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                 02/23/2018 01:32 PM  
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02/18/2008 03:07 PM ID: 68568 Permalink   

Study: People Really Are Like Sheep


A study led by University of Leeds researcher Jens Krause and published in the Animal Behaviour Journal suggests that people unconsciously flock like sheep. A group as small as 5 percent can influence the direction of the entire group.

The researchers put groups of up to 200 people in a hall and told them to move around and not to communicate. A few individuals were told where to walk and every time the crowd eventually followed. Most were unaware that they were being led.

"There are many situations where this information could be used to good effect. At one extreme, it could be used to inform emergency planning strategies and at the other, it could be useful in organizing pedestrian flow in busy areas," said Krause.

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Amen to the title. I wake up and first thing is SN and then, arguments... Baaah :(
  by: isuzu     02/18/2008 03:17 PM     
  @ this study  
did they really need a study to know this, I thought that was common knowledge, surely this is why propaganda has been so influential in nazi germany, the Ussr and (not trying to compare them so literally) the U.S. and Britain
  by: dieu_7     02/18/2008 03:28 PM     
  Well women  
always go to the bathroom in groups.
  by: walter3ca   02/18/2008 04:51 PM     
  this was worth a study?  
whateva! my favorite example of the herd/flock: a friend of mine is buying munchies at a movie theatre and i'm standing next to her, behind the soda fountain. another friend comes up and stands behind me and people start lining up behind her. it was incredibly hilarious at the time and may have been one of those "you had to be there" moments...
  by: Calilac     02/18/2008 04:52 PM     
  two words underscore human herd-mentality  
politics & religion.
  by: havoc666     02/18/2008 05:27 PM     
  If you were in a group wtih 200 people...  
...With limited space, when space opened up, you'd move to it. You don't want some dude breathing all close on the back of your neck, so you move - and lo and behold, 'sheep.'
  by: emceay   02/18/2008 09:10 PM     
Sheeps breaths air, Humans breaths air.
Humans are sheep-like? I think so.
  by: silentrage   02/19/2008 01:48 AM     
  I Knew It Damn SHEEPLE!  
  by: Zmethod     02/19/2008 03:04 AM     
I think the Aztecs would have said yup to that
  by: thinkmaster   02/19/2008 04:49 AM     
This "revelation" is no surprise. People have always had a "Herd Mentality" This is why, for example, Idiots race out to vote for the same type of corrupted bottom feeder each electoral cycle. Why people play "follow the leader" while driving in a snowstorm only to follow the lead driver into the same accident.

My question is: Does anyone want Fries with their Cud?
  by: The Omega Man   02/19/2008 08:58 PM     
  Oh yeah...  
I love seeing examples of Godwin's Law ^_^
  by: coldicezero     02/19/2008 09:14 PM     
  New Zealanders  
have known this for years
  by: stretchman     02/20/2008 04:52 PM     
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