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                 02/22/2018 05:44 PM  
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12/15/2007 01:39 PM ID: 67163 Permalink   

Police Arrest Girl, 10, at School for Using Knife from Home to Cut Her Food


Ocala, FL: Employees at Sunrise Elementary School had one of their students, a 10-year-old girl, arrested after they noticed her using a steak knife from home to cut her food. She later said there were other times that she'd bring it with her lunch.

Other students said that the girl never threatened anyone. She was charged with felony possession of a weapon on school property and was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

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  You've got to be Fscking Joking!  
  by: hl2k   12/15/2007 01:46 PM     
cops wonder why people hate them.
  by: kross10c   12/15/2007 03:00 PM     
It's not the cops-- it's the damn stupid school administrators who are incapable of dealing with reality.

I'd be embarrassed to be a teacher in that school system.
  by: theironboard     12/15/2007 03:51 PM     

On a serious note, kross is right, it's no wonder people don't respect the Police or law makers when this sort of idiocy happens.
  by: Maxx20     12/15/2007 04:17 PM     
  Counter charge them.  
Find a lawyer to do it, I have a friend that would take this case on if he lived there, this is just an absolute disgrace on the police department.
  by: captainJane     12/15/2007 04:32 PM     
florida never ceases to amaze.

i think it has something to do with exposure to oranges or something.

  by: elijah4twenty     12/15/2007 04:51 PM     
  Its not just Florida  
It is most schools and it is called Zero Tolerance. It sucks. At my girls school they only allow sporks or spoons, no forks and no knives plastic or not.

It is time that the school boards wake up and realize that blanket Zero Tolerance policies do not work. We see it often enough in the news with kids getting in trouble for plastic utensils (little boy in OH), the cases of the young girls with tylenol for cramps, the one kid that was in trouble for having an inhaler on him.

Instead of having to actually make a decision they hide behind a blanket policy and then ask what they can do about it. Drop it and grow a set and punish a child on case by case as they used to do.
  by: TaraB     12/15/2007 05:36 PM     
  things have changed so much  
when i went to school boys carried pocket knives and left there rifles in their trucks. years later same school,students can't go to the bathroom without teacher supervision between classes.
  by: kross10c   12/15/2007 06:30 PM     
  This isnt the first, wont be the last  
This lesson in absurdity has been surfacing all over the country recently. We rely on blanket statues instead of common sense to the point where being reasonable is illegal. Shame on the scool for adopting and adhering to their "zero-tolerance" policy but shame on the countless parents who brought frivilous lawsuits against schools that prompted this policy in the first place. I love the finger pointing going on between the school staff and the poliece, each saying "dont blame me, my hands were tied". If no one thinks this girl should have been arrested, why was she arrested? Why were we given these big sexy brains if we're just going to create a society where its impossible to use them? Well now after a stint in Juvee the girl probably does know how to use the knife as a weapon. Since she's suspended from school for 10 days I would be affraid her education is suffering, but then I realize she's learning pleanty; like a mistrust for authority and a slow realization that she's living in a world of nutjobs. WAY TO GO EDUCATION AND LAW INFORCEMENT, YOU REALLY MADE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TODAY!
  by: nowayjose   12/15/2007 06:33 PM     
  For Safety And Security  
Strip search and cavity search all persons entering any school. Spoons forks and knives should be considered dangerous weapons. Lethal force should be authorized.Those caught with any threatening toy or drawing that may be of a weapon should be imediatley placed in a secure area and held incomunicado,a secret hearing in absence of defence is necessary for the security of all.

The people that have authority over our children should be tested for common sense. These people failed and need to be sent looking for another job.
  by: ichi     12/15/2007 06:56 PM     
You sure your not my sister?
  by: ichi     12/15/2007 07:00 PM     
  So silly.  
Why dont we just kit out our kids in stab vests and kevlar helmets and wrap them in bubble rap before sendign them out into the world.

Interestingly enough there was a news story once about some parents in the UK buying they kids stab vests for school. The world is a sick place when a 10 year old needs a stab vest.
  by: Eidron   12/15/2007 08:07 PM     
  can't help but laugh...  
because it's better than screaming obcenities. it always tripped me out how they say that knives and guns are weapons and should not be allowed in school. you ever been hit by a backpack full of textbooks?
in middle school i played a game with friends where we'd find everyday objects and think of ways to kill people with it. chapstick is very deadly. as are sporks and spoons and desks and doors and pencils and pens and paper. it horrifies me now thinking back on that game but kids are incredibly intelligent and creative and if they really want to hurt each other they've always got their fists, feet, and mouths. you can't ban those. i wait for the day when we stop blaming objects for the violence we do to each other. blanket policies blame the objects and should not be in use anymore. and last i looked school officials (not teachers) are paid enough to take the time to deal with students individually. of course if it weren't so easy to sue school administrations for treating a child as an individual and not under a general policy... argh, i really am going to scream in a second. done. walking away.
  by: Calilac     12/15/2007 08:29 PM     
  Lets See  
what is more dangerous? A little girl with a knife at lunch or a baseball bat.
No, thats sports and we have to draw the line somewhere.
  by: ichi     12/15/2007 08:36 PM     
  I seem to recall a boy that was  
struck in the head by a line drive while playing baseball on the school playground. He was knocked out, taken to a hospital emergency room for evaluation, out of classes for three days as a result.
Why haven't baseballs been banned? It is a projectile weapon. Slower than a bullet but still has a potential for lethality.
And while I'm on this tirade, I still find it unacceptable that I can be fined for not wearing a seatbelt while driving but they are not required on school buses. Guess the children are not that important. Not old enough to vote or be bribed yet. Ah, the pleasures of being an adult.

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

  by: White Albino   12/15/2007 09:23 PM     
Zero Tolerance policy totally works, it deters students from bringing a weapon to school because they know if they do they'll go to Jail.

That's why they just bring a gun, and take down as many as they can before shooting themselves in the head, looks like it's working as intended to me.
  by: silentrage   12/15/2007 11:06 PM     
  White Albino  
If I am an adult is my wife an adultress?
  by: ichi     12/16/2007 12:02 AM     
It's not adultress, it's adulteress - the feminine form of adulterer, not "adult."
  by: caution2     12/16/2007 12:09 AM     
Your wife is THE BOSS!
Try not to forget that. The continual functioning of your internal organs may depend on the reliability of your memory.
  by: White Albino   12/16/2007 12:49 AM     
Its not as much fun your way.

White Albino

You know her.
  by: ichi     12/16/2007 12:57 AM     
  its obvious really  
its clearly because america has an epidemic of freaky goth kids

maybe they should arrest all goths before they get a chance to do anything
  by: bungholio   12/16/2007 01:57 AM     
  If they went with EXTREME reaction  
Why not just send her straight to Gitzmo ?
  by: joltek   12/16/2007 01:58 AM     
  Felony for cutting your food!  
I'll have to remember that one. Here they would just confiscate the knife and tell her why she can't bring it. I mean she's ten years old, I don't think she was planning to go around shanking her fellow...4th(?) graders.
  by: fballer23   12/16/2007 04:10 AM     
  Thank you for making me laugh!  
Its not as much fun your way.

White Albino

You know her.ichi

Auduts can ruin so much in the family, not enough is done with measures of defence in this.Some things should never happen!

And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.
  by: captainJane     12/16/2007 05:41 AM     
A plastic fork can be just as dangerous as a steak knife in the hands of someone who intends to do damage with it.

The only solution is to ban anything that could be used as a weapon from schools. Pencils, scissors, forks, spoons, paper, rulers...

This is just way over the top, if she was going to hurt someone she could just as easily stabbed someone with a pen.

The school should have taken the knife, informed the parents and told them she could not have the knife in school.
  by: Rodney Jason   12/16/2007 10:23 AM     
  by: jediman3     12/16/2007 06:19 PM     
  Who's to blame?  
The wrong people are being blamed here. The school administration must follow the school rules, which probably state that the police must be notified and the police must obey the rules of law. They are not allowed to make judgment calls in a situation like this. The people who are responsible for this absurdity are parents, lawyers, judges and politicians. Parents for pursuing frivolous lawsuits, lawyers because... they are lawyers, judges for not throwing out frivolous lawsuits and politicians because... they are the lowest form of life in the universe. Why should a school administrator risk being sued or a police officer risk disciplinary action?
  by: Pathfinder   12/16/2007 11:37 PM     
I support the euthanization of stupid people. When I was in school and we got in trouble, we got a "paddling" at school and a beating at home. The problem is people don't spank their kids and they make the adults pull stupid crap like the "blanket" and expect it to be justified. I hate stupid people. And does anyone know if the kid even got to finish her lunch?
  by: kujo   12/17/2007 01:34 AM     
  Darned Right.....  
Where I come from all the boys carried pocket knives, and the girls carried even bigger lock blades in their purses, but NO ONE ever got knifed. That's right, but as I recall, sometimes a few boys got in knock-down drag out fights and ripped one another's eyebrows off with their bare hands. Maybe bare hands should be banned, or aggressive boys forced to wear eye-brow protectors!
  by: Ramona   12/17/2007 04:35 AM     
  Common sense went out when litigation came in  
There is no room for sense, only policy.

If you follow policy and 200 people die, your fine.
If you dont and nothing happens, you might as well die.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     12/17/2007 12:28 PM     
  Zero Tolerance  
My cousin was expelled from a high school in NE because they found "pills and a knife" in his locker.

Turns out it was the small Swiss Army knife/file and alergy pills, but he still got kicked out.

Schools now won't even tolerate their own mistakes!
  by: barryman9001   12/17/2007 07:03 PM     


  by: Reamensa   12/17/2007 07:52 PM     
  i let my kids take cough drops to school  
but i tell them to keep them to themselves lest they and i get in trouble by the school for having drugs...this is what it has come down to...asking my children to lie so they can take care of themselves...<sigh>
  by: ladiedragonfli   12/17/2007 09:52 PM     
  I mean  

  by: Reamensa   12/18/2007 01:41 AM     
  I guess...  
we'll just have to prove how deadly a spork is to fix this one.
  by: luc1ddr3am     12/19/2007 06:11 AM     
  I'm looking over my shoulder as I type this  
I'm walking around the world with an unlicensed penis over seven inches in length. Can this be considered an "unguided muscle"? A dangerous weapon?
If so, dangerous to whom?
  by: White Albino   12/19/2007 10:41 AM     
  @White Albino  
You are probably ok. I think it has to be over 11" for that to classify as a weapon.
  by: yourown   12/20/2007 04:25 AM     
It's probable the laser sight on it that makes people nervous.
  by: White Albino   12/20/2007 10:27 AM     
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