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                 02/24/2018 09:00 PM  
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02/19/2008 08:49 PM ID: 68612 Permalink   

Ecclestone Says Hamilton Attacks "an Isolated Incident"


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out against an anti-racism campaign by the sport's governing body, FIA. Ecclestone said the racism suffered by Briton Lewis Hamilton in Spain was "an isolated incident".

Ecclestone said: "All it does is give attention to people who want attention. I don't think they're fans, and I don't think they were supporting [Fernando] Alonso in particular. They just like to abuse people."

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  The Spanish Like To Abuse People!?  
Putha madre!
  by: Zmethod     02/20/2008 06:01 AM     
  I Agree...  
I read this a few days ago elsewhere and I agree, despite the FIA being critical of Burnie's views.

An isolated incident at a track occurred, and the FIA are now launching an entire campaign against racism when it isn't really something that is profound and frequent.

That's not to say, of course, that it hurts to make the issue known; it doesn't. I just think, along with Ecclestone, that it's a major overreaction to an isolated incident.
  by: Dynamite     02/21/2008 01:39 AM     
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