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                 01/17/2018 04:17 AM  
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11/25/2007 08:46 PM ID: 66785 Permalink   

Farmer Cuts Off Arm to Save Life


Farmer Sampson Parker of Kershaw County, S.C., amputated his own arm after his hand was caught when he attempted to remove a corn stalk from his mechanical corn picker.

Farmer Sampson jammed the harvester with an iron bar while he tried to cut his fingers off to free himself. Things became much worse when the bar caused a spark that set the grass around him on fire.

"My skin was melting. It was dripping off my arm like plastic, plastic melting. I realized I was in trouble," Parker said. At this point Parker used his pocket knife to amputate his arm. Parker drove to the road and was rescued by a fireman.

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This guy got set on fire, cut his own arm off, and then drove to help? Amazing! Oh but sad for him, I hope he turns out alright.
  by: deadvenusblue     11/25/2007 08:53 PM     
  What a badass  
I wish him a speedy recovery!
  by: daniel2508     11/25/2007 09:06 PM     
theres been a few stories like that around here (loads of farmers around my area) about them cutting things of with their pen knifes.

double hard b*astards the lot of them!!!!
  by: M4CRO_   11/25/2007 09:32 PM     
you dont mess with farmers
  by: aerise   11/25/2007 09:39 PM     
  He drove his car!?!?  
He drove his car!?!? I bet he had an automatic car, because he would have been screwed if it was a manual!
  by: crispies   11/25/2007 10:04 PM     
I can drive stick with my right arm alone easy. Possibly with my left too ;)
  by: vant   11/25/2007 11:22 PM     
"My skin was melting. It was dripping off my arm like plastic, plastic melting. I realized I was in trouble,"

Im not laughing AT him, Im laughing at the fact he was going to cut his fingers off ... but it took him be set on fire with every nerve ending his arm being toasted for him to think "You know what, now I think theres trouble" Most people would think they were in trouble straight away when trapped, but nooooo, he needs to be set alight for things to escelate and to actually be serious enough to warrant such thought.

All the best mate and I hope it all goes well from here on in.

Reminds me of several things this, the guy that was trapped up a mountain and done the same, also when M4CRO_ made his comments it made me think 'hmmmm, my grandfather was a farmer and he was pretty damn hard as well' and Denis Leary, again. I think it was when he was talking about when 'men were men' and not the wuss culture thats taking over nowadays (weapons, gangs and general saps that start trouble and pick on people with gangs and/or weapons). Sure it was John Wayne he was talking about as well, something about lung cancer and the doc saying to the Duke 'were gonna have to cut out your lung' and him replying 'take em both, I dont need em, Ill grow gills and breathe like a fish!'

I'd say this guy was tough as old boots, but I think in a face off he might eat the boots and ask for desert ... Im trying to work out if it wouldnt have been 'all that bad' since the fire would have HOPEFULLY killed the nerves or if the intense heat would be baking the rest of his body or if it was impressive he stayed concious as his nerves were on fire or ... theres more but Ive went on enough :)
  by: AccessG     11/26/2007 01:38 AM     
  If you can temp. steer with your knees  
driving one handed manual is easy
  by: hl2k   11/26/2007 02:11 AM     
  Me too  
That is horrific! What a thing to have to do.
  by: captainJane     11/26/2007 03:06 AM     
  @hl2k & co. about driving ...  
its not the ability to drive stick or automatic with one or no hands, its the fact this guy shoulda maybe blead to death, though heat may have saved his life and cotorcised it (not checking spelling).

He coulda passed out before then in pain.
After it in pain.
After it once the fight or flight adrenalin wore off.
Bled to death driving.
Died in shock once 'rescued' ... adrenalin going bye-byes again.

But no, he kept his sh*t together with his feet on the ground cus no ones gonna hear you if you havent made a sound ... I dont like scissor sisters but the dance/rave mix of that is awesome, not as awesome as this guys mental and physical capacity though.

Pain give you fight or flight 9/10 times and shock or death the other 10%. Youll either get annoyed at it or cowl up in pain basically. Pain is great, I love pain, makes me remeber Im alive. Too much pain and I get pumped up on adrenalin towards the source/cause, so to speak. Some examples ...

When I was 10 broke both the bones in my lower arm, straight through clean as you like. I had fallen 50-70ft through a tree, bounced of many branches on the way down and even till this day its been debated whether or not it should be renamed the ugly tree lol. Actually just made that up cus I can afford to poke fun at myself, but I used to say that 'I done a Rambo like Superman thru the trees' cus I also had the branch that broke off in my right hand extended, frozen with 'omfgwtf'. Typical Scottish summer so ground was a bit soft with rain, branches slowed me down and I was still growing so I bounced. Never felt a thing. I was probably in shock, not sure but I remember it all and remained calm looking at my 45 degree right arm saying 'I think Ive twisted my bone' ... I didnt know there was 2 bones there lol.

Broke my right hand, pinkie finger hand bone thingy, punching someone -dislocated their jaw and 3 days suspension from school :( That was when I was 14 and I thought I had only staved my finger for 2 weeks while keeping on playing basketball.

Had my nose broken 3 times and my head split open around 5.

Me and a friend were climbing a chain link fence once, crossing at a part that the guide wire up top was broken so it was lowest, all the kids crossed there, but me, I had to just be different and make an ass of it ... One of the jagged guidewires ends, I, managed to get stuck in my leg (inner left thigh) ... then out about half in later, then in and out again ... it ended up stitched thru my skin. When it first penetrated i started to fall driving it further in but I grabbed the barbed wire at the top swinging me up and in again and driving it further. My friend looked at it and said 'thats fked' ... my reply was pull it out and looking back on it he musta been a sadistical little ... person ... I looked up at the sky and he tore it out.

When I was 6 or 7 I got shoved onto a broken window, the scar of which still remains on my left hand.

None of that really prepared me though.

Heres 2 things I really thought were pain city.

When I was about 5 I got a permenant tooth broken at the front. White pain I call it. Nerve exposed to the coolness and just pain with no way to counter it.

The farmer mentioned melted plastic, now Ive been burnt by stuff (candles are fun:P), but theres a thing that caused the most pain I care to remember ever. Melted plastic. We had lots of bings, wasteground and industrial estates, all with 'stuff to burn' and places to make motorbike/scrambler tracks. Sometimes when we made a fire and got sheets of plastic, would tear a strip of and set the end on fire and swirl them round, made a cool noise, wasnt dangerous, we were young and knew what we were dong ... :/ A piece landed on my left hand and burnt, I went mental at my friend for about 1 millionth of a second while the pain kicked in. I was on my knees, grasping my wrist and screaming like a little girl, in my defence I was about 8 at the time. I watched as it ate into my hand and we arent talking that big, the scar 23 years or so on now is about 5mm across. I spat on it and anything I could think of, which apart from aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh MY HAND IS ON FIRE wasnt a lot.

This guy though ... he put all that together ... AND DROVE. He also survived.

Screw your driving skills, I dont care if he had a voice activated Asgard mothership, he could have easily, in fact EASIERABIBILTIUM, have been discovered burnt to a crisp.

Like I said, more and still more now, but didnt want to list it all.

Plus thats 2 books for 1 thread ...
  by: AccessG     11/26/2007 03:23 AM     
  - agree with this being badass.  
Almost as much as when Beowolf jumps out of the monsters eye and strikes a pose(from the movie)
  by: JayWar   11/26/2007 06:07 PM     
  don'd doubt the will of a farmer  
My dad and brother are farmers and if they had to do something like that then they would put the pain to the side. and try to get their arm off.

When my dad read this story. He said that he knew a guy who died trying to get the silage chopper unplugged and had his 5 year-old son with him and the chopper just pulled him up in it and there was nothing the little boy could do but just watch
  by: kspendluv   11/27/2007 03:00 AM     
  There's got to be a movie deal in this...  
Die Hard With a Tractor
  by: Valkyrie123     11/28/2007 03:59 PM     
  I've got this weird picture  
Of John Wayne doing a german accent and trying to rustle cattle whilst Mclane bombs him in an F35.....
  by: AnsweringQuestions     11/28/2007 04:19 PM     
  If I was in that same situation...  
... I would probably cut his arm off too lol


I have found a video of the guy describing the "incident" :)
  by: mad_maggot   11/30/2007 02:10 PM     
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