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                 01/22/2018 11:32 AM  
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12/05/2007 04:07 AM ID: 66974 Permalink   

Losing Virginity at Wrong Age Bad


A new sexual health study has cast doubts on the merits of abstinence education, but also warns of the danger of having sex too young.

A study by Columbia University states that people who start to have sex around the age of 14 have an increased risk of STDs. The same study found waiting until 22 or older is linked to various sexual problems including erectile dysfunction.

The study found that the optimum age to lose virginity was around the age of 17-18. This seemed to lead to the best overall sexual health in later life. The study criticized abstinence education as potentially harmful for sexual wellbeing.

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  Amen Brother!  
"The study criticized abstinence education as potentially harmful for sexual wellbeing"

16 is ideal or atleast it was for me.
  by: Zmethod     12/05/2007 04:12 AM     
Still Waiting.
  by: ichi     12/05/2007 04:14 AM     
but it's a bit backwards. if you're having sex at a young age, or still a virgin in your mid-20s then it's probably because you already have issues. an irregular sex life is more a reflection of pre-existing issues; not necessarily the cause of future ones. i'd like to present my ex-girlfriend as exhibit A.
  by: ManilaRyce     12/05/2007 04:52 AM     
  What ever happened..  
to the right person in heart mind and last but not least in body!
  by: captainJane     12/05/2007 05:15 AM     
  Thanks CaptainJane  
I always have loved a dreamer.
  by: ichi     12/05/2007 05:54 AM     
The right person walks on two legs :-P Haven't you ever heard that saying?
  by: luc1ddr3am     12/05/2007 05:56 AM     
  Oh, I'm so screwed.  
Or not.
  by: walter3ca   12/05/2007 08:16 AM     
"I always have loved a dreamer."

me too. where do you get your roofies?
  by: ManilaRyce     12/05/2007 09:51 AM     
With this study is it assuming the person that doesn't have intercourse/vaginal sex also doesn't masturbate or reach orgasm through other means.
I suppose your stuff is like a muscle right? you gotta work it out. LOL. Just like alzheimer's and the brain?
  by: JayWar   12/05/2007 10:37 AM     
What a load of rubbish.
I had sex well before I was 17 and I'm a perfectly well adjusted young man, wait, no, never mind
  by: AnsweringQuestions     12/05/2007 10:46 AM     
  What a load of tripe  
“people who start to have sex around the age of 14 have an increased risk of STDs”

That is the stupidest statement I’ve seen in a coons age. If you don’t have sex it’s impossible to get a sexually transmitted disease. Are we paying tax dollars for this garbage? Excuse me while I beat my head on the wall for awhile.

Cynicisms is the antidote for stupidity.
  by: Valkyrie123     12/05/2007 02:29 PM     
  Well I started at around13-14  
And I would like to think I turned out alright, I have never had any STD's.

  by: sparky_fox   12/05/2007 05:20 PM     
  "has cast doubts"  
I take issue with the phrase:
"has cast doubts on the merits of abstinence education"
All sex education material makes it clear that abstaining from sex is one option in preventing STDs or pregnancy, which means that 'abstinence education' must refer to 'abstinence only education'. 'Abstinence only education' is a misnomer.
  by: Ec5618   12/05/2007 07:10 PM     
"people who start to have sex around the age of 14 have an increased risk of STDs"

LOL what about condoms ? they cant use them?


aha u're so right

also i found some interesting stuff about this guy... on a conclusive statement about same sex partners here is what he found :

"The findings support the assumption that people with same-sex sexual behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders."


  by: ProTesTa     12/05/2007 07:27 PM     
  Losing Virginity at Wrong Age Bad  
This would for sure be true if you lost it at 69 or 70.
  by: John E Angel     12/05/2007 07:41 PM     
Any recommendation on when one should try to find it?
  by: Reamensa   12/05/2007 07:54 PM     
  I wonder...  
I think we need to consult an expert. Is Isaac Newton available?
  by: Major-General   12/05/2007 08:56 PM     
No, try Isaac Hayes instead. He's the expert.
  by: theironboard     12/05/2007 09:10 PM     
  I saw this one the other day...  
Stan: But Chef, when IS the right time for us to start
having sex?
Chef: It's very simple, children; The right time to
start having sex is…seventeen.
Kyle: Seventeen?
Chef: Seventeen.
Sheila: So, you mean seventeen as long as you're in
Chef: Nope, just seventeen.
Gerald: But what if you're not ready at seventeen?
Chef: Seventeen. You ready.

God bless South Park...
  by: Archanejill   12/06/2007 03:24 AM     
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