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                 02/26/2018 04:28 AM  
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02/07/2008 12:15 AM ID: 68292 Permalink   

Toy Car Runs on Water


The toymaker Corgi, has produced a remote-controlled car powered by hydrogen fuel technology. The H2Go, gets its power from tap water by separating the hydrogen from the oxygen.

The Shanghai company Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in conjunction with Corgi developed the car and plans to extend the technology to household appliances.

The toy car which went on to show at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, is touted as the first "zero emissions" remote-control toy.

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Well, obviously the car doesn't get its power from water. It gets its power from hydrogen, made out of water.
  by: Ec5618   02/07/2008 12:20 AM     
The title says it Runs on water. Which it does. You can't pour in a liter of hydrogen. It produces its own based on water.
  by: RAD     02/07/2008 12:35 AM     
  Big Deal  
In america we have just perfected a mag-lev gun which can kill hundreds of people from hundreds of miles away. Top that- Shy-nahh.
  by: IWMCB   02/07/2008 02:16 AM     
OH yeah? Wait till they make a real car that runs on water, and see how many hundreds of people your rail gun can kill from hundreds of miles away!

  by: silentrage   02/07/2008 03:08 AM     
Brilliant idea. Start from toys first, then move the developed version to the real automobiles. This way, the oil companies will not be able to stop this technology from developing.
  by: slayer06   02/07/2008 04:49 AM     
No more Christmas day battery runs.
  by: lachs     02/07/2008 05:26 AM     
  in related news...  
tap water now sells for $89 a barrel
  by: creep   02/07/2008 06:19 AM     
let's get this straight. It uses electricity from your power point (or maybe in the future an optional solar cell) to charge rechargeable batteries. It then use the electricity in these batteries to separate hydrogen from water via electrolysis. It then "burns" this hydrogen in a fuel cell to generate electricity to power an electric motor.

Sounds smart! NOT!

Remove the electrolysis unit and you have increased efficiency because you don't loose power in this step and you don't have to carry the extra weight around.
  by: jendres     02/07/2008 06:47 AM     
  bad tech...  
... too many conversions... electricity in batteries is a more viable solution.

They need to just keep making better batteries.
  by: Kuhl   02/07/2008 07:55 AM     
  From the source  
"The hydrogen is separated from oxygen in the tap water via a miniaturised unit powered by a rechargeable battery. A tiny solar panel to charge the battery is an optional extra." Just as i had thought. Cars will probably never run off water, but there are already cars on the road powered by hydrogen..

If you don't have a comment worth hearing, please keep it to your self.
  by: shoezacks   02/07/2008 09:27 AM     
I agree. They should take any money they moke off this crap and invest it in new battery technologis.
  by: shoezacks   02/07/2008 09:29 AM     
  Very Bad Tech  
It has a battery.

The battery is charged like a normal battery, powers the electrolysis process, IE the seperation of water and hydrogren, the hydrogen is then burned for fuel.

Its much much much less efficient than using the electricity in the battery to power the wheels.

But then that wouldnt say hybrid, and a bunch of retards wouldnt waste energy in their quest to "save the world"
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/07/2008 09:40 AM     
"In america we have just perfected a mag-lev gun which can kill hundreds of people from hundreds of miles away. Top that" -Shy-nahh.

Your posting a comment like that proves the arrogance & stupidity that the world thinks of Americans.

Then Americans have the audacity to wonder why, they are despised so much around the world.

Please do the world a favour & use your "mag-lev gun which can kill hundreds of people from hundreds of miles away." on yourselves.

To any Americans who do not agree with IWMCB, my apologies. Plus commiserations for having people like this not only in your country, but also in charge of your government.

Please prove there are a few sane people there.
  by: acrux   02/07/2008 12:08 PM     
  Sorry Acrux  
We'll get right to work on that water car thingy.
  by: IWMCB   02/07/2008 12:34 PM     
I think you missed the point.

IW think the US should have developed a hydro car instead of a rail gun.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/07/2008 12:52 PM     
Sarcasm there pal.

Plus I think if we develop that rail technology enough maybe we can produce huge rail guns under ground and instead of calling it a gun we can call it a 'rail way' and then slowly accelerate the vehicle to extreme speeds to shoot people. Wait wait... replace shoot with 'transport'.

Okay very good.
  by: Kuhl   02/07/2008 10:41 PM     
  Doesn't it seem dangerous...  
Doesn't it seem dangerous to build anything that compromises our water supply in any way? Oil is not neccessary for life, however, water is. I know it's just a toy right now, and apparently a poorly designed one at that, still it seems like a bad technology to develop.
  by: smarta$$     02/08/2008 01:50 AM     
when I was a kid (which is about 18 years ago)I remember having a red and black toy car that you had to fill with water in the back and it would speed off for a few seconds! sure it's nothing like this piece of technology but the idea is old :P
  by: pas content   02/08/2008 04:48 AM     
  @ smarta$$  
go tell that to all these supposed oil companies you say, that are dumping all of their shit in our water supply. You need to change your name to dumba$$.
  by: meshuggahfan   02/08/2008 10:07 AM     
The gas powered automobile you drive now uses a battery to start and an alternator to provide current for the ignition. A water powered engine is basically the same, the battery gets the engine started, then the alternator powers the ignition and the electrolysis. Hydrogen is produced on the go as the engine needs it.
  by: beltman713   02/09/2008 05:48 AM     
thats what i was thinking, petrol cars still have a battery but once you get the engine idling/running it produces excess energy and charges the battery although this toy doesn't seem to do that i assume that is where the tech would lead.
  by: veya_victaous     02/10/2008 04:58 AM     
emissions from industry and cars have already made rain water unsafe to drink. our water supply is already compromised.
  by: veya_victaous     02/10/2008 05:05 AM     
  @Beltman and Veya  
"The gas powered automobile you drive now uses a battery to start and an alternator to provide current for the ignition."

No arguement here.

"A water powered engine is basically the same"

No its not, its nothing alike.

"the battery gets the engine started,"


"then the alternator powers the ignition"


"and the electrolysis. Hydrogen is produced on the go as the engine needs it."

See this is where its different.
In a petrol/diesel car, there is no electrolysis.
The battery starts the car, but then the fuel is burned to recharge the battery and power the car.

In this.
The battery powers a reaction, that is 90% inefficient, to create fuel.
The fuel is then burnt to power the car.
The battery is not recharged, and when it runs flat, the car stops.

The car would go FURTHER if it simply ran off the battery power and not the hydrogen cell.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/12/2008 11:33 AM     
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