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                 01/19/2018 12:38 PM  
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02/06/2008 06:27 AM ID: 68273 Permalink   

Paedophile Wants More Time


Convicted Paedophile Bradley Dragon was again caught looking at Child Porn at an internet cafe in Perth, only 3 weeks after being released from custody. Bradley was first charged with possession of child pornography in 2007.

Bradley was released on a 12 month suspended sentence even though he had only recently returned from Thailand where he served time for beating and raping three girls.
The conditions were only that he had to attend a sex offender’s treatment program.

Mr Dragon was however unhappy with his sentence and wanted to appeal, as he saw his punishment as being "too lenient".

Although he was willing to start the sex offender’s treatment, none had been forthcoming.

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I have been here a while, this is my first News post. Was hard to get flowing but let me know what you all think.
  by: ssxxxssssss   02/06/2008 06:28 AM     
"he saw his punishment as being "to lenient".

Well he is right about that, so why did he not smash a window or something and get his B&B back, away from little kids.
  by: captainJane     02/06/2008 06:39 AM     
  Outstanding job!  
The first one is always the hardest. Keep 'em coming, win some prizes maybe :-)
  by: caution2     02/06/2008 08:50 AM     
  Good one  
Hmm, not quite sure what to say about this.

He seems to want help, but then again, he raped three girls.

Maybe we should help him find a noose?
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/06/2008 09:19 AM     
  I dont understand  
Why people like this are released. 3 raped that are known of, how many more are not known or will be?
Maybe leave him in a cell for a long time with another rapist, maybe they can teach each other what it means.
  by: SubtleCorpze   02/06/2008 01:35 PM     
  Maybe he misses his old pal in prison  
named Bubba.
  by: LuxFestinus     02/06/2008 02:44 PM     
You can't say noose in the U.S. else you'll be branded a racist.
  by: VermiciousG     02/06/2008 03:02 PM     
  @AQ and Verm  
Racist! Satan! Boo! Hiss!

oh, and </sarcasm>
  by: Calilac     02/06/2008 03:36 PM     
This man has a better idea of the threat he is to society than the government. He didn't want to be released. He knows himself well enough to know he has a high risk of reoffending - but he doesn't get any say in the matter.

Like telling an alcoholic to run a bar, but not to drink anything. Sooner or later.
  by: SoshiMaster   02/07/2008 10:11 PM     
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