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                 04/23/2014 11:53 PM  
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02/13/2008 06:48 PM ID: 68461 Permalink   

Nail Removed from Alien’s Penis


A 37-year-old Indian man underwent a procedure yesterday in the Salmaniya Medical Complex in Bahrain in order to have a two inch nail removed from his penis.

The man admitted himself to hospital complaining of abdominal pains and when asked to explain the presence of a two inch nail in his penis said it was inserted there by a band of robbers who had attacked him.

The man went to the hospital 3 days after the alleged attack and doctors said that if he had delayed his admission any longer he could very well have died. The man has been deported from the country as he was also an illegal alien.

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Ok so he wasn’t ET but he was an illegal Alien …...made you look though …at the story not his pecker !
  by: Hugo Chavez     02/13/2008 06:53 PM     
I havent heard the word pecker in a long time. It would have been humorous to have used that word in the summary instead of penis.
  by: John E Angel     02/13/2008 06:59 PM     
  never thought of that  
could have used love truncheon, blue veined love torpedo, egg white cannon ..possibilities are endless I suppose.
  by: Hugo Chavez     02/13/2008 07:13 PM     
  woody johnson wang  
  by: John E Angel     02/13/2008 07:17 PM     
  To quote Kate Winslet  
Purple-headed womb ferret.

Extras is the best show on telly.
  by: NuttyPrat     02/13/2008 07:43 PM     
  Who waits  
3 days before going to the hospital when you've got a nail in your penile? Madness.
  by: wolfer   02/13/2008 07:55 PM     
  Give it to the Grey  
I figured, finally someone gave it to the aliens and implanted a device in 'them' for a change. I am disappointed. Although the story is quite amusing.
  by: kmazzawi     02/13/2008 08:20 PM     
Heh, you reminded me... there's a guy at my work named Johnson Wang.
  by: caution2     02/14/2008 12:01 AM     
I live in Bahrain, I read that in our local newspaper. and as far as people getting mugged here, it happens more common then it is reported. BAhrain used to be a safe little island, not anymore...probably due to the lack of intellect of the younger generation and soaring unemployment rates.
  by: FunkMan   02/14/2008 12:32 AM     
Egg White Cannon! Best I've ever heard.
  by: Rislone   02/14/2008 12:50 AM     
  How about  
one eyed trouser snake, meat & two veg, womb broom, the main brain. Or in this bloke's case the pin cushion
  by: stretchman     02/14/2008 02:27 AM     
Has nobody here realised that this man was attacked and had a nail hammered through his manhood!

That is just inhuman!
  by: Anglo_Englishman   02/14/2008 09:18 AM     
  @Caution @Anglo  
One of my best friends growing up was Dick Cox.

Do you really believe that story? I have a really nice bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. The guy was involved in an S&M scene and had a nail hammered through his schlong. He was too embarrassed to go to emergency and tell them what really happened so he waited till it got ugly and he had no choice, then he made up this story. I’m going to have to take you aside and educate you on the seedier things in life. It’s a big, bad, freaky world out there. I was a freak in my day, now I’m just old and freaky.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/14/2008 02:51 PM     
  It happened to me once  
I had a nail inserted in my todger once but thank god she cuts them shorter now
  by: teedee   02/14/2008 07:40 PM     
  Those nail beds  
are dangerous.

robbers? why
  by: captainJane     02/15/2008 12:00 AM     
  @Valkyrie123 @caution2  
You should hook up Johnson Wang with Dick Cox and they can hang together or something.
  by: John E Angel     02/15/2008 12:15 AM     
Ever heard of the pink oboe?
  by: cavador   02/15/2008 02:57 AM     
  Alien pierced  
Welcome, my penis piercing overlords
  by: Ramona   02/15/2008 09:12 AM     
  @ wolfer  
"Who waits
3 days before going to the hospital when you've got a nail in your penile? Madness. "

an illegal immigrant who will get deported if he is found out maybe?


  by: bungholio   02/16/2008 07:19 PM     
  Didn't read it?  
I don't think the posters read the article. The nail wasn't hammered through his Mr. Blinky, it was inserted into the urethra! TeeDee seemed to be the only one that understood the story. If it was hammered through he wouldn't have gone to the hospital complaining of "abdominal pains" and said the nail was "inserted" by robbers. If it wasn't self inflicted, he my have felt he was robbed by the Dominatrix that did it to him!
  by: RifRaf61   02/16/2008 10:02 PM     
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