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                 01/22/2018 05:33 PM  
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11/22/2007 01:20 AM ID: 66719 Permalink   

Man Makes Love to Stuffed Toy Dog


A 27-year-old Winnipeg man has been found passed out inside a boat after using a stuffed dog for sexual pleasure and has since pleaded guilty to break and enter, and mischief. He has been sentenced to six months in jail.

On March 26, a man was spotted breaking into a garage on Chelsea Avenue and Police were called. He then stole several items including a lawnmower, mountain bike and stuffed toy dog from a neighbour's garage.

The man returned to the first garage he had broken into and was eventually found by police as he was passed out.

"All (his offences) involve being drunk, usually drunk as a skunk," said defence lawyer Chris McCoy.

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i wonder if the stuffed pup was a willing participant?
  by: elijah4twenty     11/22/2007 01:26 AM     
  drunk as a skunk lol  
  by: Vhan     11/22/2007 02:36 AM     
  dem westeners  
are a funny bunch
  by: hl2k   11/22/2007 05:42 AM     
"bow-chicka-bow-wow" Nice ;]
  by: Zmethod     11/22/2007 06:13 AM     
Lol @ "stuffed" toy dog. Yeah, I'd say. At least he didn't rape the lawnmower. Damn you alcohol, you are not my friend! *shakes fist
  by: spiggy   11/22/2007 07:56 AM     
  Did not know  
mischief was a crime...
  by: Proper Talent   11/29/2007 10:56 PM     
  Robot Chicken  
poor snuggles
  by: jaded fox     11/30/2007 08:46 PM     
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