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                 01/18/2018 11:09 AM  
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12/04/2007 01:32 AM ID: 66943 Permalink   

Calgary Baker Out $20000 After Bad eBay Experience


Shaqir Duraj won an eBay auction for a car in October of 2007 from a seller with a 98% positive satisfaction rating. 6 weeks after wiring money to the seller, Shaqir still had no car.

Shaqir complained to eBay about the bad auction and received a letter in response. The letter stated that the seller's page had been hijacked and that Shaqir would have to contact police and the FBI.

Cpl. Louis Robertson of the RCMP has tried contacting eBay but the company will not return his calls.

"They don't want to share this intelligence" he said. "There needs to be tougher laws so internet companies will act more responsibly"

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  "Caveat Emptor"  
  by: Zmethod     12/04/2007 01:46 AM     
  Ebay Sucks  
Man... this stuff just SICKENS me.

I hope maybe somehow someone can have this scam shut down!
  by: fuzz64   12/04/2007 01:46 AM     
  good old ebay  
and their buyer/seller protection scam...

They make it seem like you are safe and protected until something happens, then suddenly it's "hey, didnt you read the fine print"?

Ebay sucks...
  by: rasputin502     12/04/2007 01:59 AM     
  listening to talk radio today  
i heard something to the effect that Ebay is now going to have to step up its buyer/seller protection due to a rampant market for brand knockoffs, cheap, namely, Tiffany.
  by: elijah4twenty     12/04/2007 02:09 AM     
  He wired the money ...  
this is the sort of person that sends their bank account details to Nigeria to help get monies from defunkt govt. funds.

You wouldnt hand someone 20k on a street corner and wait 10 mins for a car, so why wire money to someone a million miles away and expect them to return?

Ebay may suck, Paypal may suck, but if you play their game your covered.

There really isnt anything for them to hide, I mean, if I was him I would be embaressed at my own stupidity since its so simple a scam.

Anyone that doesnt believe me can wire me 100 bucks, for an apple iphone, via western union.
  by: AccessG     12/04/2007 02:30 AM     
So... how would you pay 20k to someone far away for something you're purchasing?
  by: bane39   12/04/2007 02:47 AM     
  I Ebay!  

You can use an escrow service. I've purchased two motorcycles on ebay and used an escrow service. Never had a problem.

@everyone else who hates ebay

I've been a member of ebay since 1999 and have nothing but good things to say about it. I never bid on anything from a buyer with less than 99% rating though.
  by: creep   12/04/2007 02:56 AM     
I've gotten ripped off by ebay preferred sellers and 99% guys more then once, ebay never believes you over the sellers and the sellers can ask to have your negative comments removed, fortunately it was all very small amounts. The biggest amount I got ripped off for was twenty bucks, they got raped by the D.O.J. though and I ended up getting the money back.

All in all ever since ebay started asking for more from the sellers they don't have any good prices for any of the things I want so I haven't used it since.
  by: splicer   12/04/2007 03:53 AM     
  Either way  
if your going to buy a major expense (car, boat, truck, motorbike, plane...) you should go see it first and have it looked at by your mechanic/appraiser to make sure its worth the buy.

Thats Rule #1 of buying any used car, you don't follow it, you're open to get scammed. Yes scamming is wrong, yes it shouldn't be done, but you are responsible for your own ass, no one holds your hand in this world, no one.
  by: hl2k   12/04/2007 04:25 AM     
  Ebay should pay  
I just love all the really smart people on here, rubbishing some poor bloke who's made a legitimate purchase from a high profile Internet company which claims on their website that you should be covered if something goes wrong.
Buying on Ebay should be the same as buying from any other legitimate company, especially when they imply they will cover you.
This guy should be fully reimbursed, no questions asked.
  by: BlackWidow   12/04/2007 09:01 AM     
  just another (ebay) idiot  
Idiots are all over the world, the internet, and thus, ebay as well.

I know of a guy who thought that ebay motors was ebay, and that's all ebay was about. Idiot.

If you use ebay, I recommend using only paypal and understanding its limitations of coverage and protection. As a seller on ebay I ONLY accept paypal, people without paypal accounts can not bid.

Anyway, there are so many people buying on ebay that can't even read the auctions. People ask questions about items because they think they are something completely different, or just more than what is up for auction.
  by: ibcm   12/04/2007 09:29 AM     
  but thats the point  
" just love all the really smart people on here, rubbishing some poor bloke who's made a legitimate purchase from a high profile Internet company"

He didnt buy anything from ebay.
He found someone on ebay who sold him something.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     12/04/2007 09:39 AM     
  but that's the point  
The point remains, Ebay claims that they cover you, and try to convince you that its safe.
If they dont want to cover you, they should put up a big warning on their front page.
"Warning, Buyers beware,we have got no idea who you are dealing with, you could lose all your money and we dont cover anybody".
  by: BlackWidow   12/04/2007 10:27 AM     
  This is one of things  
the internet is not a good way to arrange
that kind of matter.
  by: vizhatlan     12/04/2007 10:52 AM     
How about Paypal?

Ebay tells you exactly what they dont cover and wiring money is something they dont cover. I cant remember all the ins and outs because I tend to stick to Paypal only or on the rare occasion use a cheque. I dont wire money, I dont send cash and I dont send postal orders, though I had in the past for small amounts but that was at the start of me using Ebay. I only have over 300 successfull transactions through Ebay though so theres plenty of time for me to slip up I guess.
  by: AccessG     12/04/2007 01:04 PM     
  Wake up and smell the coffee  
I had someone that wanted to sell me a car for $5000 and wanted me to send them the money via Western Union (Hello) Obviously I didn't. Western Union should warn people about these scams, not ebay
  by: ronbeacom   12/04/2007 02:20 PM     
Not all online auction companies are same.

Give em a call, you will get a live person.

Their auctioneers are real, you can hear and most times see them with real time audio and video. Very entertaining.

The offer a wide array of product and collectibles to realestate to businesses.

Heck, they even recently sold the original Darth Vader helmet online, and Hitlers Globe.

So if your interested in auctions online auctions, with an authentic auction feel. Check it out.

  by: Reamensa   12/04/2007 07:38 PM     
  Safety of Ebay  
Whether or not you are protected by Ebay and PayPal is up for debate... Some people have great experiences from the protection. I got screwed..

Whether or not the protection is good.. if they refer you to your police department and your police department calls them... WHY THE HECK dont they return the calls of the officers trying to uphold the law?

This is aiding criminal activity.
  by: fuzz64   12/05/2007 05:41 AM     
  Law Enforcement  
This is on their website.
"Ebay works closely with Law Enforcement, consumer affairs and regulatory agencies all around the world to help keep our members safe"
  by: BlackWidow   12/05/2007 11:33 AM     
  Ebay claims that they cover you... but  
If we grant a Claim under the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy, we will reimburse you in the currency of the original PayPal payment, up to the maximum payout. $2,000.00 USD

and if you didnt pay with payapl anc confirmed address ect its $200 ebay not a big protection when your talking 20k, also most autions like that take a deposit of $500 and rest when picked up in person ect... i woulnt send anytone 20k i havnt met in person or escrow service...
  by: zortona   12/06/2007 07:43 AM     
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