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                 01/19/2018 09:53 PM  
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12/03/2007 07:05 PM ID: 66934 Permalink   

Iranian Nuclear Threat Played Down by Latest US Report


Latest US intelligence reports say that apparently they overestimated the threat that Iran is developing nuclear weapons saying the Iranian government appears “less determined" to develop a nuclear weapon than previously thought.

A Recent National Intelligence Estimate assessment concludes that the Iranian government halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but continuing to enrich uranium.

Some observers claim the move will bolster the call for sanctions saying that those who want further sanctions will claim that past pressure worked.

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  Well if I was going to rob a bank  
and they tripled security Id prolly be less determined as well.
  by: AccessG     12/03/2007 08:37 PM     
They're developing nukes? MOAR SANCTIONS!!!
They're not developing nukes? Sactions work... MOAR SANCTIONS!!!

Are you a witch? No? THEN YOU DROWN!!!
You didn't drawn? MUST BE A WITCH!!! BURNNNED AT THE STAKE !!!
  by: silentrage   12/03/2007 09:03 PM     
  Quick Cheney  
Out another CIA operative.
  by: ichi     12/03/2007 09:32 PM     
  @U.S. leadership  
Key allies are totally disillusioned with the U.S.'s cavalier attitude toward the truth, especially when we're throwing around terms like "World War Three."
  by: l´anglais     12/04/2007 01:09 AM     
  Does anyone believe there is democracy in the US ?  
So, this is the kind of democracy that is being peddled all over the world ! A leader who can lie with impunity while his subjects have to wait impotently until his term is over. What kind of accountability is this? The cretin could start WWIII and ride into the sunset and the American people will pay for it. One study shows that the Iraq is expected to cost a trillion dollars. This nitwit will not stop until he has bankrupted the nation. The dollar is almost worthless now and the oil-rich gulf states are already realigning their currency basket in favour of the Euro.
This is what happens when a President with an IQ close to 100 takes the helm.
  by: Jayman2000BC   12/04/2007 02:52 AM     
  That's funny  
I heard about the gov headed toward bankruptcy from holding onto a failing foreign policy and an eroding USD from the gov printing and borrowing funds to make ends meet nearly a year before it started happening... and this exact same prediction with Iran a couple months ago... did it come from Rudy G., Mit Romney, McCain, Hillary, Obama, or Edwards?

No! It was that crazy old coot Ron Paul!?!
  by: ukcn001XYZ   12/04/2007 03:12 AM     
  Well, that's it  
I've been converted. After nearly seven years of the neocons in office, I'm now convinced that the government can't accomplish anything and that privatization is the way to go -- just like the neocons have been saying ...
  by: l´anglais     12/04/2007 07:09 AM     
Neocons say that, but they love big government just as much as the next liberal. They all want to control you.
  by: Libertario Cubano   12/04/2007 07:22 AM     
At least the government isn't trying to convince me that buying its product is going to make supermodels want to make out with me ...
  by: l´anglais     12/04/2007 06:21 PM     
Haha, are you suggesting we need a government funded program teach men not to bat waaaaaaaay out of their leagues?
  by: Libertario Cubano   12/04/2007 06:24 PM     
  here is the report  
  by: Hugo Chavez     12/04/2007 06:26 PM     
  I'm curious  
US intelligence was completely crap when it said in 2005 Iran was making nuclear weapons.
Now it says they stopped in 2003, its obviously right?
  by: AnsweringQuestions     12/07/2007 09:33 AM     
  @AQ: different situation same ^&*^  
IRAQ: "They may have WMDs" (Let's invade).

IRAN: "They may not have WMDs" (Let's invade).

Why do we even bother having an intelligence network.
  by: redstain   12/07/2007 09:56 AM     
I just find it odd that people who normaly say anything from US intelligence is either a lie or false, are suddenly waving the flag of CIA competance and honesty.
Now the CIA agrees with them.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     12/07/2007 10:00 AM     
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