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                 02/22/2018 02:07 AM  
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01/17/2008 08:29 AM ID: 67711 Permalink   

Scrabble to Facebook: Remove Scrabulous


'Scrabble' makers Mattel and Hasbro have sent off letters to 'Facebook' asking them to remove 'Scrabulous' from their Website because it is encroaching their copyright.

"Mattel values its intellectual property ... protects its brands and trademarks... Mattel owns the rights to the Scrabble trademark ... we are currently reviewing our position regarding other countries," stated the British spokeswoman.

Facebook has not commented yet on the infringements.

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  Had to read the source  
just to find out what Scrabulous is, it wasn't mentioned in the summary.

Can't Facebook just pay royalties to Mattel though and keep the game if it's so popular?
  by: TabbyCool     01/17/2008 01:15 PM     
  Don't think so  
The creator of Scrabulous isn't linked to Facebook, and, if I'm correct (this is from hearsay), the advertisement income goes to the creator, not Facebook. So, the creator is the one with a problem, and who should pay Mattel money...
  by: Zygo   01/17/2008 04:11 PM     
  Anyone remember Wordox?  
I always thought that was painfully close to Scrabble - I think Sierra Software wrote it as part of their Hoyle games series, but it was online and you could play with three other people.
  by: caution2     01/17/2008 08:26 PM     
Blasted thieves.
  by: Zmethod     01/18/2008 03:19 AM     
Wouldn't it just be smarter for Mattel to offer to buy the game?
  by: Kavok   01/18/2008 10:45 AM     
the webpage will be copywrited to death im sure.nothing like putting your name your picture and where you live so they can come to your door and enjoy copywriting you to end of time.
  by: flukemol   01/20/2008 12:07 AM     
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