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                 01/24/2018 12:50 PM  
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01/04/2008 05:56 PM ID: 67478 Permalink   

4-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself


A 4-year-old girl was found dead in her bedroom on New Year's Day after accidentally hanging herself with her hairband.

Paige Brown was called to dinner by her father, Phil, but when she did not respond he went upstairs to see what was wrong.

Mr Brown stated: "I legged it up the stairs, and that's where I found her - just hung there."

Paige was pronounced dead on arrival at William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.

Paige had tied her hairband to a hammock in her bedroom that was used to store soft toys. It is thought that she was trying to swing from the hammock when the tragic accident occurred.

Police say that the death is being treated as an accident.

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  A four year old Girl Guide  
I was born in that Hospital!

How many 4 year old girls are able to tie a hair band to a hammock?

How high was the hammock?

Doesn't a hair band stretch?

  by: EnglishJackCarter   01/04/2008 08:57 PM     
$hit happens....
  by: FunkMan   01/04/2008 10:56 PM     
  This is just sad.  
Every day I experience moments of fear for my little child-- so many opportunities for her to be hurt... it keeps me awake at night sometimes.

And, yeah. It happens... That's life (and death). You can move to a safer town, a better country, eat healthier food, go to a better school, child-proof your home, deny strangers access to your family, buy the biggest safest SUV on the road....

... can't go on, sorry. Now I am too depressed.
  by: theironboard     01/06/2008 11:24 AM     
1) Yay for you being born
2)I dont know a four year old that couldnt tie a hairband to a hammock
3)Top of most hammocks are 5-7 feet or 1.5-2 meters
4)You are thinking of a scrungee. This was probably closer to a scarf if she was using it to swing with.
  by: cbwaa   01/06/2008 09:14 PM     
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