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                 02/23/2018 06:55 PM  
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01/17/2008 12:37 AM ID: 67706 Permalink   

'Dead' Woman Arrested for Shoplifting


A month previously, parents identified the body of what they thought was their daughter and authorities registered the death.

When 27-year-old Natalya Pavlova this week was caught shoplifting her parents were astonished to find her alive and well.

The body of the dead woman found in the forest has as yet not been identified and an investigation is ensuing.

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  souce is a bit fuzzy  
was she a run away?
What was the girl doing all this time?
  by: jediman3     01/17/2008 01:44 AM     
  Mixed emotions?  
Yay! Our daughter is alive!
  by: John E Angel     01/17/2008 02:17 AM     
  part two  
oh! She was caught shoplifting? :(
  by: John E Angel     01/17/2008 02:18 AM     
  Lol@ John :)  
I think I would want to see her put in her place, if it is not to late? 27, they will be lucky!
  by: captainJane     01/17/2008 04:00 AM     
  Line up!  
Time to spank this woman!
  by: White Albino   01/17/2008 09:56 AM     
I haven't seen anything on local news. This girl isn't Lithuanian, she might have been doing some prostitution down in Kaliningrad, or is a junkie.

Klaipeda is a fairly ugly little seaport town-- it's gaining in wealth recently, due to prominent real-estate projects in development. Overall, it's FILLED with soviet-era block housing and lots of drugs and other sorted business takes place there.

I'll try to find a local new-source for this and translate so we can find out-- I suspect she was off ho'ing around, got dumped by her boyfriend, stuck with no money as a junkie.

The rate of inflation here is going critical, the poor are being knocked off the map. There will be lots more shoplifting and small crime going on in the next few years. Thanks to the Euro that is coming in!
  by: theironboard     01/17/2008 10:31 AM     
  I checked my sources...  
... nobody knows what the girl was doing-- nobody cares, I think. Happy, happy, happy.

What's interesting is that the police actually arrested someone for shoplifting! Hurray! Lithuanian police aren't paid enough to do their jobs unless there's a bribe involved.
  by: theironboard     01/17/2008 10:37 AM     
You never know, the Euo might never actualy be implemented for you.
The Club Med group is really really starting to get antsy about the Rise of the Euro against the Dollar.

A Northern Rock style bank run will kill the Euro deader than a door nail before ayone realises whats going on.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     01/17/2008 12:12 PM     
The inflation rate is supposed to be capped off at something, and merchandisers, vendors, etc... are supposed to not artificially inflate prices; but this is one of the most corrupt countries in the EU (usually the Lithuanians are just screwing each other, rarely do the mess with EU funds/bigger countries). The plan to adopt the euro was delayed at least one year, so I think they are now expecting it to come into play in 2009. Then we'll see how many retirees are found frozen on the sidewalks and all the broken-in car windows that will result from petty thefts... the Euro will crush this country because it is going to emerge at the exact wrong time (the real-estate market is just starting to experience a hard-crash). Stay Tuned.

More shoplifting! Yay!
  by: theironboard     01/17/2008 04:28 PM     
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