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                 02/19/2018 10:42 AM  
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02/21/2008 04:40 AM ID: 68650 Permalink   

Politician Calls for Non-Smokers to Get an Extra Holiday


Sweden: Marie-Louise Ekholm, a doctor, Moderate party member and Nässjö council member, has formally proposed that council employees who don't smoke be given an extra day of holidays.

Ekholm says that non-smokers take less sick days, fewer breaks, and are not as much of a drain on society and deserve rewards beyond better health.

Ekholm previously created a storm of controversy by blaming a significant increase in sexually transmitted diseases amongst Swedish young people on 'loose' sexual attitudes in society.

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  And drinkers  
hardly ever call in sick to work too, so let's include them for a holiday.
  by: John E Angel     02/21/2008 05:04 AM     
  I've said it once  
I'll keep on saying it.

Slippery slope...

We are reaching endtimes...

  by: chaoticvengeance     02/21/2008 07:06 AM     
keep on dreaming doctor but u aint getting it
  by: bastrel   02/21/2008 08:58 AM     
  It won't happen  
but it's a good idea. If you're losing 15+ minutes of productivity on smoking breaks every day don't whine about me getting an extra day off.
  by: ixuzus     02/21/2008 09:20 AM     
  Fine by me  
I'll just not do any work when the boss is off work, take it this hasn't occurred to the numpty suggesting such a thing. Not to mention whats to stop "oh I stopped smoking didn't you know?" when the holiday comes along, then the day later it's back on the death rods.
  by: Oook!   02/21/2008 06:37 PM     
  I would have thought  
That if smokers really did have more time off sick they would find it harder to get jobs. Or are you not allowed to ask that kind of question?
  by: Anglo_Englishman   02/21/2008 06:37 PM     
  I believe  
it would be possible for potential employers to check your absence record but it is doubtful they can bring personal choices such as being a smoker into the equation, although of course that doesn't mean they won't as there was recently an issue raised in the news to suggest many interviewers ask wholly inappropriate questions.
  by: Oook!   02/22/2008 12:42 PM     
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