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                 01/16/2018 10:22 PM  
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02/08/2008 09:36 AM ID: 68326 Permalink   

Wal-Mart to Sell Less Crap


Wal-Mart has indicated it is willing to pay more for higher-quality products that won't break as quickly and introduce less waste into the environment. The retailer said it won't necessarily have to pass the cost on to the consumer.

"Bad-quality products create waste, and so having tighter standards ... will reduce waste," said Wal-Mart's senior VP of sustainability. Sustainability will keep costs down, he said. Wal-Mart's goal is to use only renewable energy and waste nothing.

"We are looking at a very small amount of dollars and the savings in the supply chain that we are finding because of sustainability, in some cases, will more than offset the incremental costs ... of a better-quality item," said the VP, Matt Kistler.

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  and hey  
if it does cost us more we'll just lower our employee's wages. you know, the ones with multiple jobs who still need government assistance and give their paychecks back because we're the only place they can afford. continue shopping though. we're a good company now.
  by: ManilaRyce     02/08/2008 12:47 PM     
  I once played tennis with Sam Walton  
I wish he was still around to see what was happening to his company. Sam was a big proponent of “Buy American”. This sure isn’t WalMart’s policy anymore. I would like to see better quality products but more importantly I’d like to see “Made in USA” on more of the products they sell. That alone would turn my opinion of this company. I can live with the low wages, the crappy benefits and the crappy treatment of employees, but sending billions of dollars to China and adding to the already gargantuan trade deficit this country has racked up is totally unacceptable.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/08/2008 03:31 PM     
  I do  
believe that there isn't a thing walmart could do to make me want to buy anything from them. Everytime I buy something from them, It breaks within 48 hours. The employees are often rude, and more often than not, Customers usually have to stop and have their items searched before being allowed to leave the store. (at least they do at the walmart down the street from me)
  by: phobos_anomaly     02/08/2008 08:45 PM     
  With no crap on the shelves  
the stores will be pretty much empty.
  by: Mister crank     02/08/2008 10:26 PM     
  Viability of Wal Mart Products  
A recent study indicates that 80% of Wal Mart products wind up on the trash heap within 18 months.

A huge number of their electronic products fail in the first 30 days.

Cloth products unravel and breakdown with one or two washings.

Plastic products with handles simply break quickly.

The meat in their groceries will last a long long long time due to an unbelievable amount of chemicals, thick packaging to hold inert gases used for color and life enhancement, moisture inhibitors...on and isn't meat anymore folks.

I resent being asked for my ID every time I shop and I also resent their refusal to serve if you have an expired ID...The expiration has nothing to do with who it identifies...these people are rapacious morons.
  by: owlafaye   02/08/2008 11:13 PM     
I really couldn't care less about the supposed "quality", mainly because I buy things at Wal-Mart all the time (mainly groceries because I shop at about 2am when I get off work) and I never seem to have this problem. I have bought a good handful of electronics and they are all working properly, bought a bookcase and coffee table and I have had them for about 5 years and they are fine. I know people love to bash Wal-Mart because of their shady business, but for me it's called the bottom dollar. If I save 25 dollars a week shopping there vs Target or Reasors then obviously I'm going to go with the option of less money. There is a local grocery in my town that I have actually boycotted because their meat products are atrocious and their prices are $.50 - $1.00 higher than Wal-Mart. So in the end I'll keep my extra money.
  by: Rislone   02/08/2008 11:49 PM     
I buy a lot of stuff at walmart. Printer paper, all in one printer fax, copier scanner, and a digital camera and my kids puter BESIDES GROCERIES and i have zero complaints about the service, products or anything else. I shop at the commissary also on post THE same stuff is more expensive in the PX than at walmart. The modems, printer puter etc COST MORE than at Walmart. THE same brands as you can get anywhere else and cheaper. I think there are a bunch of trolls on this site that would grunt and groan, pi$$ and moan about anything. If you don't like it don't BUY there then you will have to find something ELSE to complain about. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
  by: old man   02/09/2008 01:53 AM     
  @old man  
Yes your right. But there is a good reason. Walmart says that if you want to sell products in our stores, you have to cut your price. Then when they do drop their prices, they let their products in. Next, they demand another cut, then another, then another, until the manufacture makes very little or no profit at all. So the only way for the manufacturer to make a profit, is to sell an unbelievable amount of products to be able to keep in business. This is undercutting the manufactures and putting big money into the Chinese pockets.

The hell with Walmart, buy American products. So now the American manufacturers have to try to compete by lowering their prices. To be able to lower the price, they have to lower their standards and quality.

Every American that is trying to save a few dollars here and there by buying products in Walmart is hurting the American economy. I believe Chevy and Ford cut their own throats though, they have no excuse.
  by: slayer06   02/09/2008 06:43 AM     
I own two chevies and a pontiac. If I wear those out I will probably buy a KIA. I shop for quality, price, and reliability, whether it be a tool, electronics, or a piece of plywood. If walmart has the item that I am looking for and for the price I am prepared to pay, thats where I buy it. If the employees that work at Wal mart can find a job that pays better they are damned fools if they do not change their job. If Ford or Chrsler didn't have their vehicles over priced they wouldn't be in such a hurt. For example, when they can offer a new Lincoln at FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS off (TV advertisement) think of the suckers the day before that paid the price BEFORE they decided to cut five big ones off. If there is enough profit in each car that they can chop five thousand off they COULD have not jacked the price that high to begin with. I have no remorse for their financial situation in the least.
  by: old man   02/09/2008 07:12 AM     
If Walmart is their only customer, or even a MAIN customer to sell their merchandise to, they need to do a maket search to find a different buyer or get sucked down the tubes. If they put all their eggs in one basket, you know the rest. I have some good chinese manufactured tools. Check Harbor Freight and Sears , Menards, Lowes, Autozone, THEY buy from China too. If their employees feel they are getting paid low wages, LOOK FOR A BETTER JOB. I don't fault Walmart for hassleing vendors for price breaks. Most companies give discounts for large orders. If one can't sell to walmart and make a profit, they must be pretty stupid to sell it to them. SELL it somewhere else or don't sell it. Seems pretty simple to me. I was in the wrought iron business, (manufacturing) for many years. A few customers complained about my prices. Said that mexican wrought iron railings, stair cases, furniture was cheaper than mine. I said YES, I have had to reweld a bunch of it. I have no problems for people selling cheaper than my items, as they know how much it is worth.,
  by: old man   02/09/2008 07:28 AM     
  I've never been asked for ID to shop at walmart  
but then I don't shop there often
  by: hl2k   02/09/2008 07:30 AM     
can't.. stop.. laughing... title... stomach... aching... must hit back... button..
  by: RAD     02/09/2008 08:15 AM     
Glad you liked it! I thought it might be a bit too edgy for the mods, but nobody seems to mind. It seems the truth within the title is self-evident ...
  by: l´anglais     02/09/2008 08:32 AM     
Not to agree with wal-mart but..

1) Employees - I worked for wal-mart for a while..they treated us like shit, most of the customers did too because when they saw the blue vest they assumed we had an IQ of 0 (and some people did but thats besides the point). So before you think that they are rude because they hate you, think again, some just can't do anything but react after the abuse...
(though if they CAN they SHOULD get another blows)

2)Being searched - tell the local people to stop shoplifting so much and it wouldnt be a problem then, would it? You have only other customers to blame for the inconvinience. On the plus side if you are ever falsley accused you'll be a millionaire overnight when your lawyer takes a chunk out of them.
  by: Jediman3     02/09/2008 05:35 PM     
All they can do is ask to see your purchases and receipt - You do not have to submit to any search at any Wal-Mart of virtually any other retail store that doesn't require a membership (Sams, Costco, etc.). Just politely tell them no thank you and continue out the door. If they persist and detain you or otherwise forcibly touch you to try and get you to stay in the store, you can sue the store for assault and unlawful detainment.
  by: vash_the_stampede     02/09/2008 08:26 PM     
  @old man  
I'm not flaming you. I am just saying China has cheap labor, slave labor is how I look at it. So they can employ employees for next to nothing, and their employees get basically nothing, and this way they can under cut almost every nation.

So when chevy, ford, or any other American product is produced, the labor cost is high. So what your paying for at walmart is cheap labor so you can save a few dollars. I don't hope you get laid off because the chinese under cut your place of business. Perhaps then you will understand what I am talking about.
  by: slayer06   02/10/2008 04:53 AM     
I also hope when you retire, there will be a retirement fund available to you. The more you and other Americans buy from Walmart or china made products, the less money will be available in the retirement fund. Good luck to you.
  by: slayer06   02/10/2008 05:23 AM     
  Crappy Products?  
Yea, they go by the brand name "DURABRAND"
  by: DarkWave     02/11/2008 01:01 AM     
Walmart can issue search warrant now?
  by: RV3   02/11/2008 04:09 PM     
I never thought they hated me, i know how their employees are treated. If I worked there, I would be disgruntled and rude 2. My wife got a job there. After a year, shes still only making 6.50 an hour. They figure they can compensate this with a 200 dollar bonus at x-mas time.


The stop and search thing is done at random over there. Its not that they have a high theft rate, its "to plant the idea in peoples minds that we will get you if you try". That comes from the store manager when asked. As if 40 item detectors or whatever they are called doesn't give that impression, along with the instore anti theft people following everyone around. I have to wonder who would bother stealing shit at that store. Its not like any of its quality stuff anyway.
  by: phobos_anomaly     02/11/2008 07:19 PM     
Most of the stuff Wal-Mart sells is the same identical thing everybody else sells. Wal-Mart is usually cheaper. I shop there. I buy groceries there. I save money. I'm on a fixed income and that's important to me. I agree that Durabrand is their cheapest, crappy brand. Just don't buy Durabrand.
  by: Lurker     02/11/2008 07:34 PM     
  Products the same...  
...except they aren't.

I have worked for a major computer company for 5 years. The models we sell at Walmart aren't the same as the models available in other stores. The model numbers are slightly different, and in our system they are shown as "Walmart" models. Just like we have specific models that are sold only at Costco, which are identified as "Club" models.

The PC's we make for Walmart are undeniably much lower quality. The parts are sourced from cheaper suppliers, and refurbished parts are used when available. The specs are basically the same when compared to similar model numbers at other stores, so it's hard to tell when comparison shopping that you are getting a lesser product. However, the PC's sold through Walmart have a much higher failure rate than the other PC's we sell.

On the other hand, Club models are as good as any other stores models, but typically they have something extra included (extra software, etc) as a bonus to Costco's customers. Costco pays extra to have something included, but you wont pay more to buy the computer from Costco.

Walmart sets the price in all negotiations. Once upon a time, the manufacturer would choose what they are going to sell the product for, then to store would buy it and set a retail price in order to make some profit.
Walmart turned the tables on that. They told the manufacturers what they would pay, and forced the manufacturers to sell it to them at that price. Those who were unable or unwilling to sell for that price didn't get to sell through Walmart, which is a large chunk of the retail market.

For our company, and most others, to be able to afford to sell to Walmart at the prices they set, we have to make cheaper, lower quality products. It's just the way it is.
Our company chooses to continue to make good quality products overall, and make cheaper crap for Walmart only. Many other companies have reduced quality across the board, and all vendors get lower quality.
The major manufacturers can generally afford to do what we do. It's the little companies that are getting screwed.
  by: TarynLondon   02/16/2008 04:27 PM     
walmart is great for a few things.

socks/underwear (i wouldn't buy their other clothing, esspecially from the "simply basic" clothing line, it aint right that a walmart XXXL is the same size as a L or XL in any other store, and i heard nothing but bad things about where the simply basic clothing line comes from, some people i know boycott it, one even boycotts walmart entirely for that reason.)
retail cd's/dvd's/video games
blank media for cd/dvd burners

can't think of anything else worth getting a walmart... maybe sporting/excerise equipment but other than that i'd shop elsewhere for reasons of quality and selection.
  by: havoc666     02/16/2008 05:12 PM     
  Walmart? What's that?  
I don't believe it! Any why would anyone shop
where they have to ask the merchant to sell
something worth while?
We consumers have ourselves to blame. Please
don't tell me that you can not afford to shop
anywhere other than Walmart. Wake up! buy local!
Save your neighborhood businesses. Most of all,
you can not afford the bad health that will result
PRESERVED PRODUCTS! How can you feed that
poison to your kids? If you are really that poor, go
out and steel real food from the farmers' fields. Or
cancel the cable service and spend that money on
real local food.
  by: Karla Guererri   02/17/2008 10:22 PM     
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