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                 04/23/2014 11:55 PM  
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12/14/2007 02:12 AM ID: 67140 Permalink   

Maradona Wants A Tattoo of President Hugo Chavez


Maradona's collection of presidential tattoos is set to grow with the soccer star expressing an interest in having President Hugo Chavez's image placed somewhere on his person.

His collection includes Guevara and Castro. Castro befriended Maradona while he was in Cuba recovering from his drug addiction.

"I'd like to get some sort of Chavez tattoo, really," Maradona stated to reporters while in Argentina to play an indoor celebrity soccer match.

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  One thing I've wondered  
Did I miss it, or did the failure of Hugo Chavez's dictator referendum get reported or not?
  by: lauriesman     12/14/2007 03:01 AM     

i reported on the fact they were voting, the day before the vote, i think. or the day OF. i think in the comments, it says it didnt pass (obviously)
  by: elijah4twenty     12/14/2007 03:10 AM     
  yes you must have missed it  
Chavez may be making some mistakes, but a dictator he is not. Funny how the country's first truly democratically elected President (see the international electoral monitoring reports which state a clear democratic and non-corrupt and free election, available by simply googling Chavez and elections).

It is really strange how when corrupt elite led governments who raped the country of its economic wealth were in power, you never heard of Venezuela, but now that a Socialist is in power who is attempting to bring electric power to the entire country and who, shock, horror, actually keeps the wealth accrued by the country with the most valuable oil resources on the American continent, and gives to all the people not just the former exploiters, of which the U.S. is but one.

Chavez needs to be cut some slack, dont get me wrong, the lack of aspects of free speech etc. are worrying but the attention he is paying to the country's high majority of people living in absolute poverty and the high regard in whcih he is held by these people necessitates at the very least an amount of respect for the man.

I say get that tattoo Maradona
  by: Cillian   01/24/2008 04:08 PM     
Were there food shortages under the "evil corporate regime"?

Even if we agree Chavez's heart is in the right place, his brain certainly got lost on the way.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     01/24/2008 04:16 PM     
  No disagreement here  
I agree that he has lost his way, but that can be blamed on not only his willingness to try to do anything to hold on to power, but on the foreign sponsored and encouraged coup against his democratic government among other things.

and absolutely there were food shortages under the previous regimes. What should be the wealthiest nation in South America due to its oil production output, was actually one with one of the largest trade deficits and unmanageable international debt. Make sense of that I cannot.
  by: Cillian   01/24/2008 04:31 PM     
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