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                 02/25/2018 03:07 AM  
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12/25/2007 06:24 PM ID: 67328 Permalink   

Church of Scientology Buys in Downtown Detroit


$3.5 million purchased One Griswold Street. The Church of Scientology bought the eight-story office building in Detroit Michigan. It was constructed in 1926 and is located in the central business district, on Detroit’s waterfront.

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  Oh great....  
Just what we need, these murderous fanatacists purchasing more property.
  by: doogrin   12/25/2007 09:26 PM     
  Why is this news?  
Looks more like some people on ShortNews are here to post anything that involves scien-toy-ology.

Will it be considered news if I post whenever someone in my town buys a house or office building for a few million? I'm sure the local real estate agent will be more than happy to supply me with a "newsletter" of big sales they post in the "news" section on their web site.

I don't think can be considered a news source.
  by: mousejunkie     12/25/2007 10:22 PM     
  by: RV3   12/25/2007 11:52 PM     
It is worth being mentioned. When a murderous cult that spreads hate and fear is expanding, it is good for the rest to know. In fact, I would particularly want to know if I was living in Boston.

On the other hand, if I was a Scientologist, I would be happy to know, or at least proud that i am expanding so much.

So what is your problem with this news exactly?
  by: kmazzawi     12/26/2007 01:10 AM     
Plans To Blow Up Building On Pay Per View!
Now thats news
  by: zortona   12/26/2007 05:09 AM     
  Murderous Cult?  
Are you talking about downtown Detroit, in general, or specifically the Scientologists? I don't think they have murdrered anyone, have they? I mean, I know they are part of an intergalactic war with Xerg or Brooke Shields, or somebody...

Other religious cults, like Christianity and Islam, are much more bloodthirsty.
  by: JollyGreenGiant   12/26/2007 07:59 AM     
Actually, the "Church" in question has an interesting history as far as murder goes. Although, it's more like neglect that has led to death than direct murder. I forget the ladies name. It was a pretty big deal when it initially happened.

Then they settled in court for some undisclosed amount of cash, and well. The end.
  by: Dayron   12/26/2007 09:20 AM     
  @ kmazzawi  
Please except my humble apologies for assuming that a local real estate web site is not a news source.

All sorts of groups someone has something against buy buildings. Should we post every time one of them moves into a new office?
  by: mousejunkie     12/26/2007 12:35 PM     
Your humble apologies are accepted.
  by: kmazzawi     12/26/2007 03:20 PM     
When members start transferring large sums of money to the cult, in the Tens and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, and then turn up emaciated from hunger, with cockroach bites on a body after a cult ambulance gets into an accident or a German is found drowned dead in the morning on the beach a week after his generous donation, it becomes a murderous cult.

You go in, they get your financial information, and then one way or another, the money will be transferred from your account to the cult.
  by: kmazzawi     12/26/2007 03:25 PM     
@ kmazzawitoo too tired... except instead of accept. But you understood anyway, thanks.

As I use SN as my main news source, I am not really aware of what topics are current on other sites. Is it just on SN or are there more and more scientology related articles in the media in general?
  by: mousejunkie     12/26/2007 08:14 PM     
  by: jawareham   12/26/2007 11:19 PM     
  Scientology is...  
.. a growing "religion", hence it makes the news more and more frequently, especially given their star-studded acolytes.

There have been plenty of Christian and Islam stories in the past and will continue to be so in the future.

Some folks are leery of the spread of Scientology, and thus noting where they are putting down roots is worth reporting.

Personally I'm hoping Hubbard wrote a "ha-ha, gotcha" holy document that will turn up and squash the idiocy, but that's probably asking too much.

  by: Dedolito     12/27/2007 12:32 AM     
Now Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Pressley and John Travolta can come visit and make everyone better and spread the word of a science fiction writer. Maybe the aliens plan on landing in one of the closed down factory parking lots around there, lord knows there are enough.
  by: TaraB     12/27/2007 01:17 AM     
  A growing organization  
"Aliens" is one of those far-out myths that have little to do with Scientology but seem to fixate critic's attention. Regardless, Scientology has purchased several properties in the past year, the Detroit waterfront property being the most recent.
  by: Terryeo   12/27/2007 04:22 AM     
I don't know. With "Thetan Levels" being an important part, it seems aliens are very crucial to Scientology. Or else, according to them, we'd no longer be conscious beings in these host bodies of ours.

It's only now that Scientology is growing in popularity (thanks to celebrities, probably on a payroll =P ) that they distance themselves from their very own origin in an effort to become reputable.

No matter how much they "evolve" their own doctrine, the original "creation story" can't be ignored. We are the conscious minds of former alien slaves, forced to the volcano's of earth by some fascist, evil ruler from another planet.

That original document can be found online. But Scientologist warn that without being a Thetan Level Whatever, you'll die if you read it.

So far I'm fine. But make sure and report my untimely death, as I'm sure its bound to happen.
  by: Dayron   12/27/2007 11:32 AM     
  You will bow...  
BOW BEFORE L.RON HUBBARD!!! He and the lizard people from outer space are coming, and if you don't believe this then you are going to burn in HELL! Before, the problem with Scientology was that there were no denominations, so I'm solving this problem by starting The Church of L.Ron Hubbard Latter Day Saints. You must pay me $5 to join and every time you want to move up in standing in the church, you have to pay $10 extra. I'm the affordable version of Scientology. The Church of L Ron Hubbard Latter Day Saints focuses on the teaching of Master Hubbard in his book Battlefield Earth, which is a great and truthful vision of the future.
  by: shaohu     12/27/2007 11:39 AM     
  Ron was smart/nuts  
"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion"
L. Ron Hubbard As quoted in the Los Angeles Times (27 August 1978)
  by: GrymOne   12/28/2007 02:52 PM     
  Stop the criminal Scientology  
Scientology is a criminal organization
  by: myhand   05/19/2008 01:55 PM     
  Not much here  
but not much at the source either. All of your summaries are pretty much fill in the blank paragraphs. CoS buys in ------ for ----.

You need to vary your writing more.
  by: jaded fox     05/26/2008 07:00 AM     
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