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                 01/23/2018 04:34 PM  
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02/03/2008 09:17 AM ID: 68193 Permalink   

Michael Jackson's Kids, Ages 5, 9 and 10, Finally Seen Uncovered in Public


Celebrity watchers are saying they believe they've photographed three children belonging to Michael Jackson. Prince Michael, 10; Prince Michael II, aka "Blanket," 5; and Paris Katherine, 9. Few have ever seen their faces, usually covered in public.

The family was seen leaving the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas when Jackson was seen putting on a scarf and sunglasses. They were attending a show by ventriloquist Ronn Lucas.

Blanket's mother is an unknown surrogate, and the other two children may be offspring from Jackson's marriage to Debbie Rowe, a dermatologist's nurse he was married to from 1996-1999. It's thought Jackson's custody was a "gift" as part of the split.

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I love the opening line of the source article:

"It would be pointless trying to judge a family resemblance, given that the man they're supposed to take after doesn't even look like himself any more."
  by: fadedroses   02/03/2008 03:53 PM     
I watched South Park's "The Jeffersons" just last night before going to bed...and I wake up to this news! Well..poor kids!

Celebrity watchers huh? That's the new politically correct name for friken paparazzis?
  by: pas content   02/03/2008 04:28 PM     
  Who cares?  
Leave the kids alone. Their father has already scarred them for life.
  by: White Albino   02/03/2008 07:21 PM     
who gives a flying leap about this anymore?!!
  by: Jediman3     02/04/2008 12:10 AM     
Shouldn't these kids be half black?
  by: insomniac   02/04/2008 09:42 AM     
yeah, Im thinkin "Ok where the hell did he buy those kids?"
  by: h0tdamn365   02/04/2008 06:41 PM     
Did they change his genes too when they made him white? The kids look really white.
  by: greatwarrior1   02/05/2008 04:15 PM     
Ronn Lucas must be a Really good ventrilo, ventrelo, guy who talks without lip movement, to bring out the great Michael Jackson. I wonder where I can see his act. (Other than L.Vegas, where I cannot afford to go.)
  by: IWMCB   02/06/2008 03:40 AM     
  @insomniac , @h0tdamn365  
The kids were obviously concieved via an anonymous doner from a Sperm Bank hence why all three of them are white.

Michael Jackson couldnt have sex with Debbie Rowe as

a. She isnt a 12 year old boy
b. His willy fell off due to bleach baths

That and he wouldnt want his own kids to be horrible brown babies since he himself now is a white as snow. (last comment not my opinion but MJ's)
  by: koultunami     02/07/2008 02:02 PM     
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