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                 01/19/2018 09:54 PM  
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03/11/2008 12:19 PM ID: 69210 Permalink   

£300K Demanded in Sour M&S Grape Case


An accountant in north London who tore a tendon after slipping on a grape at a local Marks and Spenser is planning to sue the retail giant for £300,000.

Mr Martin-Sklan, who has decided to represent himself in the case, arrived at the figure citing lost earnings and "loss of confidence" and consequent depression he suffered following the incident in 2004.

Mr Sklan claims he slipped after picking up a piece of fruit on his shoe from inside the store or car park.

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Nice to know that Americans aren't the only overly-litigious creatures on the planet.

They should find that grape and severely stomp on it to teach it a lesson.
  by: theironboard     03/11/2008 12:36 PM     
you authors should at least read over what you post before you post it...too many typos lately.
  by: nakedman3   03/11/2008 01:06 PM     
Everyone makes mistakes, if you intend to jump on them in the manner that you did, maybe you should submit some of your own articles.
  by: wingedpuma     03/11/2008 03:06 PM     
Everyone makes mistakes, if you intend to jump on them in the manner that you did, maybe you should submit some of your own articles/
  by: wingedpuma     03/11/2008 03:06 PM     
I'd hardly say he jumped on them. Just suggested they check their submissions. Someone who isn't a reporter doesn't have less of a right to expect quality. I didn't have any problems with the story but sometimes I see things that are ridiculous. No need for superiority.

Then again, I don't really submit either so maybe my opinion doesn't count. I signed up here because I like the news and like commenting on all the crazy crap that goes on in the world. Not because I wanna pretend I'm a reporter. I'm not trying to put you down or start crap, I just think everyone's opinion counts.
  by: jonnysodoff   03/11/2008 07:59 PM     
...I feel like my post was a little long for that small exchange but I see people ragging on non-reporters every now and then and that just seems irrelevent. Um... yup. So now I'm here making it even longer and needing to shut up.
  by: jonnysodoff   03/11/2008 08:05 PM     
Right, I really wasn't faulting this author in particular...nor jumping down one's throat. But a quick proofread of a few short paragraphs is not too much to ask. After all, hundreds/thousands of people may read it...and it does reflect on the author if poorly written.

But I have noticed that the quality has gone down recently, in part due to more typos that could have been prevented by a quick read before the post.
  by: nakedman3   03/11/2008 08:06 PM     
You guys hijacked this thread.... heh heh.

Please comment on the article, at least!
  by: theironboard     03/11/2008 08:57 PM     
Ha. Yeah, I realized I didn't even mention the article and almost wanted to submit another comment but decided I was already taking up a good deal of space (which I'm here doing again.)

Geez now I feel all mixed up about commenting. Um... suing people... sounds reasonable. How much does it cost to fix a tendon?
  by: jonnysodoff   03/11/2008 09:06 PM  
Seems like everyone wants to get rich somehow... :(
  by: Desphex   03/11/2008 10:38 PM     
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