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                 01/18/2018 10:59 PM  
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01/04/2008 05:46 PM ID: 67477 Permalink   

UK Rail Network Takes a Step Towards Nationalisation


It has been announced that Network Rail will be taking a lot of maintenance work away from private contractors and taking on 15000 in-house staff to do the day-to-day repairs instead.

The decision was made after maintenance projects, carried out by the contracting company Bechtel, overran over the Christmas period. The delays caused station closures and great upheaval for a 4-day period, affecting over 50000 passengers each day.

A senior Network Rail official said "This episode calls into question the future role of contractors and one of the options is to take more of the work in-house."

Others who may lose out include Jarvis, Balfour Beatty, Amey and First Engineering.

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Shouldn't that be back towards nationalisation? :)
  by: yhwman   01/04/2008 10:20 PM     
Lets give the kids back their milk!!
  by: Dook   01/04/2008 10:37 PM     
Next thing you know, the NHS will start working again...
  by: Heresy   01/04/2008 10:59 PM     
  Couldn't get any worse (or can it)  
Probably the best thing considering everything that has been happening with all the private contractor troubles.

But then again maybe not, guess only time will tell.
  by: shimoda   01/08/2008 09:55 PM     
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