed the previous day resulting in the damaged wing tip which caused their flight to be delayed by 24 hours.

One passenger told reporters they had been promised a different plane but added: "We only realized that we were actually going on the same aircraft when we got to the Club lounge and saw the plane but without its wing tip."

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not even Ryanair could top this one
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/04/2007 04:39 PM     
i wonder if anyone can get a job for SriLankan Airlines?
  by: elijah4twenty     11/04/2007 05:40 PM     
  It is not perfect  
It looks like a car without wheels.
  by: vizhatlan     11/04/2007 06:01 PM     
  They have a Club lounge for passengers  
but no wing tip LMAO!
  by: Zmethod     11/05/2007 03:38 AM     
  Maybe that can  
borrow a new plane from the tamil tigers lol
  by: evilrat   11/05/2007 04:00 AM     
  It could fly without it  
They could have flow without it, but I would not get on it, it would have been a rough flight. It is not like the part is a fixed part of the wing. That is a mod they put on in the factory, I forget how much the wing tip adds on to the plane. In other words, it is a fuel saver, it make the wing seem 10 or 20 feet longer in aerodynamics, they can be taken off with the proper tool, the tool being a solid pole and a sledge hammer. I watch the history channel and showed this one workers job at the factory was to put the winglets on, he use a hard rubber sledge hammer to put the cylinder in the slot to hold it in place.
  by: thedrewman   11/05/2007 06:04 AM     
  Maybe it could fly  
but it would not handle correctly. It is an accident looking for a place to happen.

It does not meet the type certificate, that way. It is probably not safe that way. It is UNAIRWORTHY that way.

Only a booger-eating moron, greedy, bean counter would suggest it be flown in that condition.

A smart passenger would deplane without DeLay. Heck, with or without any DeLay.

Better to be on the ground when you exit the aircraft, tho-
  by: LeePIII   11/07/2007 07:55 PM     
I had a similar experience a few years ago. This one had not had the wing tip replaced but had crashed when the nose gear collapsed on my flight into Lone Star Texas from Dallas Fort Worth. I should say I had no place to complain though. I should have just booked a different flight when we landed and they opened the cattle gate on the road and moved the cows off into the field. Should have told me something about what they considered "normal"
  by: starmutt   11/09/2007 06:22 AM     
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