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                 02/17/2018 10:14 PM  
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11/16/2007 02:30 AM ID: 66557 Permalink   

Vintage Jack Daniels Whiskey to Be Poured Out


During a warehouse raid in Nashville, and Lynchburg Tennessee, officials grabbed up 2,400 bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. The whiskey, some of which is almost 100 years old, is to be just poured down a drain, since it was sold without license.

Investigators are determining whether the hooch was stolen from the distillery. Tenn. law states officials must destroy whiskey that can't be sold in state. One bottle seized had an unbroken seal and dated to 1914.

Another raid, that was in a Nashville hotel, room netted bottles being sold and drinks being served. The booze is estimated at $1 million value.

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They can't do this! This is blasphemy of the worst kind!
  by: Manic_Panic     11/16/2007 02:33 AM     
what a travesty. and a lie. you know not a single alcohol agent in tennessee is going to let it go down the drain. everyone is going to be filling up their flasks with fine aged tennessee sippin whiskey.
  by: elijah4twenty     11/16/2007 02:33 AM     
  and, i couldnt help it  
i listed this one under crimes... it most certainly is that.
  by: elijah4twenty     11/16/2007 02:36 AM     
If it was sold, why would they still have it? When _I_ sell something, I usually DO NOT still have it.

I am wondering how the destruction of irreplaceable history tastes!
  by: ibcm   11/16/2007 06:33 AM     
Are you kidding, you cant just pour a million dollars down the drain.
  by: aaxel21   11/16/2007 08:12 AM     
  Awe poor Elijah,..  
Or maybe be not , did you have your flash at the ready? :0)
  by: captainJane     11/16/2007 09:47 AM     
  "dated to 1914"  
That was the beginning of the First World War, that's an amazing piece of history.

I bet these idiots didn't even know when the war was. Gah, all that quality booze, down the drain, it hurts 2 read it.
  by: Maxx20     11/16/2007 11:36 AM     
  To be fair  
it was only jack daniels
  by: AnsweringQuestions     11/16/2007 01:22 PM     
Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to rescue jack we go ... with a bucket n spade and a hand grenade, hi-ho ...

Thats my response since what they are doing is far, far, far, far more insane.
  by: AccessG     11/16/2007 01:23 PM     
This is not happening...its just not happening :(.
  by: Eidron   11/16/2007 02:19 PM     
"To be fair it was only jack daniels"

Blasphemy! I understand you don't live in the U.S. But JD is a much beloved whiskey here.

Even people that do not care for it realizes what a horrific thing it would be to pour it out. Especially the older bottles. They could give it to the museum down there instead of pouring it out.

Only Jack Daniels *sigh* makes me want to weep.
  by: TaraB     11/16/2007 02:29 PM     
Yes I know, twas a horrible waste, even JD doesnt deserve that fate.

  by: AnsweringQuestions     11/16/2007 02:42 PM     
Behave or someone will slip you some liberal potions in your drink soon! :-p
  by: TaraB     11/16/2007 02:49 PM     
  I was in Lynchberg  
That place is fantastic and the distillery tours are free. Jack Daniels deserve to get their whiskey back.
  by: Fiachra1979   11/16/2007 05:02 PM     
  It should be disposed of properly…  
Just let me lay down on the table and open my mouth, I mean drain hole. OK, pour it in good and proper.

This is alcohol abuse at its worst.
  by: Valkyrie123     11/16/2007 09:08 PM     
  My heart is broken  
only for the age of that some drink.
  by: vizhatlan     11/16/2007 09:09 PM     
OMG! Sell it, give the money to a charity or something!

Pouring it down the drain?? What a waste! Its enough to drive a man to drink. <pours out some of the regular non vintage kind>
  by: encorespod   11/16/2007 09:15 PM     
if you believe this i think you would believe anything.
atf will confiscate this to there special room for inspection lol
  by: stonedwookie   11/16/2007 10:59 PM     
  alcohol abuse!  
i don't drink anymore and i haven't had a taste of JD in years. i still think this is just wrong wrong wrong. what a waste.
  by: Calilac     11/16/2007 11:21 PM     
  What a waste  
& speaking of waste, seems we will never end that either.
  by: Vhan     11/18/2007 11:23 PM     
  Didn't anybody even stop to think...  
of those poor starving alcohol deprived children in Africa!? I'm ashamed at you all... those poor kids need the booze more than you do.
  by: zmethod     11/19/2007 01:09 PM     
Well, sure, it is fgoing down the drain --- right aftwer the agents strain it through their kidneys, and use their livers to remove the alcohol (less chance of hazardous material that way)

  by: LeePIII   11/19/2007 10:13 PM     
  What next?  
Several years from now someone will "find" my unopened bottles of single-barrel JD and declare them illegal? I got one from McChord AFB and one from Fort Lewis (each barrel was specially made for each military post). The stuff wasn't cheap, but it's really good (yep, I got an extra bottle to drink).
  by: Gloryroader   11/24/2007 02:07 AM     
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