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02/11/2008 10:57 AM ID: 68399 Permalink   

Obama Will Probably Be Assassinated If Elected


Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing who has been praised for her “skepticism, fire and visionary power' has said in an interview that if Barack Obama were elected to the post of President of the United States he would most probably be assassinated.

The British writer called on Obama and his rival Hillary Clinton to join forces but did not specify who she thought would kill Obama if elected.

Doris Lessing has become well known for her frequent contrary statements. The 88 year old recently told a newspaper that the September 11 attacks were "neither as terrible nor as extraordinary" as what most people believe.

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  Old school thinking...  
from a woman brought up in the OLD-OLD school.

Doris apparently doesn't understand how much things have changed in the US. I also question if she's ever been in the US, lately, to first-handedly experience the level of tolerance, unity, and acceptance Americans share with one another. Race is not as big a factor as it once was nearly 50 years ago.
  by: CArnold     02/11/2008 12:16 PM     
  comes with job...  
I think any president is an assasination target...
  by: zortona   02/11/2008 01:21 PM     
  Cmon now  
Bush hasn't been assassinated yet. What makes her think Obama will?
  by: syoware   02/11/2008 01:56 PM     
Senile old lady spews rubbish.

I wondered why I hadnt heard this anywhere else, then I noticed the source.

I think its supposed to be he will be assasinated by the secret shadowy Jews who secretly control the world, from the shadows...
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/11/2008 02:03 PM     
I'm just going to take a guess here..

Either you have been under a rock for quite some time, or you don't pay much attention to your surroundings.

I am not tryign to take a shot at you directly but there is still prejudice that runs rampant in todays society.
I believe this woman is correct but I think she is wrong on one point.

I think Obama or Billary have a high chance of getting assassinated. Both are
looking to make history here and many
people are not happy with this, in the
US or elsewhere.
  by: SubtleCorpze   02/11/2008 02:04 PM     
<>Either you have been under a rock for quite some time, or you don't pay much attention to your surroundings.
</Q> Both

Race is not a factor!!? LMAO
  by: isuzu     02/11/2008 02:31 PM     
  most probably be assassinated  
The U.S. is definitely going be assassinated by the swearing in of any of the three possiblities.
  by: Soylent Sauce     02/11/2008 02:34 PM     
Could someone please get this "wouldbe assassin" to get current president first please, if not even after he leaves office would be good too
  by: acrux   02/11/2008 03:23 PM     
  As long  
as Hi(t)llary is not VP then.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   02/11/2008 03:30 PM     
  Obama better stay away from  
  by: Soylent Sauce     02/11/2008 03:35 PM     
  USA tolerant?  
Tolerant at being at war all the time prehaps. But tolerant towards differences and others? Yea right.
  by: RV3   02/11/2008 03:36 PM     
So, you'd rather have Cheney in charge?
  by: VermiciousG     02/11/2008 03:40 PM     
obviously underestimate the number and fervor of hillbillies. I have lived in Texas all my life and while prejudice is not as big a problem in younger generations as people believe about the south, it is still rampant in older generations.
  by: pariahpoet   02/11/2008 05:00 PM     
"Either you have been under a rock for quite some time, or you don't pay much attention to your surroundings."

You're assuming quite a bit.
My ethnic group represents one of the smallest minorities in the US. Add to the fact that I live in the South -- in the state of Tennessee, where the KKK was born, no less.

If anything, I'm living in an area where it's telltale barometer of the US's ability to be tolerant.

I've been discriminated against growing up, but society and culture from the younger generations greatly influenced more tolerance in what was once "white man's" territory.

There was a time I wouldn't consider stepping into a bar in some of the places around TN. Now, I no longer feel the need to be wary of those around me. Times have changed.

Perhaps you could explain why you feel differently. I would ask isuzu the same, but I don't think he really has an opinion -- all he seems to want to do is spout falsehoods and insults.
  by: CArnold     02/11/2008 05:00 PM     
"skeptics obviously underestimate the number and fervor of hillbillies... while prejudice is not as big a problem in younger generations as people believe about the south, it is still rampant in older generations."

My point, exactly. Since I don't play Bingo, hang out in retirement homes, or hang out where I would come into contact with a much older generation, I haven't had a discriminatory issue with anyone in nearly 15 years.
  by: CArnold     02/11/2008 05:04 PM     
  I hope not  
"Bush hasn't been assassinated yet. What makes her think Obama will?" syoware

And that is a miracle even I would shoot him if I had the chance and with all the loonies in this world I can't understand how he is still contaminating our air.
  by: captainJane     02/11/2008 05:59 PM     
"I am not tryign to take a shot at you directly"

haha thats like me telling someone I think they are probably retarded but then saying... I'm not saying your stupid or anything...
  by: Kuhl   02/11/2008 06:47 PM     
I can assure you that the people on the receiving end of race discrimination know more about it and it's levels than those that are not. When I notice a dramatic decrease in discrimination and racism from 15 years ago, it's not because I've been living under a rock. And when you feel racism directed towards you, you are certainly keen of your surroundings.
  by: CArnold     02/11/2008 07:03 PM     
  @ captainJane  
Careful what you type, the Bushstapo will be knocking down your door and you'll never be heard form again!

I don't think this will assassination will happen. Not becasue no one will, but because I think Bush is going to take on Iran before he leaves, declare THIS one as formal war, then he stays in charge with Martial Law and all that crap. Just my 38C (inlfation)
  by: Discarded Vet   02/11/2008 07:21 PM     
Obama were assassinated, it would just martyr him and galvanize the country more. I don't think anyone intelligent would be pulling the strings on this one, seems like it would be against their best interests.
This idea seems like a lame attempt to knock on Obama's electability.
  by: emceay   02/11/2008 09:26 PM     
When the president is assasinated, the Vice president takes control. Cheney has too much power as it is.
  by: BikerDude   02/11/2008 09:54 PM     
I will say one last thing and then I am going to step out of this, for the sole purpose of not wanting to offend anyone else.

I myself am NOT prejudice, I grew up with my father being extremely prejudice and I find it quite disgusting.

I grew up in a predominatly black neighborhood, me being the "white boy", I took more than my share of abuse. When I grew older and moved to where I live now, I see a whole other side almost daily and it is disturbing.
Racsim and prejudice are very much alive, just kept a little more low key.

Believe me when I say if I didnt have to deal with this issue I would be a more comfortable person. I am tired of hearing this garbage from ALL sides.

I apologize to you CArnold and anyone else if I offended you, that was not my intent.
  by: SubtleCorpze   02/11/2008 10:29 PM     
Donations for new fingers, typos... BAH!
  by: SubtleCorpze   02/11/2008 10:31 PM     
"I apologize to you CArnold and anyone else if I offended you..."

Apology not necessary, but thanks for the offering.
I figured you thought I was caucasion and probably "out of touch" with racial discrimination. Just wanted to point out that I'm where it's usually thickest.

Additionally, I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist. It certainly does. But when you compare today with 10, 20, or 30 years ago, it's hard to deny that race is rapidly becoming a non-issue in most parts of the US. Whereas it was once condoned and "part of life", it is now widely frowned upon and beaten into dark corners.

Things are getting better. That's what's important. :)
  by: CArnold     02/11/2008 11:52 PM     
  @Car N old  
I doubt if you can ask any question and expect a different answer and agree, from the one already existing in your head. <<<< Is this you?? I got this from your profile.

Race is still a factor in the USA, it is for that reason it will be a historic moment when this election goes to the pole.

To prove race is still a factor check out comments made by blatant racist, who refuses to see any racism in their comment 'cradleofloafers' but agreeing to be an occasional racist..

If we would all live our lives without hope, life would truly be hopeless.

I wonder if you have read the latest news on whites becoming minorities in USA in 2050?

By then every child born will be from a set of two different ethnic background, then and then only, we will fail to point at each others ethnicity. So far that is yet to come.

Systemic racism is rampant and watching Dan Rather on US politics, there is another system about to be placed. Voters will be required to have their IQ tested before given the voting rights. Who do you think this is directed to?

Reality is bleak, USA is continually bending laterally, soon or later, leaning tower of Pisa, will look straight compare to USA, if USA does not wake up and confirm itself as a great nation that once was. Bullying does not count.

Imagine if all men were one man, how great that man would be??
  by: isuzu     02/12/2008 01:02 AM     
Do my eyes deceive me, or did you just actually contribute something worth while to a discussion?

About damn time. I like this side of you better. Try doing this more often... and save the insults for the next person that kicks your dog.
  by: CArnold     02/12/2008 03:12 AM     
Hate groups in your area!

35 in one state? I think racism is still a HUGE problem.
  by: l´anglais     02/12/2008 03:40 AM     
That's what I've been saying.

They only kill/get rid of the good presidents.
Bush will never be assassinated.
  by: silentrage   02/12/2008 04:56 AM     
  B.S. News.....  
Bought to you by the same country that wants to introduce sharia law!
  by: cavador   02/12/2008 08:30 AM     
Take down the front man and you have to deal with Cheney. And as we all know, there is no weapon of this mortal world that can be of any use against the beast.

He has falsely led our congress and the neo-cons to believe that the constitution must be casted into the fires of mt. doom.

He fears it. The constitution is the one thing that can bring down the one whom hopes to bring the end of days.

So it is writen.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   02/12/2008 10:23 AM     
Had a quick look over that site.

The groups seem pretty arbitrary.
A rock band that says n***er is a "hate group" according to that site.

I've struggled to actualy find any "Hate Incidents" on the site that relate to Carnolds State.

At what point does the we hate Jews social club stop being a bunch of retards who meet on tuesday nights become a "hate group"?

When it goes out killing people?
Or when someone, apparently equally stupid, who disagrees with the groups beliefs, say, white separatism, has a quota to meet?
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/12/2008 10:28 AM     
  Found them

None in 2008
6 in 2007.

And what were these vile "hate crimes"

Well there were 4 cases of leafletting, the sick bastards, providing infoirmation on what they believe and do.
How dare they.
They should just be quiet and let one source of information speak the truth.
Thats how democracy and freedom work damnit.

Then, the evil bastards, they held a rally to protest the lack of police action over a white couple that were murdered by a black gang.
How dare they complain when the police dont protect the people.
I mean really, that is just, I'm just, I'm shocked and apalled.

Then, we get into really sick shit, 3 15 year old boys shot paintballs at the house of man they thought was gay.
I mean, thats a campaign of hatred like the world has never seen before, imagine Hitler had shot paintballs at peoples houses, even the Draka look mild compared to these...

So, 35 "hate groups" managed to notch up no hate crimes in 2007.
The only "hate" crime, was a bunch of kids who torment a man who may or may not be gay.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/12/2008 10:40 AM     
  @Car N old  
About damn time. I like this side of you better. Try doing this more often... and save the insults for the next person that kicks your dog.</Q>

I hear you not because I am def. I see you signaling not because I am blind.

When you want to interact with either Def or Blind, you have no choice but to be in their World.

When I am in your World, I just become you. Now all you need to do, is practice what I have quoted.

Welcome to my Octagon. Where the big boys play. If you will wake up, open your mind and call a spade a spade, we may have a conversation, if you continue ridiculing and looking tall while standing on my shoulders!! Bro you may be tall, but kindly get your fat ass of my shoulder, you are also Heavy.... Phewwwwwwwwww. Thanks I can breath now.
  by: isuzu     02/12/2008 04:28 PM     
Nice, but any group that unites around their hatred for another group is possibly a violent group. Am I wrong?
  by: l´anglais     02/12/2008 07:08 PM     
No, but that would be because any group is possibly a violent group.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/12/2008 07:22 PM     
OK, but I'm sure we can agree that a book club is at least slightly less prone to committing violent acts than, say, a radical Islamic sect calling for Sharia in the U.K.?
  by: l´anglais     02/12/2008 07:36 PM     
say we start a pool 5 bucks gets you in...five more if he is elected.

Place the money in an escrow.

Divide the proceeds amongst the winners.

  by: Reamensa   02/12/2008 07:41 PM     
  a serious topic and patient constructive thought  
If this would (and very may likely) happen and I believe or rather I know the assignation of President Obama would open up the US for a potential race war that has been just under the surface for over 30 years ? Al Quada would know that the best way to disrupt this country would be to start and internal war that would last of a very long time. They already know that to hit this county in the beginning of a Presidential transition - the handing of power from one party to another - is one of our major weaknesses. All the latent Racal hatred would surface and there would be riots in almost every major city. No matter who would be the assassin, the blame would fall on lack of adequate protection from the Secret Service and then the ultimate conspiracy theories would be every where blaming every white organization that exists in our country. It does not take too many people with extreme points of view to create problems for all around them! What little trust between black and whites that has gained over the past 30 years would be lost is a single moment. I honestly believe it would be an opportunity for the pent-up hatred of very many blacks to use as a justification to riot, loot and kill as many whites as possible which would start a chain reaction of violence that would take the nations eyes off of the true threat to our national security just long enough for Al Quada to do even more lasting and permanent damage. The effectiveness of All our first responders would be damaged as there are many blacks and whites working together to respond to emergencies, police, fire fighters, ambulance, emergency room staff and doctors, all governmental institutions in fact every sector of this countries infrastructure would be seriously compromised. No one, white or black wants to get into the middle of a violet racial dispute. In fact, our armed forces would also be a great risk. How many of our solders would be killed by friendly fire. In every institution in to US hate crimes of all levels would surface, from hiring, firing, disruption of corporate organization and so many other areas where whites and black work together very effectively now would be very seriously affected. It would destroy our Country from within as surely as if all our water supplies were poisoned on the same day through out the entire country. If fact this is the current tactic of Al Quada, to assassinate the top leaders where it will do the most harm. We just need to take this as a warning ? These are worst case problems and if Obama were to be assassinated the US will be tested to the very soul of every individual in our country ? I am glad Doris Lessing brought this issue public, some one had to and it took a Noble Laureate to break this to the news, any other person would just get secretly investigated by the FBI or the CIA is you live outside the USA. I have been thinking about this very same issue for weeks now and I am glad it is finally out in the open for debate ? This is a serious topic and deserves patient constructive thought? Richard?
  by: Rnagle   02/12/2008 08:33 PM     
good luck with all this racist bullshit, in a week I'll be
the uncle of a biracial newborn and all of this
speculation will seem a little more abstract to me
than it already does. Apes with hats disagreeing with
what value of brownish-orange they should favor or
  by: emceay   02/12/2008 08:42 PM     
"OK, but I'm sure we can agree that a book club is at least slightly less prone to committing violent acts than, say, a radical Islamic sect calling for Sharia in the U.K.?"

Again, possibly, but theres no reason there cant be a perfectly law abiding group wanting to bring in Sharia and genocidal book club.

Now, if the leafletters were giving out leafletts calling for the white man rise up and wipe out blacks Helter Skelter style, then I'd adgree theres a (good) chance they'll be violent.

If they're calling for the peaceful separation of different cultures, then there is no reason to believe they'll be violent.
However the site you linked to seems to think that anyone who disagrees with their views on multiculturalism is a violent genocidal maniac.

Which is simply untrue.

You dont have to hate other cultures to disagree with policies that will turn your homeland into a bad day in the Balkans or bring the current situation in Kenya on to your streets.
  by: AnsweringQuestions     02/13/2008 10:32 AM     
Racism is still very much alive. Take this for instance:

Some stereotypes are still held as law, some companies still pause before they consider hiring blacks, hispanics, asians, and aliens (and bi-racials, emceay), and people are still attacked mentally and physically because of race or religious belief (shortnews anyone?).

You can call it bullshit but that doesn't make it go away. This is several different cultures you're talking about and unless you can mash, squeeze, and stomp them together you'll always have some sort of animosity.

Of course when you merge cultures you also lose the culture's identity, which is - I think - a big reason for a lot of this. Who wants to lose their race's identity and traditions?

In an ideal world you could all hold hands and sing kum ba ya and everything would be great. In the real world if you ask blacks (used as reference since we're talking about Obama) to give up their culture and merge with "white society" they're called an oreo, or "Tom", or a traitor.

Remember the question "Is Obama Black Enough?" that came up when he started his campaign?

This is turning into a speech but I'm sure you get my drift.
  by: aardvark   02/13/2008 11:58 AM     
Just because I think it's bullshit doesn't mean I'm colorblind (genetically speaking.. that's another story), or not acknowledging it. It's very much around, I just think humans are a little crazy.
I practically forget what color I am until something/someone outside reminds me. And jobs can never tell what I am by name or voice till I'm in person. So I don't entirely agree with the whole 'if you ask blacks to give up their culture' thing.. but then again I'm no stranger to being called 'oreo.'
Having witnessed an interracial, cross-religious marriage, I have to say there's no difference between both sides of the family once they say 'I do' and the cork is popped. So while racism is still around, it's not this overarching, unified force in the minds of the general public. It's now being split in twain, half sequestered into close knit corners of society. The other half permeating common knowledge and pop culture as an symptom of ignorance, rather than overt beliefs in superiority.
The fact that Obama can stay neck and neck with a name like Clinton speaks volumes about how far this country has come. Sure, we're still rough around the edges with questions like "Is Obama black enough?" but that seems rooted in ignorance to me, because honestly, America's spirit is ready for anything.
  by: emceay   02/13/2008 12:23 PM     
  Some what agree with  
There are plenty of how should I put it... Well, lets just say some people are used to the country being run by older white men as its always been.

Same thing goes for Hillary too though. I think some people won't like the fact a woman might be running things either.

Unfortunately, I'd be worried if I was either of those two.
  by: Corwin Killroy   02/13/2008 06:25 PM     
  Have to agree with Captain Jane  
GWB would surely make a far more tempting target than Obama, but no one's even tried knocking him off, have they?
  by: Ramona   02/16/2008 09:48 AM     
  I take that back  
Seems someone threw a substandard hand grenade at him once
  by: Ramona   02/16/2008 09:56 AM     
  To All  
I am trying to focus on the original statement from Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing who publicly stated that if Barack Obama were elected to the post of President of the United States he would most probably be assassinated and the comments I made earlier that if this happened it most definitely cause some type of racial backlash within our own borders.

To me, this is a clear and present danger and potential national security risk which why we need to take this seriously, honestly debate this as a potential and who would most likely be the perpetrator. If we do, we may help prevent the scale of any racial animosities that could turn into wide scale violence. There is only one group of enemy's of the USA that would want this to happen and that is the groups that operate by the Al Quada play book to cause the maximum amount of damage with this least effort, expense and visibility. I am confident that the Secret Service is already discussing this potential (as they are with Clinton & McCain) and they have a 1000 times greater insight into this as a potential national security risk than any or us.

I think we probably all agree that racial prejudice is not only a problem in this country but a problem of human nature itself and manifests itself in many forms all across the world, from centuries past up through the present day. The racial animosity that has manifested itself is this country is no less a fact of our own history than the racial and religious intolerance that has manifested in the Middle East or in Africa, in Bosnia, in Ireland and is present today because of their sorted and violent history and how they have tried or not tried to overcome this problem. The depth of this radical/religious animosity and hatred is equal to the decades and centuries that it has cause senseless and brutal killing and war in that area of the would. The USA stands head and shoulders in dealing with our own history of racial and religious intolerance than all the rest of the world! We should be thankful!!! It is part of the reason we live in such a great country. But we are not completely in the clear and in some areas of the US the racial problems are still just under the skin. Be honest, we have all seem manifestations of this within certain cities the past decade. The Assassinating Obama would affect every racial hot spot in the country and unless you have your head in the sand, this is truly a Potential Problem for the entire USA - Look at Pairs, France just last year, which spread throughout the country.

This would be one of the main reasons Al Quada would focus efforts on Assassinating Obama if he were elected. They believe that this would cause a race war which would disrupt our country, and if not an all out war, at least enough time to take our eyes off of the general national security to begin bringing into our country weapons far more destructive. The hatred these Islamic Terrorists have of our country does not change with our national point of view and who is elected, they plan for years to make a very focus strike. This, I honestly believe, is the reason the Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing publicly stated that if Barack Obama were elected to the post of President of the United States he would most probably be assassinated which is the main topic of this forum.

  by: Rnagle   02/17/2008 08:29 PM     
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