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                 01/23/2018 11:09 AM  
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02/02/2008 06:23 AM ID: 68174 Permalink   

Cops Bust Into Sex Offender's Home; Girl, 14, in Bed Wearing Dog Collar, Leash


Wisconsin: 37-year-old registered sex offender Scott E. Ziegler is in jail in Waukesha County after authorities found a 14-year-old girl locked in a bedroom under the bedsheets and wearing a leash and dog collar while issuing a search warrant.

The same girl was found accompanying Ziegler two weeks ago in a car after she was reported missing by her mother. No charges have been filed yet. The man is suspected of exchanging sex for drugs with runaway girls since last November.

Police say a downtown retail store that Ziegler either owned or worked at until it closed last November attracted a young crowd. Because of his sex offender status, police kept an eye on him. Ziegler was pursued when the girl went missing again.

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It is just nauseating the thought of that filthy creature of 37 with a 14 year old child.
  by: captainJane     02/02/2008 06:40 AM     
prime example showing how rehab DOES NOT work.

Just kill these sick f*cks.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     02/02/2008 09:54 AM     
  If he  
is a rapist of a child, then i think he shouldn't have left in the first place, he should have been made to see a psychologist at least once a week. I'd not like my rapists to be free ever thought.
  by: UB313   02/02/2008 10:15 PM     
  I believe most people...  
eventually deserve a second chance after they serve a long enough sentence for their crimes, but if they blow it, off with the cock and balls.
  by: qhobbes   02/02/2008 10:29 PM     
  Castrate all sex offenders.  
No weapon, no crime or desire. Cruel and unusual is what these perverts to to our children. Castration for them ALL!
  by: BikerDude   02/03/2008 07:56 PM     
I don't think castration will have any effect, this is a mental thing. They'd just find other ways to get off with children.
  by: Kavok   02/05/2008 02:18 PM     
  Wait a minute! Lower your pitchforks!  
Since when do you cure a disease by killing the patient? As a registered sex offender that has successfully completed S/O treatment NOT "rehab" I am uniquely qualified to speak on this subject.

People, I am guilty of possessing child pornography on a computer mixed in among many legal images. I never photographed anyone, never touched anyone, and never left my house. And I thank god every day that I was caught.

While it is true that a sex offender can never be cured, they can be rehabilitated. What does "cured" mean? Can anybody really be cured of anything? Does a long time smoker never think about another cigarette? Of course they do. Contrasting cigarettes and the sexual exploitation of children is a big leap I know, but treatment for both revolves around recognizing the signs and symptoms of what may lead you back down that road, and turning back before you get there. I call this a success.

My last point is that statistically, if you take 1000 convicted sex offenders between the ages of 18 and 40 and 1000 random people of the same age group that have never been convicted of anything, which group do you think would have more sex offenses over a 5 year period? The sex offenders? NO! The rate of sex offenses from people that have not been caught is HIGHER than that of re-offense rates of convicted sex offenders PER THE SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE.

You can be pro-active, look us up on the internet, get our picture, know what cars we drive, know where we live and work, and you can tell your family about us and to avoid us and if you see us to run. I encourage everybody to do this. But what about the guy that has not been caught yet? Wouldn't you rather us be caught and know everything about us, or NOT know what is going on next door? Statistically it's not the ones that have been caught that you need to worry about (although the highest regard needs to be observed around us). It's the man taking care of your children that has the perfect record.

Please people, take it from someone that has been there. Please quit hounding, shooting, and protesting us out of our houses and jobs. Most of us are trying to earn an honest living, And go after the people who have not been caught yet.

The only reason why you hear so much about reoffense from sex offenders is not because it happens more, its because it is more newsworthy. You may have 100 new crimes by the never-been-caught that don't go reported for every 1 reoffense.

Please comment.
  by: tasccole   02/06/2008 09:52 PM     
  i kno him  
i know that guy ,..
he is one of my friends father...
and i have slept over there and he has a lil grandaughter and everything..
that is so nasty and bad when i heard about this cuz i knew him very well
  by: nicolelinne   02/07/2008 04:44 AM     
  i no that guy 2  
he was my old neighbor.he was nice to me untill that day...he was cool to us.we r not aloud to c him no more bcuz of that.but now this my god hes wacked
  by: katkat   03/14/2008 02:48 PM     
  i no him to  
he was my old neighbor.he was nice to me untill that day...he was cool to us.we r not aloud to c him no more bcuz of that.but now this my god hes wacked
  by: katkat   03/14/2008 02:48 PM     
You stay well away from him and call the police if he so much as looks at you!

Always be careful of men that do not know you approaching you, even the good men today know better than to go near a kid,it is sad because not all guys are bad and the good guys know better than to entice young children.
  by: captainJane     03/14/2008 02:57 PM     
“I am guilty of possessing child pornography on a computer mixed in among many legal images. I never photographed anyone, never touched anyone, and never left my house. And I thank god every day that I was caught."

I am glad too, for all concerned you may never have touched a child but the fact you downloaded it will entice others to hurt even more children, it is like the green light, be aware of that please.
And people have short fuses on this subject because there seem to be more help for the abuser and nothing to speak of for the victim.

It would be a better idea to home these guys away from temptation; being homed near schools and play grounds is not a very good idea, here we have this problem heaps. I was on a knife edge where I used to live it was a middle class area yet still had the known paedophiles near the infant school and green where kids played.
  by: captainJane     03/14/2008 03:11 PM     
ibelieve u r talkin bout shyanne rite?i no her and her father i slept overthere a lot i was p/o wen i found out bout him
  by: katkat   03/17/2008 02:39 PM     
  @nicolelinne & KatKat  
I know you guys are young and everything, but can you please try to write in English? Your comments are practically unreadable!

My head hurts now :-(
  by: TabbyCool     03/17/2008 02:56 PM     
ok i will try.sorry
  by: katkat   03/17/2008 06:32 PM     
  he wasnt just w/ a 14 yr old  
he was w/ a 15yr old and a couple others look up scott E. ziegler and find more about him
  by: katkat   03/18/2008 02:45 PM     
  he was not in rehab ever  
he went to jail 1ce and he kept telling my mom he didnt ant to go back to jail and look what he did a couple monthes ago
  by: katkat   03/19/2008 02:29 PM     
  he has more than 2 chances  
hes had more like 3 or 4 and man i swear if i see him again i swear i will...where was i goin w/ that.idk i 4get.but i hated him after he did wat he did to me and my little brother.he will pay
  by: katkat   03/19/2008 02:31 PM     
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