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                 01/16/2018 08:54 AM  
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11/26/2007 03:35 AM ID: 66791 Permalink   

Beauty Contestant Wins Despite Dirty Tricks


Ingrid Marie Rivera became Puerto Rico's 2008 Miss Universe contestant. She accomplished this in spite of having her gowns sprayed with, and her make up spiked with pepper spray.

Miss Rivera was able to keep her composure for the cameras and judges. Once offstage she had to remove her tainted clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body.
Miss Rivera's clothing and makeup tested positive for pepper spray.

Miss Rivera, who had won the title of Miss World Caribbean in 2005, was accused by her rivals of buying her crown.
The last day of the competition had to be canceled due to a bomb threat.

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remind me not to enter a beauty pageant in PR
  by: Kroww   11/26/2007 04:20 AM     
  Thats horrible  
What some people will do to win/be noticed/look 'beautiful'
  by: hl2k   11/26/2007 04:42 AM     
  I actually know one of the contestants...  
she said it was quite hilarious, I'm sure she wouldn't be all shits & giggles if they got busted they'd all be banned from ever competing. In the good ol' days beauty queens would just sleep to win, now they try to buy you off...
  by: Zmethod     11/26/2007 04:53 AM     
You don't have to say "Miss" Rivera. Just Rivera. =\
  by: fballer23   11/26/2007 05:54 AM     
  Stinking cheats  
they should be caught and punished for this why are they letting this happen?
  by: captainJane     11/26/2007 05:09 PM     
  could someone explain to us ignorant folks  
what the point of covering yourself with pepper spray is, besides maybe irritating the other contestants?
  by: ladiedragonfli   11/26/2007 06:25 PM     
I dont think it was for her advantage, the other contestants did it to her
  by: veya_victaous     11/26/2007 08:11 PM     
  That's funny  
Rereading it as if she did it to herself, I could see how ladiedragonfli could have made that mistake. I've also heard recently that she may have actually done it to herself to generate publicity and/or sympathy...
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/29/2007 11:38 PM     
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