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                 02/23/2018 01:39 PM  
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11/14/2007 04:46 PM ID: 66513 Permalink   

Four Patients Infected With AIDS by Organ Donor


Chicago: An organ donor with the AIDS virus and hepatitis C has infected four patients. This case marks the first known HIV transmission through transplant since 1986.

The Center for Disease Control reports the system is safe, with risk of being infected with any disease being less than 0.01 percent.

UofP medical ethicist Art Caplan states those waiting for organs should be given as much information as possible about potential donors.

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  i read about this  
last night. a different source i read said the donor probably contracted aids within the last couple weeks before he/she died. big time bummer.
  by: elijah4twenty     11/14/2007 04:54 PM     
  Bad link  
The link is bad.
  by: David M Barger     11/14/2007 04:56 PM     
I have a new link, but I don't know how to change it. Help! :)
  by: deadvenusblue     11/14/2007 05:06 PM     
  New link  
  by: deadvenusblue     11/14/2007 05:15 PM     
  Fixed the link....  
  by: Lurker     11/14/2007 07:01 PM     
Thanks so much for fixing the link. Sorry about the mixup.
  by: deadvenusblue     11/14/2007 07:04 PM     
  I thought....  
tests had to be completed before using any parts of the body in both patient and donor
  by: captainJane     11/14/2007 08:55 PM     
  what a nightmare  
To be sick enough to warrant a transplant in the first place, only to end up with aids....
  by: rasputin502     11/16/2007 05:22 AM     
they do run tests... but they think the donor got infected with both shortly before the donor died. ... they trasplanted the organs before the tests were positive.
  by: elijah4twenty     11/16/2007 05:31 AM     
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