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                 01/16/2018 08:53 AM  
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01/04/2008 07:58 PM ID: 67481 Permalink   

Cheverolet Unveils the Fastest Car it has EVER Produced: Corvette ZR1


The ZR1 will be powered by a supercharged 6.2L V8, the most powerful engine ever produced by GM. Output is expected to be 620hp and 595 ft. lb. of torque. The ZR1 will replace the Z06 as Corvettes' premier performance vehicle

The ZR1 will offer greater performance than rivals such as the Porsche GT2, Ferrari 599, and the Lamborghini LP640. A twin-disc clutch system and massive carbon-ceramic brakes will come standard on GM’s supercar.

The ZR1 will be introduced as a 2009 model. Although GM has not released pricing information on the ZR1, it is speculated to run in the neighborhood of $100,000. Even at this price, the performance machine will still be a bargain.

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  One word: BADASS!!  
I currently own an '04 Corvette Z06 LeMans Commemorative Edition. Stock, it produces 405hp and 400 ft lb of torque. In its modified state, it produces 430hp naturally aspirated, and 530ph with Nitrous engaged.

The new ZR1 (note the missing hyphen that appeared in the C4's ZR-1) is a mega-beast. When I read the 'Road & Track' and 'Car & Driver' review of it, my car suddenly seemed so insignificant.

I can't wait!! I *will* be one of the first to buy this marvelous machine.
  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 08:03 PM     
  I WANT ONE!!!!  
  by: crosimoto     01/04/2008 08:03 PM     
When you *GET* the new one, can I have your old one?
  by: crosimoto     01/04/2008 08:05 PM     
Cant keep up with my helicopter.

  by: Reamensa   01/04/2008 08:06 PM     
  Buy Me One  
I will be your love puppy for the rest of my life!
  by: ichi     01/04/2008 08:10 PM     
"When you *GET* the new one, can I have your old one?"

LOL! My "old" one is actually up for sale. $38K. Only 29.5K miles on it. Major upgrades to it, too. If you (or anyone else) is interested, lemme know. I'll send pics. I'm currently working on a video of the car to highlight its unique features.

Here's a pic of it in front of my house. To the far left, you can see a bit of my '97 TransAm (5.7L V8, 325hp).
  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 08:15 PM     
Well i apparently made some bad choices!!!!

Like that house though.

  by: Reamensa   01/04/2008 08:20 PM     
  I love corvettes.  
I might take that beauty off your hands, CArnold, if I wasn't still paying on my Trans Am.
  by: erasedgod   01/04/2008 08:28 PM     
  Nice numbers  
Finally GM has overcome the shame of killing the Buick Grand National GNX.
  by: Major-General   01/04/2008 08:52 PM     
  One word: WHY?  
Just so some drunk rich kid can kill himself and others? There is no reason to have these muscle cars on the street. They are dangerous and waste fuel. IMO
  by: Lurker     01/04/2008 09:03 PM     
TransAms are awesome too. I love mine. On nice days, I love taking off the T-tops and going on a cruise. Plus, it’s got a back seat so I can cram a few friends into the car on trips.
Mine has the LT1 Corvette engine. I used to think the Z28/TransAms were the same as a Vette, but just less expensive – after all, they share the same engine, although the T/As and Z28s have a de-tuned version. However, when you drive a ‘Vette the difference is night and day. Especially in the suspension. Like Mustangs, the T/As and Z28s have a live rear axle and are more linear vehicles. Vettes have independent suspension and can take serious corners.

“One word: WHY?”
Answer: “Why not?”

“Just so some drunk rich kid can kill himself and others?”
Drunk rich kids can kill just as easily with a Toyota Prius as they can with a ‘Vette.

“There is no reason to have these muscle cars on the street.”
Sure there is. I can give you at least 100 reasons why, but I’ll give you top 3 instead:
1 – They’re fun as hell. Some people only want to go from point A to point B. Others want to enjoy doing it.
2 – They’re beautiful. With so many ho-hum cars on the road, it’s always nice seeing a piece of rolling art pass by you.
3 – They’re exciting. I can’t tell you how many times parents approach me and ask if their kid(s) can get a closer look at my ‘Vette. I’m always obliging because I remember how I was so enthralled with such cars when I was young. I remember when I was a kid (or starving college student) and I would nearly crap my pants every time I saw a Corvette or Ferrari. These cars are what dreams are made of. And I have to admit, my desire to own one of these machines was a large motivating factor for me to do good in school and excel in my career. I’m glad that Chevrolet has given me reason to dream, again. Consider me re-motivated!
  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 09:35 PM     
My grandson's best friend recently drove his V-12 BMW, that his father had given him, 130MPH through the woods. If it had been a Prius I doubt that he would have been showing off and making an ass out of himself. He probably would still be alive.
  by: Lurker     01/04/2008 09:41 PM     
I dont want anybody else when I think about you I ...
  by: h0tdamn365   01/04/2008 09:49 PM     
It appears that your grandsons friend had poor judgement, or lack of experience driving... or both. The type and/or power of the car may have helped, but putting him in a Yugo wouldn't have saved him. Don't blame the cars, blame the drivers.
  by: spampeg   01/04/2008 09:52 PM     
As with everything it all comes down to the responsibility of the driver... It doesn't really matter what vehicle it is you will always find someone who will try and rod the hell out of it and kill either themselves or others.
  by: bala_mt   01/04/2008 09:55 PM     
  Point A To B @  
10 MPG or 35 MPG, I have more money than you so I waste more of our common resources than you and drive the prices up without being inconvenienced.
  by: ichi     01/04/2008 10:17 PM     
“10 MPG or 35 MPG, I have more money than you so I waste more of our common resources than you and drive the prices up without being inconvenienced.”
There’s not been a showroom Corvette sold that has been subjected to gas guzzler tax. Ever.
The GM engineers have been pretty clever and prudent about this.
Every sports/muscle car I’ve ever owned has had a manual transmission (for the exception of my Infiniti G35, which has a 5-spd automatic with the tip-tronic manual). With the manual transmission equipped TransAms, Z28s, and Corvettes GM implemented CAGS (computer aided gear shifting).

The engines in these cars have so much torque, you could start them in 4th gear. Harnessing this advantage, GM’s CAGS identifies how you’re driving at take-off and if it senses you’re driving normally, a gate will force you from 1st gear to 4th gear. While this prevents you from taking full advantage of the car’s power, it saves gas. If I drive “normally”, I average around 19mpg city.
If CAGS recognizes that you’re doing “performance driving” (ie – you’re launching from a stop with your gas pedal to the floor), CAGS doesn’t engage and allows you full breadth of all the gears.

Additionally, with a 6-spd transmission, you can travel at high speeds while only sipping on gas. For instance, I can go 80mph @ only 2000 rpm in my TransAm. My Vette can go 85 mph @ only 2000 rpm. How many other cars do you know are capable of doing that?
On the interstate, I can easily squeeze 28mpg from either car.

Of course, if you gun the throttle and drive it like a bat out of hell, you’re fuel mileage will go exactly where that bat came from. But that’s a given regardless of what car you drive.
  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 10:41 PM     
  @ CArnold  
Hey, Sorry
I was just jerking the line to see if I could get a bite.
Love your answer anyway.
  by: ichi     01/04/2008 11:37 PM     
  @Gearheads and such  
The current Z06 is powered by a naturally aspirated 7.0L V8 producing 505hp. When I first read that the new ZR1 was going to be powered by a 6.3L (albeit supercharged) I wondered, “Why the reduction in displacement?”

Well, the 5.7L, 6.3L, and 7.0L pretty much share the same block. You can only bore out an engine only so far before the cylinder walls become too thin to handle the heat, friction, and combustion. The engineers at GM thought that the 7.0L engine’s cylinder walls were too thin for comfort for a force-fed setup.
The supercharger is Eaton’s new-and-improved R1900 blower. It uses 4 impellors vs the “standard” 3.

The 15.5 inch carbon-ceramic rotors on the front are the same as those on the latest-and-greatest Ferrari FXX and the 15 inch rear rotors are off the front of the Ferrari Enzo!
That’s right… the *rear* rotors are the same as the *front* of the Enzo!
I bring special attention to this because of the way brakes work. If you’ve got disc brakes on your car and car capable or seeing the rotors (that silver-looking round thing that sits behind your wheel that your brake pads clamp down on), take a look at the size of the front and rear rotors. You’ll notice that your front rotors are larger than your rear. This is because most of a car’s stopping power is produced by the front brakes. This is why you’ll notice more brake-dust residue on your front wheels vs your rear wheels a few days after washing your car. This is also why you need to replace your front pads 2 to 3 times more often than your rear pads.

The fact that it’s rear rotors are the same size of an Enzo’s front rotors indicates that this Vette will have superior stopping power – very important when you’re trying to slow your car in a hurry from high speeds. It also indicates that this ‘Vette will also have fade-free brakes. If you’re competing at a track at high speeds, you’re going to use your brakes pretty often. The more you use them, the hotter they become and “brake fade” ensues – you’re brakes become less and less effective as you use them. Fade-free brakes means that your brakes are as effective on your final lap as they were on your first.

Carbon fiber galore! Carbon fiber is lighter than fiberglass or plastic, yet stronger than steel. The Z06 Commemorative Edition Corvette (as pictured in my link) was the first Corvette to use carbon fiber – the hood is carbon fiber. In fact, it’s the first mass-produced vehicle in North America to have a major panel made from carbon fiber. Since then, the C6 Z06 has used carbon fiber for its front fenders. The reason carbon fiber is seldomly used in mass-production vehicles is because of cost and time. Carbon fiber panels are expensive and take a long time to produce (compared to their plastic and fiberglass counterparts).

The new ZR1 will have a carbon fiber hood, roof, and chin spoiler. Wow. In order to maintain the “natural” finish of the carbon fiber (vs painting) , it is coated with a proprietary clear coat. This coating prevents the carbon fiber from turning yellow from the sun. This coating also adds to the increased cost of the car – it costs $60,000 p/gallon, so it is used *sparingly*.

Awesome car!! Considering that it exceeds the performance of vehicles costing $300,000 to $1million, it is one helluva bargain!
  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 11:45 PM     

For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to call the dealership and cancel the order I made for you -- I've never had a love puppy before!

  by: CArnold     01/04/2008 11:47 PM     
  @All these technical comments  
I feel so manly now..think im going to go home, drink beer, and grunt.
  by: banker   01/05/2008 12:04 AM     
  um this is BS title missleading  
not the fastest corvette made.
sledge hammer corvette from the 80's was the fastest.
alot faster then the new one as welll
  by: stonedwookie   01/05/2008 12:10 AM     
Don't forget to scratch your butt and burp a deep one.

  by: CArnold     01/05/2008 12:13 AM     
"Cheverolet Unveils the Fastest Car **it** has EVER Produced"

The Sledgehammer was a Callaway tuned vehicle -- not a showroom Corvette. Title is not misleading.

Callaway, Lingenfelter, and Hennessey are car tuners. They take stock cars and sauce them up. They're not production vehicles. And they're not "made" by Chevrolet. In fact, handing your 'Vette to one of these guys will void the crap out of your warranty.
  by: CArnold     01/05/2008 12:17 AM     
ok thanks for informing me my mistake,
  by: stonedwookie   01/05/2008 01:01 AM     
  In a Related Story  
American bombs killed dozens of little children in Iraq today. Gasoline is more important than little children. Now THAT'S Badass!
  by: IWMCB   01/05/2008 01:06 AM     
"TransAms are awesome too. I love mine."

I love mine, too. I've got an '02 convertible. It's pretty much stock, but it gets the job done... for now.

"For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to call the dealership and cancel the order I made for you."

If you don't mind puttin' in an order for me, too, I'd appreciate it... you know, support the troops and all.
  by: erasedgod   01/05/2008 01:41 AM     
Callaway, Lingenfelter, and Hennessey are car tuners. They take stock cars and sauce them up. They're not production vehicles. And they're not "made" by Chevrolet. In fact, handing your 'Vette to one of these guys will void the crap out of your warranty.

Which I believe they make Firehawks also for the TA if I remember correctly.
  by: Rislone   01/05/2008 02:17 AM     
Nope I was wrong it was SLP Performance Parts that are done through Pontiac.
  by: Rislone   01/05/2008 02:24 AM     
  @ All of you  
Whew! I surely didn't know I was mixed in with so many well to do folks. I'll just keep drivin my old beatup van. It still goes fast as the law allows..
  by: tasso   01/05/2008 02:37 AM     
  Just because a car..  
..has bigger brake disk rotors, doesn't mean it has bigger stopping power.

It depends on the cars weight.
It depends on the position of the engine in the car you're comparing it to.
It depends on suspension design, and upsprung weight.
  by: EeekiE   01/05/2008 02:26 PM     
"Just because a car has bigger brake disk rotors, doesn't mean it has bigger stopping power."

That's true.
I wasn't generally speaking. I was solely referring to the ZR1.
The ZR1 doesn't represent a new generation (C7) of Vette. It's based on the current Z06. You could say that it's an evolved Z06.
While specifics about it's stopping ability hasn't been released or independently test by the automotive press, GM says that the ZR1 exceeds the capabilities of the Z06 in all areas -- including braking. The curb weight of the current Z06 is 3198 lbs (per Car & Driver). The curb weight of the ZR1 is 3350 lbs. That's a difference of just over 150 lbs. The Z06 was a forerunner in all departments, so if the ZR1 is capable of improving on the Z06, it's safe and realistic to expect those new brakes to pay huge dividends in the stopping department.

"It depends on the position of the engine in the car you're comparing it to."
Engine placement has little, if anything, to do with braking. It plays largely with front/rear balance of a vehicle, which in turn can affect lateral acceleration and cornering stability. But not braking.

"It depends on suspension design, and upsprung weight."
Again, you're entering the realm of cornering ability. Suspension design and spring tension hugely affects "body roll" which, again, directly affects cornering. This doesn't affect braking.
  by: CArnold     01/05/2008 07:39 PM     
  you forgot  
to include the top speed of this "fastest car": 200 mph

Doesn't beat the Bugatti Veyron though (253 mph or 407 km/h) which is the "fastest street-legal production car" there is.

  by: luana1980     01/06/2008 12:18 AM     
"you forgot to include the top speed of this "fastest car": 200 mph"

Yeah... I can't believe I forgot the most pertinent part of the story. Didn't catch it until I had posted the story.

"Doesn't beat the Bugatti Veyron though (253 mph or 407 km/h) which is the "fastest street-legal production car" there is."

True. But when you compare $1.3 millon vs. $100,000, the ZR1 is by far the biggest bang for your buck.
  by: CArnold     01/06/2008 12:36 AM     
  If you have  
100,000 to spend on a CAR (which no matter how many bells and whistles can only get you from point A to point B within the speed limits posted) you have no right to complain about anything really.
  by: SoshiMaster   01/06/2008 12:49 AM     
"Doesn't beat the Bugatti Veyron though (253 mph or 407 km/h) which is the "fastest street-legal production car" there is."

The SSC Ultimate Aero took the honors of being the fastest production car ever.

There's a link to a copy of the Guinness World Records certificate bestowing the title to this car at their site. 256.14mph.
  by: CArnold     01/06/2008 12:51 AM     
I mentioned upsprung weight in regards to bigger not always being better.
There are compromises to make to favour one charactoristic over another.
There are reasons to keep the upsprung weight down, and it's not about cornering, it's about stability and traction.

Engine location does affect brake bias too.

To say the ZR1 uses the same brakes on the rear, that a mid-engine Ferrari uses on the front is meaningless.

The ZR1 will be a bonkers car, and one I'd love to have if they made them in RHD, but a supercar isn't just about what it does about it's 3 axis.
  by: EeekiE   01/06/2008 05:29 PM     
I think we’re saying the same thing, but in different ways.

Braking is generally tested and compared in a linear fashion. If you look at braking tests conducted by Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Road & Track, etc., you’ll see that the figures are the result of straight-line braking tests. These tests are standardized within the automotive press in terms of 60-0 mph or 100-0 mph measurements in feet (ie – 60 to 0 mph in 140 ft).

Your link is describing how braking affects a car when going through a curve (cornering). In this sense, you’re correct that weight distribution and suspension plays a part in braking – but these factors affect a car *period* under hard cornering. In the “Front/Rear weight Bias” portion of your link, it talks about braking and under-steer/over-steer.
Under-steer is when you are attempting to make a left/right turn, but your car still goes straight or doesn’t make the turn as tightly as it should.
Over-steer is when the tail-end of your car swings out. For instance, you’re going through a left-curve and your tail-end swings out to the right causing the front of your car to be pointed “more left” than you had intended.

Again, this is how suspension and front/rear weight distribution affects cornering. If you were going in a straight line, your braking would not be affected. Going into a corner, you car is affected *period* -- braking or not.

Ideally, you don’t want to brake while in mid-turn. As performance drivers are taught (or learn the hard way), while going through a curve/corner:
1 – Downshift *before* entering the curve. High rpm cornering ensures immediate throttle response and allows your car to “naturally” slow on throttle lift. You don’t want to change gears in mid-turn because a downshift into high-rpm territory can cause your wheels to break traction – which could result in losing control of the car.
2 – *Never* brake in mid-turn. The factors you mention can result in under-steer or over-steer during braking. The exception, of course, is if you’re purposely attempting to create over-steer; this is common in the auto sport of drifting where rear-brakes are disengaged and front ones are clamped to induce rear-wheel spin.

I know… there will be times when you will brake while in a corner (emergencies). In this event your braking could very well be compromised by the factors you’ve mentioned.
  by: CArnold     01/06/2008 06:38 PM     
This video does a terrific job showing what I'm explaining.

This a a video of a Dodge Viper racing a Ferrari. The Viper goes into a corner too fast and goes off the side of a cliff.

As you can see, his brakes work fine. His braking is not affected. He becomes the victim of understeer because he has taken a corner too fast -- he turns left, but the car keeps going straight and doesn't begin turning left until too late.
  by: CArnold     01/06/2008 06:49 PM     
  Awesome car!  
It will pass everything except a gas station.
  by: White Albino   01/07/2008 08:26 AM     
  When I die  
I want to go quietly, in my sleep, like my grandfather did.
Not screaming in terror like all the passengers in his car.
  by: White Albino   01/07/2008 08:31 AM     
  Is the veyron  
The one with 2 V8 engines and 4 turbo chargers?
  by: AnsweringQuestions     01/07/2008 01:31 PM     
"Is the veyron the one with 2 V8 engines and 4 turbo chargers?"

Extremely close. In fact, that's the best way to visualize the engine.
The "V8" engine setup gets it's name because of the way the cylinders are carveded into the block -- they're 2-banks of 4 cylinders with each bank angled to where they appear to intersect each other. If you looked at the engine from the front or back, the angle at which these cylinders "meet" produces a "V" shape. Hence the name, "V8".
The Veyron was a W16. Imagine two V8s cojoined at the side. The two "V" configurations would produce a "W" shape.

It's powered by an 8.0L W16 quad-turbo.

Trivia: Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen, who also owns Audi and bought Lamborghini in 1998. Their W-configuration of engines can also be found in their flagship sedan, the Phaeton, which has a W12 and the more affordable Passat, which has a W8.
  by: CArnold     01/07/2008 02:00 PM     
  Isnt Volkswagon owned by GM?  
Which in turn owns cheverolet?

Apparently not, I checked.

Shame, I had a string of jokes saved up from British Leyland.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     01/07/2008 02:49 PM     
Just because your grandson's friend did something stupid , doesnt mean the rest of us shouldnt have things we enjoy.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean its wrong either.

  by: Pyronius     01/13/2008 11:47 PM     
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