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                 01/17/2018 04:18 AM  
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12/29/2007 11:50 AM ID: 67365 Permalink   

Ohio Cops Use Topless Touchy-Feely Woman to Catch 'Perverts'


Public ire in Ohio has been raised over questionable tactics used by Columbus police to ensnare 'perverts' in a series of stings to reduce criminal activity. Firefighters, lawyers, and retired state troopers have been caught with their pants down.

The trap involves posting a talkative topless woman in a park to lure men into a trap. After rubbing the alleged criminals with her leg she asks to see their penis. Once they comply they are arrested by undercover cops who pull up in a van.

All attempts to have charges of 'public indecency' dropped have failed. A recent case is on appeal due to the jury not being told the meaning of 'entrapment'. It is legal for women to sunbathe topless in Columbus, but displaying a penis is not.

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  by: encorespod   12/29/2007 12:01 PM     
  The Antidote  
Topless women are beautiful, but when they are talkative the mood is broken.
  by: IWMCB   12/29/2007 01:22 PM     
What a shining beacon to the rest of the world.You just wonder what clean living, wholesome, God fearing American came up with this sick perverted idea.
  by: BlackWidow   12/29/2007 02:02 PM     
  It sucks.  
Read the source article, and WATCH THE VIDEO!

She's flopping around like a Shanghai whore, spreading her legs and being very flirtatious.

Find a good red-blooded American male who can resist such a thing. It's entrapment. I'd appeal, countersue, and if I lost I'd go out and spraypaint the city courthouse with the words WHOREHOUSE in big red letters because the state is pimping out that woman to service the cops.
  by: theironboard     12/29/2007 02:29 PM     
  Clean Living  
Imagine you're out walking through the park with your family and your 10 year old daughter says,"Eehw what are those sick people doing Dad",."Well, the woman with her tits hanging out is an undercover policewoman, and the man with his wanger in his hand is a sicko Lawyer. They're just trying to clean up the park for us darling".
  by: BlackWidow   12/29/2007 03:12 PM     
  That is entrapment  
And now the media have it a decent lawyer will get his hands on the cases and get them all overturned, while sueing the state and taking 25% for himself.
  by: ssxxxssssss   12/29/2007 03:13 PM     
  Oh man  
Where do they find these jurors? It seems by the responses here that no reasonable person would support this horrible tactic.
  by: koenig32   12/29/2007 04:43 PM     
  I gaze into my crystal ball and see  
the city of Columbus, Ohio standing in line to the poorhouse after the lawsuits are all payed off. These lawmakers should be sterilized to save Ohio from breeding any more really ignorant, prejudiced people.
  by: White Albino   12/29/2007 04:54 PM     
  people are the same everywhere  
Can see this forum is still alive with attacking countrys for some bad judgement individuals make. Lets all be glad other countrys or the country BW is from doesn't have people of this nature.
  by: allbets     12/29/2007 06:10 PM     
How dare you go after something every man desires! Lets lock these perverts up because they can't resist the basic urge to reproduce! For shame!
  by: emceay   12/29/2007 07:30 PM     
  isn't this like...  
  by: JayWar   12/29/2007 07:32 PM     
  If She asked to see it..  
it's entrapment.. If he just pulled it out then it's not. If you watch any of the reality cop shows you'll notice the undercover cops always ask two questions.
1: What do you want done?
2: How much they would be willing to pay.

They never ask do you want XXXXXXX act or how much they will charge.

Frankly, If I lived in Ohio and saw this.. I'd be getting my camera and posting on a website for the rest of the public to see.
  by: CaveHermit   12/29/2007 08:36 PM     
  This is why we have jury nullification.  
Even if it is against the law, the jury can decide not to enforce the law.
  by: walter3ca   12/29/2007 10:42 PM     
  Pretty sure...  
That there's more to this than the woman just asking to see their penis.

There's a very fine line between a sting and entrapment and the police (their lawyers) know how to stay on the green side of that line. Like Cave said, they're very tricky with these things. =O

Now... Would you?
  by: edya   12/29/2007 11:54 PM     
  She's Presenting Like a Spaniel in Heat  
Don't get stuck on her. Heh Heh
  by: IWMCB   12/30/2007 02:18 PM     
  Check out the video on the source.  
She waggles her shapely legs up in the air like rabbit ears- oi! Get thee behind me, Satan!
  by: theironboard     12/30/2007 03:05 PM     
  Suspicious activity  
This thing goes hand-in-hand with the senator Craig deal. I remember our govt and media telling us a couple things after 9/11. 1. Look out for suspicious activity and 2. If you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Well, it seems to me the suspicious activity is not being brought about by terrorists, but by set-ups from within our own justice system.
So, in this case, what would be the correct response? If she has her shirt off, take off yours. If she has some buttcrack poppin' out, lower your drawers on the backside. If she asks, "Can I see your thing?" Respond like a grade-schooler saying, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Then they will give up in frustration and sue you for sexual harassment.
  by: escalus84   12/30/2007 04:27 PM     
The human body remains against the law. How grand.

"The more laws that are written, the more criminals there will be."
-Lao Tzu
  by: QuestioningAnswers   12/30/2007 08:50 PM     
  Shame on the police  
What kind of police department asks an officer to do something like this?
  by: l´anglais     12/30/2007 09:27 PM     
The same department that offers substances to someone that obviously has addiction problems in order to make revenue. Or the department that leaves a bike unsecured in public and arrests anyone that takes what would seem to a 3rd party observer to be a gift.
  by: emceay   12/30/2007 09:40 PM     
  Wow! Just wow!  
  by: Zmethod     12/30/2007 11:35 PM     
That Statue of Liberty is looking a little grubbier everyday.
  by: BlackWidow   12/31/2007 01:25 AM     
  Par for the course  
Ohio has a long history of perversion. To drop a few reminders. There was a time when Dayton had a tough strip club owner. His name was Larry Flynt of Hustler fame. Cincinnati had a tough Mayor and his name was Jerry Springer and he routinely paid for hookers using his city checking account till he was caught in a sting. For a couple of cops using a naked slut in a sting operation well that is just another day in the park.
  by: starmutt   12/31/2007 04:41 AM     
  This is  
quite questionable and quite illegal.
  by: jediman3     12/31/2007 02:26 PM     
  Tarnished and also ashamed  
That Statue of Liberty is looking a little grubbier everyday.

by: BlackWidow 12/31/2007 01:25 AM

Yes BW, S of L is not only tarnished but they all( Americans) should be ashamed of themselves because of this.

Let's hope worse things then this don't happen that would take them to the brink of suicide for being such scum bags.

Would usually comment on topic but found BW's first comment more interesting. Look forward to your furture take on things BW.
  by: allbets     12/31/2007 03:29 PM     
  Excuse me?  
Allbets- 'Let's hope worse things then this don't happen that would take them to the brink of suicide for being such scum bags.'

I'm sorry- the object of your sentence is unclear. Who is 'them'?
  by: theironboard     12/31/2007 05:03 PM     
  to tib  
Meant all the people living in the US
  by: allbets     12/31/2007 07:33 PM     
  Touchy-Feely Woman to Catch 'Perverts'  
Only one person in here would ever think of a title like this, Huh, Tibs, raising eyebrow. :)
  by: captainJane     12/31/2007 08:22 PM     
So, all Americans are scumbags? You are actually saying that?
  by: theironboard     12/31/2007 08:43 PM     
  I've got the answer filthy pigs, stop adoring women's bodies so much. In addition, Women, cover up everything...with, let's say, a birka. Don't say be with any man who's not family. 3rd cousin is not family. Anyone caught being lewd will be whipped with 40 lashes. Oh my gosh....that's one way stop the perverts.
  by: crosimoto     12/31/2007 09:29 PM     
All my comments were to what Black Widow said. If you re read what BW said and what I said to what he said I think you would have gotten it.
  by: allbets     12/31/2007 10:26 PM     
  Bubba Award goes to...  
The cops! After viewing this video...I'd like to hear the audio > both from the surveilled and the donut chompers with spyglasses trained on the topless woman....This is choice.. because two Columbus cops just got suspeneded for coercing a woman to flash them to get out of a speeding ticket.

All SNers should check out badcop/dot/com..Ohio is rife with fine perteknswervers.

  by: machiavelli     12/31/2007 11:06 PM     
  What about the smooth devonair chap  
that simply has this effect on women? If he can prove that he's used to woman baring their breasts and requesting to his spamaliciousness...can he be faulted?
  by: crosimoto     12/31/2007 11:44 PM     
Hey! Where's that lawyer that only takes 25 percent? They usually get at least 1/3! Mine did!
  by: Gloryroader   12/31/2007 11:57 PM     
That is some website. There's more bad cops in America than citizens in Australia. The Statue of Liberty is sinking in a cesspool of filth and corruption at the highest level.
  by: BlackWidow   01/01/2008 02:35 AM     
Oh, alright. I didn't see BlackWidow's comment being as spurious as yours. It seemed to reflect on the tarnished ideal of Democracy that America has tried to uphold.

Occasionally, our country experiences events or fosters moments that make the USA look like Land of the Freaks instead of a great nation of people committed to freedom.

I just hope people don't sit back and let stuff such as this abuse of power that the cops want to hold over the citizens. They are here to Protect and Serve-- not Titillate and Arrest.

  by: theironboard     01/01/2008 08:33 AM     
And just like my title on my first comment " people are the same everywhere". Cop abuse is no more a problem then other things,criminals are criminals no matter what title they hold.

Let me know of any country you can think of that doesn't show itself to occasionally have moments that make the them look like Land of the Freaks, which is my only point to this.
  by: allbets     01/01/2008 03:27 PM     
Let's see what could possibly be considered " Land of the Freaks".

Stoning one's citizens? Routinely killing baby girls? Suicide killers? Policing the world? Could probably research and come up with terrific other things.

So when BW comes up with tarnishment of America because of a bad sting operation is really laughable.
  by: allbets     01/01/2008 03:46 PM     
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