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                 02/19/2018 10:33 AM  
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11/17/2007 02:11 AM ID: 66597 Permalink   

4th-Grade Class Witnesses Teacher Get Naked from Waist Down


Georgia: 20 fourth-grade students at Bruce Elementary School got a talking-to by a psychologist and notes to bring home after seeing their substitute teacher strip naked from the waist down on Wednesday.

Sylvia McGee, school superintendent, said that it was the first day of work for the woman, who she suspects was using medication when the incident occurred, due to her unresponsiveness after students left to get help.

The woman was added in October to a list of approved substitute teachers, having passed a background check. McGee said of the woman's removal from the list, "We think it's best she not return to substitute in the district."

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Wow, talk about over-reacting.
  by: StarShadow     11/17/2007 04:30 AM     
The kids need to learn anatomy don't they?
  by: Billy Rubin   11/17/2007 04:53 AM     
  Seems to me  
It would be more worrying if she was perscribed medication if she was NOT taking them.
Though some mood stabilisers can make you non-responsive, that whole poilt is speculative and discriminatory against people who take psych meds.
  by: jamesmc   11/17/2007 04:55 AM     
that whole point
  by: jamesmc   11/17/2007 04:56 AM     
What's wrong with you people? You're letting the most important question go unasked...

Was she hot?
  by: Crazywumbat   11/17/2007 05:02 AM     
  I agree  
this post is useless without links to pics :P

good article though
  by: hl2k   11/17/2007 06:54 PM     
  our children...  
...need more quality educators like this. :P
  by: rippler2k3   11/17/2007 07:46 PM     
I need more quality educators like this ;P
  by: rockaholic   11/18/2007 11:20 AM     
  Why? Just Why?  
It's funny how in America, this is news worthy material...but in some other countries, nudity is absolutely accepted.

I really don't understand why we have "private parts" on our bodies. We all have the same why do we get ashamed of them or hide them to begin with? What is the difference from showing a hand, a breast, a penis, etc. We all have 'em.

But...even when I say that...I have to think. Would sex be as...satisfying if we didn't have private parts? As it stands now it is somewhat of a "forbidden" act...if you catch my context. Would it be as mentally appealing if the body parts we are using are so accepted?

Just food for thought...what do you guys think?
  by: cptfarlow   11/18/2007 11:55 AM     
I agree.
  by: Libertario Cubano   11/18/2007 06:18 PM     
  Just not fair  
It keeps on happening and it's just not fair. Every day teachers, sex nudity, real hot attention grabbers. Did I go to the wrong schools or what. I have decided I am going to sue. It just isn't fair people and I believe my civil rights have been violated to hell and back. It's time for a full fledged class action suit and I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!
  by: starmutt   11/19/2007 03:18 AM     
If you're a female then I totally agree and I would like for you to share said private parts with the rest of us via links in our pm's... the whole lead by example is what I'm going for ; ]
  by: Zmethod     11/19/2007 08:56 AM     
  @Gender Bias  
If this teacher had been a male... I wonder how many of you would be screaming in outrage. But because it's a female it's hi-fives and lucky kids.

I know most of the comments are said in jest, but it's indicative of the bigger picture. Inappropriate male teachers get jail time, inappropriate female teachers get their victims hi-fives, and they may get probation... maybe.
  by: ablindmansees     11/19/2007 01:47 PM     
Glad your back, thought you'd left us
  by: AnsweringQuestions     11/19/2007 02:15 PM     
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