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                 02/23/2018 11:32 AM  
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02/27/2008 09:33 AM ID: 68819 Permalink   

China's Rivers Red with Pollution


China's state news agency, Cinhua, has reported that pollution in the river system in central China has forced the closure of schools in the area and cut water to 200,000 people. The water in the river system was red and bubbly.

According to Xinhua, tests showed there were increased levels of ammonia, permanganate and nitrogen. These chemicals are generally used in metal cleaning. Government officials are using water from the Changhu Lake to flush out the polluted rivers.

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probably need to start taking this seriously over there. It sounds as if it's actually dangerous to people.
  by: Maxx20     02/27/2008 10:35 AM     
china has been making some dramatic changes lately, but it's hard to keep up with the pace of progress over such a large country. of course they can do more, and they're gonna need to. if a country as huge and unregulated as china is able to reduce pollution significantly, no other country will have an excuse.
  by: ManilaRyce     02/27/2008 01:06 PM     
  since winning  
since winning the beijing olympics, china has made some massice improvements quite quickly... massive subway infrastrure, new roads etc... keep in mind china is now where the US wasabout 20 years ago, 20 years ago china was many decade behind the US... they are catching up amazing fast considering their size and population... any population problems the US has its stand the reason china's could be about 4 time worse... and pollution is major side effect of population... though i hear they are making strides in reducing pollution as well, esspecially around beijing.... hopefully this trend will continue after the olympics as well.

in contrast i wouldn't recommend drinking ANY of the water in north america straight if you can avoid it... we have some grossly polluted waters... esspecially lake eerie which feeds lake ontario, i live close enough to actually walk to lake ontario... the water that has been deemed a serious health risk via pollution for my entire life, and probably that of my parents as well.

even in north america companied get away with dumping all kinds of shit in a water... its a wonder we're still alive as species with how much we poison ourselves and our environment.
  by: havoc666     02/27/2008 01:57 PM     
  Wait till it catches fire like Lake Erie did  
Then people will start to take notice and demand that something be done to stop the rape of Mother Earth. We made great strides here in the US in the 70’s but since then the Republicans have done everything they can to gut the progress made. I hope the Chinese do something before it is too late. Hell of a way to die, choking to death on your own sh!t.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/27/2008 02:22 PM     
  People are dying  
People are dying like crazy over there, I was watching this on Planet in Peril. People are dying of cancer by 30. The water looks like red dye and they are watering their crops with it. So sad.
  by: thedrewman   02/27/2008 05:30 PM     
please change cinhua on the first sentence it should be xinhua.
  by: DRK   02/27/2008 06:47 PM     
  It's Amazing,  
How like Indians, the Chinese are so adept in Mathematics, yet they fail to do the math on the Geometric rates of pollution destroying every source of fresh water in China!

Maybe it's the Greed and Money that comes with Expansion, Never having enough and always wanting more.

It will be a scary day when China turns it's War Machine on other Countries to steal their Water Sources.

I suspect that is why China is increasing it's presence in Africa. It's a good place to start.
  by: The Omega Man   02/27/2008 07:02 PM     
how big was the fire? Ive been trying to look it up but all I can find is that it caught on fire. I can't find pictures anywhere.
  by: RyanB     02/27/2008 07:36 PM     
  by: H. W. Hutchins   02/27/2008 09:00 PM     
  made me think of..  
Red Tide..anyone heard of it? we had a case where i live, and i know it came up from florida thru the connected water systems. but it makes the water red..and kills all fish, and living matter it touches.. can be harmful to humans if you swim in it too..weird stuff. i think they claim it was from pollution, but i dont know about all that.
  by: anonymousdude   02/28/2008 12:55 AM     
  Red China?  
Why do you think they call it "Red China"
  by: Dave...   02/28/2008 04:47 AM     
And you wonder ho this stuff ends up in our toothpaste ect
  by: zortona   02/28/2008 06:15 AM     
  stars and stripes  
havoc666= do u ever have anything good to say about America or do u just down the country on every issue. What a closed minded one way thinker.
  by: U.S Army 1991   05/19/2008 04:39 PM     
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