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                 01/22/2018 09:19 AM  
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03/10/2008 06:32 AM ID: 69160 Permalink   

Horton Hears a Who Attracts Abortion Protest


The premiere of the new Hollywood production "Horton Hears a Who" has apparently attracted the ire of anti abortion protesters. Although some Hollywood heavyweights attended the premiere showing, by far the audience was composed of children.

The protesters utilized the slogan from the movie, "A person is a person, no matter how small", and they chanted this relentlessly at show goers. Most seemed to ignore them, but a few people were confused and upset at their tactics.

"This is a kid's premiere," said one in response. After the group's chanting subsided, they put red tape over their mouths which read "life".

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  Welcome Back  
Long time no see...
  by: chaoticvengeance     03/10/2008 06:42 AM     
  Its too bad...  
That Seuss was pro-choice.
  by: qwerty017   03/10/2008 07:18 AM     
  What the hell are these people on.  
  by: hl2k   03/10/2008 10:23 AM     
  Stupidity and selfishness...  
This is just like when those jerks protested at the funerals of military members killed in Iraq saying that God killed them because of homosexuals... what the hell is the matter with these morons? Don't they know this sort of rot is actually hurting their cause?
  by: Rough Ian     03/10/2008 01:25 PM     
  @Rough Ian  
They don't care because it gets them and their "message" on the Primetime News.
  by: qwerty017   03/10/2008 01:29 PM     
I dunno, it would seem there is a bit of a difference between persecuting mourners in hatred-filled frenzies and this lot who have, admittedly, struck gold. The slogan makes a point, and they're clever. I'm for it.
  by: Excelsior   03/10/2008 01:42 PM     
  not getting too riled up  
TMZ sensationalizes's what they do. Just like the NE news last week that Patrick Swayze only had 5 weeks to live...don't belive the hype! I'm sure some pro-lifers enjoyed some time in the sun rejoicing over a message that they feel gets drowned out by a me first - no consequences society. But I'm sure they were'nt chasing 5 yr olds down with posters of aborted fetuses. Heck, the kids were probably obvilivious to their chants for the most part. When I was a kid, my only thoughts after a movie were how much fun it was to be at the show and telling my friends all of the funnier parts of the movie.
  by: crosimoto     03/10/2008 01:49 PM     
would a bunch of pro-lifers protest at a children's premier? The kids are there with their parents, who clearly chose not to abort them, so why bother?

They might be pro-life, but they are not pro-child if they want to upset these kids by shouting off about abortions and stuff. A lot of these parents have probably had to explain to their kids about what an abortion is, when it's not something little kids need to know about until they get older.

Anyway, all these pro-lifers... I wonder how many kids they've all adopted, considering they seem to think that everyone should have babies and give them up for adoption rather than aborting them. There are already too many kids in this world without parents who love them, kids that were the products of rape, or were born with drug addictions because their mother was a junkie. These pro-lifers are too concerned about what happens before birth to care what happens to the poor kids whose parents don't want them or are incapable of caring for them.
  by: TabbyCool     03/10/2008 02:36 PM     
  I didn't even know Horton was pregnant.....  
Welcome back Quantum, nice to see you are still above ground.
  by: Valkyrie123     03/10/2008 02:46 PM     
  Is TMZ  
news? I mean, they may do reporting and fact finding, but at the end of the day, all it is is celebrity gossip and speculation
  by: syoware   03/10/2008 04:45 PM     
I think you think he is pro-choice because he threatened to sue pro-life. Personally I view it as more taking his work and pushing it into politics which is something I think he did not want to do.
  by: s0n0fagun   03/10/2008 06:04 PM     
Actually everything I have been able to find about Seuss and pro-choice has only mentioned his wife. I can't find anything that says anything about him personally. I would think he would be pro-choice if his wife is because I can't think of many other issues that could break up a marriage.
  by: qwerty017   03/10/2008 07:11 PM     
  Darned kids and their abortions  
Who seriously listens to the anti-abortion crowd any longer?

They seem to be a bunch of people who's main agenda is to push other people around and tell them what to do.
  by: CrisW   03/10/2008 08:15 PM     
  Pro life? Sure!!!!  
Just make all people for pro life sign up for all the extra kids. Enjoy your success pro-lifers!
  by: Trevelyan   03/11/2008 02:49 AM     
Is Horton Hears a Who a pro-aobortion kids film?
  by: koultunami     03/11/2008 01:14 PM     
  I'm with koultunami  
Maybe I missed something the last time I read it. What does this have to do with Abortion?
  by: bala_mt   03/11/2008 07:52 PM     
  Who got aborted?  
I wasn't anywhere near the place!
I didn't do it!
Zmethod did it!
  by: White Albino   03/17/2008 09:17 AM     
  These Idiots Should Have Been Aborted  
They are the best argument for birth control I can think of.
  by: ichi     08/02/2009 07:37 AM     
  Did you ever notice this?  
Most of the anti-abortionists that waste their lives/time annoying other people are so ugly that nobody would want to f**k them anyway.

--- George Carlin
  by: White Albino   08/02/2009 12:34 PM     
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