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                 02/17/2018 10:16 PM  
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01/31/2008 12:34 AM ID: 68099 Permalink   

Man Loses Parts of 4 Toes; Puppy Chewed Them Off As He Slept


Kentucky: Paralyzed Lexington resident Terry Smith found himself in the hospital Tuesday after four of his toes were partially chewed off by China, his 5-6-month-old puppy, while he was asleep. Smith's friend first noticed his bed was full of blood.

Tim Cantrell said "I realized upon closer inspection that his toes were no longer on his feet," speculating that foot sores attracted China. The dog is now in quarantine at a local animal shelter. Cantrell said China is "not aggressive at all."

Neighbors say Smith, who from the waist down has been paralyzed for several years, has been known for animal neglect in the past. Cantrell says he loves China and cares for him. A bag of dog food was found alongside an empty dog bowl by his bed.

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Just me or has anyone else noticed the recent dog's gone wild activities!? Done get me wrong I love dogs, but I love p***y... more ;]
  by: Zmethod     01/31/2008 01:31 AM     
  he's lucky  
since he's paralyzed from the waist down, he could've lost something else just as easily.
  by: ManilaRyce     01/31/2008 01:36 AM     
kinda creepy if you ask me, unless it was the sores, i'd always be afraid the pup might want to finish it's job...
  by: pas content   01/31/2008 01:37 AM     
Zmethod......::shakes head::
  by: luc1ddr3am     01/31/2008 03:14 AM     
  That's pretty...  
  by: The Mad Mule   01/31/2008 03:30 AM     
  In the future  
Guess he won't forget to feed his dog before bed next time.
  by: brianwcu     01/31/2008 03:33 AM     
  The puppy  
was probably just playing, nibbling his toes, but when it didn't get a reaction it just kept on chewing!
  by: TabbyCool     01/31/2008 12:29 PM     
  my 2ยข  
China must be stopped for it's human rights violations! Oh ummm nm...
  by: treyjazz   01/31/2008 04:17 PM     
this happened a few months ago too... or is it the same story just resurfacing?
  by: jeniq     01/31/2008 07:20 PM     
What do you remember about the other story?
  by: caution2     01/31/2008 09:57 PM     
  Heck, just remembered to feed my dog  
That was nasty, someone should have kept a look out for this poor guy as well, I must admit i did laugh until I read this story.
  by: captainJane     01/31/2008 10:35 PM     
ah, this is the one I was thinking about:
  by: jeniq     02/01/2008 02:43 PM     
  This is  
why I have no pets. Dogs or cats, they're both just wild animals that will turn on you when least expected.

They should all be outlawed!
  by: ElZorro   02/01/2008 09:47 PM     
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