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                 01/21/2018 11:34 PM  
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11/06/2007 07:13 AM ID: 66251 Permalink   

ABC Hires Same-Sex "Actors" to Kiss in Public to Test Reactions


According to sources at the Birmingham Police Department, TV network ABC has been performing a week-long social experiment that involves sending out same-sex couples into public to kiss while reactions from others can be studied.

The project was first brought to the attention of the local FOX affiliate by a Southside merchant who noticed an RV parked downtown. When one of their reporters went over to to talk to one of the "actors," he said "Yes, we are working for ABC News."

3-4 reports expressing disgust at seeing the male actors kissing were received, according to a South Precinct officer, who added the setup isn't illegal, and that ABC has an RV parking permit.

ABC has not responded to requests for comment.

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Like OMG I'm so offended, officer why don't you arrest them, fine them, and make their lives a living hell.
  by: luc1ddr3am     11/06/2007 07:45 AM     
  I'm all for girl on girl action...  
I know the fellas are with me ; ]~
  by: Zmethod     11/06/2007 08:41 AM     
Some of us girls are with you too!
  by: deadvenusblue     11/06/2007 04:32 PM     
sounds like a cool project yeah bring on the girls im with you two
  by: si182uk   11/06/2007 05:34 PM     
  Buy em books...  
send them to school... and this is what you get in return.

They ought to hire actors to scratch each other's butts in public too. Woo hoo!!! Cutting edge journalism!
  by: mexicanrevolution   11/06/2007 07:04 PM     
A news organization shouldn't be allowed to do a report on homophobia? Or should they just keep it to the same old boring "expert" interviews and surveys?
  by: l´anglais     11/06/2007 07:19 PM     
"expressing disgust at seeing the male actors kissing"
The same people would be "expressing excitement at seeing two female actors kissing".
  by: Lurker     11/06/2007 07:40 PM     
I guess you're right. I wonder what they're going to do to make reporting crime more "interesting". Talk about "making" news.
  by: mexicanrevolution   11/06/2007 08:39 PM     
a nation!!! Just few years ago, Ellen Degeneres, was yanked out of her primetime comedy, because of the pundits who claimed, "She was promoting lesbianism"

Now studies are in place to see reaction??? WTF.

I am hetero and here I am about to go not so PC.

Ever since I was a little boy, I have known about homosexuals and somehow what is it all about. I have had friends in 70's, 80's 90;s and present, who are gays. However my friends and I have the utmost respect for each other, they know am not gay and hence respect it.

I have never judged any of them because of their sexual preference, what they do is none of my personal bizwax.

Why a need to make it mainstream and have peeps do things in public??

Regardless of my orientation, I have asked a boy and a gal to seek privacy for their necking, why do I have to see bearded guy kissing another bearded guy, maybe women may have different opinion, as I wont mind seeing lesbians, and vice/versa.

Why cant gays be normal thing and seek privacy, instead of the hippy walk and dead fish handwave???

I am sure there a women, who would scorn at a sight of two gray headed lesbians tongue twisting.
  by: isuzu     11/06/2007 09:16 PM     
Way to compare apples and guided missiles!
  by: l´anglais     11/06/2007 09:21 PM     
  Slow news day  
Must be a slow news day when you have to manufacture a story like that.
  by: inchdeep     11/06/2007 09:25 PM     
Yeah, leave it to Fox News to break another channel's investigative work so as to appeal to the most base of their base. It seems pretty unprofessional to me. It's not like ABC was doing anything about which it did the public good to be informed. I guess it must have been a little early for Fox to start drumming up the War on Christmas this year, so they had to keep time with this...
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/06/2007 09:37 PM     
  southern sophistication?  
So wait. People saw two male actors kissing, and actually reported it to the police? I know this is Alabama..but still..welcome to the 21st century! These are probably the same sort of people who need to be told that lynchings aren't cool either...
  by: ejx24   11/07/2007 07:04 AM     
  "Lynchings aren't cool."  
I'll take a bumpersticker.
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/07/2007 07:44 AM     
I'm all for girl on girl actionI know the fellas are with me ; ]~... Zmethod.

I knew you would say this. :P
Get your cam out.

  by: captainJane     11/08/2007 12:30 PM     
  Whats the point..  
There is no good reason to run this "experimental" story by ABC. It's fairly common knowledge what the reactions are going to be. There wouldnt be anyone who would stop and go, aw thats cute. Even if it were guy and girl making out in public, others think "get a room".. why stir the pot? seriously
  by: genibus   11/08/2007 03:24 PM     
Firstly, I think it really depends on what kind of kissing we're talking about, and they really don't say. It might be interesting to see how people react to a chaste but affectionate kiss on the lips. But secondly, no matter what sort of kiss, I think it's been worthwhile just to find that multiple people would call the POLICE about such an action.
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/08/2007 06:19 PM     
  Good old  
Faux News. That right-wing smear site. ;)
  by: Lurker     11/08/2007 06:28 PM     
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