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                 02/23/2018 01:45 AM  
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02/20/2008 12:23 AM ID: 68617 Permalink   

Scientology Given Direct Access to eBay Database


As ex-members of Scientology, they have amassed huge quantities of items only valuable to Scientologists, more and more Scientology ex-members are turning to eBay to sell their unwanted items.

Usually the Church would inform eBay about the illegal sale of these items obtained from the official source, the Church itself, and then eBay would remove the item.

This is not the case any more, eBay has given The Church of Scientology Direct Access to the Verified Rights Owner ("VeRO") Program which allows the church direct access to remove 'any' item they deem in violation of their Intellectual Property.

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your kidding? So any item that those nut jobs decide should not be on the market will be removed? May as well given them the passwords to the domain name too
  by: ssxxxssssss   02/20/2008 12:34 AM     
Seriously. This scientology thing is out of control. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of lawsuits are brought against them in the near future for removing items related to other religions, trying to further their sphere of influence.
  by: juicebox   02/20/2008 12:51 AM     
  @ scientologists  
intellectual property rights should not apply to e-meters, surely some intellectual quality must be attached to such an item for it to fall into that legal category.

a piece of junk item used to con people should not be able to have intellectual property rights protecting it.
  by: dieu_7     02/20/2008 01:00 AM     
if u would read the source their IP rights are only for the 'improvements'. plus they have no legal right for this anyways. its way out of control, seriously ....
  by: securityunion     02/20/2008 01:04 AM     
  Sciencrapology is Nothing More  
than the "Rebirth of Jim Jones" it's only a matter of time before the Poison Fruit Punch is passed around
  by: The Omega Man   02/20/2008 02:51 AM     
if that's really what you think is going to happen, I pity your creativity. the scientology crowd is obviously attempting to get powerful, fast. I highly doubt they would want to end so many lives that could continue to aid them in their search for money/power --a
  by: Dekar   02/20/2008 02:55 AM     
You misunderstand the analogy, In other words, Scientology is just as Senseless as Jim Jones religion. Whether the L Ron Hubbards kill themselves is of no point, It's yet another mindless bunch of crap that people are all too willing to follow.

  by: The Omega Man   02/20/2008 03:20 AM     
  Can't sell my own Stuff  
For those not in the know. Scientology forbids its member from using unauthorized medicine which is 99.9% of available medicine and orders its followers to listen to tapes and watch videos instead.

I am assuming it was those tapes and videos being sold online. I do not see any problem with a member reselling a tape or a video he purchased. It is like preventing me from re-selling a bible or a koran.

Also some material had been around long enough that the copyright had expired. So it is particularly incidiuous to allow scientology to determine for themselves what they want people to sell or not.

Although I understand some software companies do not allow you to resell the software after you purchase it from them, but even such licenses, can not stop you from selling your computer & the licenses with the software installed on them.
  by: kmazzawi     02/20/2008 03:26 AM     
  @The Omega Man  
Dekar is right.

Scientology isn't just your ordinary cult..they are literally attempting to take over all aspects of life here...controlling everything from media outlets to the most powerful people in the world....

These people need to be stopped, and now!
  by: Jediman3     02/20/2008 03:31 AM     
Don't worry, That is why i have been sending distress calls to Death Ray Wielding aliens.
  by: The Omega Man   02/20/2008 03:35 AM     
shhhh tom cruise might be reading this.... lol :P
  by: bastrel   02/20/2008 06:20 AM     
  hey who wants to buy Xenu Memorabilia!?  
Toliet seat covers, toilet brush heads and xenu whoopie cushions at half price.
  by: Zmethod     02/20/2008 06:32 AM     
is an e-meter anyway? What is it meant to do? (other than make rich people feel important, because they are members of a crazy, exclusive cult!)
  by: TabbyCool     02/20/2008 11:35 AM     
No wonder Scientology tries hard to have a monopoly on e-meters.
The production cost of that device is around 200.00 US$ - they sell it for 8,000.00 US$!

Sadly we are moving toward an Orwell's 1984 world.
  by: Ing. Mark   02/20/2008 12:09 PM     
I tried to put a bid on your Xenu enema bag but when I hit submit it said the auction has been canceled. Now I’m just sitting here full of sh!t. Can I get a Xenu enema bag if I join Scientology or are they all full of sh!t too?
  by: Valkyrie123     02/20/2008 03:01 PM     
This isn't anything new, eBay gives any organization or business that ability to remove their trademark violations through VeRO. Many companies abuse the hell out of VeRO. I've had several items removed -- items that I took all pictures for, and created all text descriptions for -- removed just because they reported the auction to eBay because they (the companies) don't get a cut from used items. eBay yanks them without question and repeated phone calls to their power seller call line prove pointless. I even managed to get one of the CSR's to admit to me that my auctions were perfect and I violated none of the rules.. didn't matter though :)
  by: vash_the_stampede     02/20/2008 03:07 PM     
  Just how much information  
Do they have access to?

Like, names addresses and bank details of those who've become subversive people.
Ebay could find itself in touble if they start falling off roofs.
Or not, scientology hasnt paid for people its already killed.
  by: Feanor   02/20/2008 03:10 PM     
  @The Omega Man  

Can you give them the address of Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan too?
  by: Jediman3     02/20/2008 04:09 PM     
Done and Done! You would not believe what i traded them to the Reptoids for!
  by: The Omega Man   02/20/2008 05:28 PM     
  This is an FDA requirement  
The e-Meter has been approved by the FDA for use only by Scientology ministers only, after they promised in the early 70's not to use it to "cure diseases". Per FDA regs, nobody else can own or use an emeter.
  by: hyper-mellow   02/20/2008 07:32 PM     
  source is a lawyer opinion blog  
..nothing else to say..
  by: luana1980     02/26/2008 03:53 AM     
now that's what i call news.

what's wrong with ebay ???
  by: ProTesTa     02/26/2008 04:05 AM     
  Scientology slaves  
  by: myhand   05/19/2008 01:39 PM     
  Hey folks! What the hell is an E-meter?  
Is it an upgrade from the tried-and-true Peter Meter?
Enlighten a primitive native alien.
  by: White Albino   05/23/2008 11:51 PM     
  An e-meter, for those clamoring for an answer ...  
  by: l´anglais     05/24/2008 12:09 AM     
so, because its a blog, its not even subject to acknowledgement?

meh. bad logic.
  by: elijah4twenty     05/24/2008 12:10 AM     
@ the two scientologists giving this a bad rating.

go figure.
  by: elijah4twenty     05/24/2008 12:11 AM     
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