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                 01/23/2018 02:48 AM  
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03/11/2008 06:37 PM ID: 69216 Permalink   

CDC: 1 in 4 Teen Girls Has an STD


More than 3 million teens have at least one STD says a new study, the first of its kind of this age group. 838 girls provided nationally representative data from 2003-04, analyzed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Dr. Sara Forhan.

The study found 1 in 4 teen girls to have an STD, and rates were highest in black girls at nearly 1 in 2. Teens were tested for herpes, which infected 2%; trichomoniasis, 2.5%; chlamydia, 4%; and HPV, 18% and potentially causing cervical cancer.

Dr. Margaret Blythe says this may seem, "overwhelming because you're talking about nearly half of the sexually experienced teens at any one time having evidence of an STD," but notes that it reflects what doctors who treat teens daily see.

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that's it? I wish they would've done this on a broader scale. But if the math evidences correctly...I'm so glad that I'm older and already married.
I'm curious as to what they believe the underlying reason is for the prevalence of STDs is.
I mean ...other than George Bush.</sarcsm>
  by: crosimoto     03/11/2008 07:21 PM     
No, if anything the thought of George Bush ought to STOP people from having sex. Isn't that why we ship he and Laura around the world?
  by: MomentOfClarity     03/11/2008 07:33 PM     
  Some kinda fun  
Heck, they've got no job, they're about to lose the house. Can't go look for a job cause gas costs too much. All they've got left is half off bread from the thrift bakery and Nookie. Get ready for the next baby BOOM in about 10 months or so.
  by: crosimoto     03/11/2008 07:40 PM     
  I think...  
that this has to do with the price of oil. I mean, condoms are made from latex, latex is basically plastic, plastic comes from oil and oil is getting more and more expensive, so the condoms are expensive too... Just to be curious, how much does a box of 6 cost there in the US?
  by: MrTuning   03/11/2008 07:42 PM     
i wonder if these girls believe that STD's are like Pokemon...gotta catch 'em all.
  by: photo_dude44   03/11/2008 07:44 PM     
  Common Knowledge  
This has been common knowledge for a while now. I forget where I read it (alzheimers?) but it was back in the 90's.
In Health class they used to tell us "Go outside and point at 4 people. Out of every group of four, one of those people has an STD. Out of every four of those, two likely don't even know they're infected".

Scary stuff for singles.
Other fun facts: Viruses are smaller than the holes in a condom.
Condoms protect you only by a factor of 5 vs non condom use.
Herpes can be transmitted even when you're not having an outbreak, regardless of condom use.
Most women infected with Genital Warts will never know unless tested.
Uncircumsized men stand a 60% greater risk of contracting a disease than circumsized men (contact with contaminants and the urethra is longer)

  by: aardvark   03/11/2008 07:50 PM     
  Joking aside...  
...since I'm going to hurl if I think of what happens in a flight suit on a yellow sunburst carpet in the Oval Office, I posted this article because I really found these numbers horrifying. This story should be some of the biggest news of the week, and testing should skyrocket in the next month. When I was in high school, had I known this I would have been unwaveringly safe or celibate into my college years.
  by: MomentOfClarity     03/11/2008 07:53 PM     
  very interesting  
oral sex is said to be on the rise with teens specifically because of fear of STD's, but who wears protection for oral sex? I wonder how many of these diseases were contracted that way.
  by: ManilaRyce     03/11/2008 10:42 PM     
Your comment about the small holes in condoms is unfounded. That is only true with things like lamb skin condoms. HIV and all other popular stds cannot get through latex condoms.
  by: the mobile kid   03/11/2008 10:48 PM     
Actually, I can make a decent argument that Bush has something to do with this. See, he pushes abstinence-only sex ed, so more teens aren't learning how to prevent STDs in school. See, I knew I could do it!
  by: l´anglais     03/11/2008 11:45 PM     
  When will kids learn  
It is better to lose 30 seconds of your life putting a condom on then losing your life in 30 seconds!! Think about the girls that got Herpes. Their life is over sexually, they HAVE to tell their partner they have it and their partner has to hope they have protected their self before they have sex. Think about how many people these 1 in 4 girls infect afterwards. I am not blaming just them, it takes 2 to pass it. Now I think about Shannon,, a girl that worked with me, she was 18 at the time when I met her, she already had like 3 STDs and 3 miscarriages and was a lesbian that turn strait but since she was canned, she is a lesbian again. She got a staff infection when she was working with me. She would fit this study.
  by: thedrewman   03/11/2008 11:56 PM     
  @the mobile kid  
Cite your source.
Condoms are "double dipped" in latex, theoretically removing the chance that holes form larger than .05 microns in size. From the CDC:
"Latex condoms are as safe as you can get with a condom. 1 HIV virus might "leak" through only 1 of every 90 condoms"

If I'm Mr 1 of 90 then I'm now Mr. Dead.
Not great odds.
Also, condoms break with vigirous movement or rough sex (personal experience with this one).
Additionally, the use of petroleum based lubricants (Vaselene, lotions, etc.) can cause holes in latex condoms.

Here's another fun fact. Guys are now "Pwning" their one night stands by intentionally putting pinholes in condoms in hopes that she gets pregnant and has to "Deal with it".
Pwnt indeed. :(

Just my 2 cents. I'm all for safe sex but it seems like the best way anymore is to get tested before you ever think about getting frisky. If she's worth it, she'll do it.
  by: aardvark   03/12/2008 01:05 AM     

The World Health Organisation has condemned the Vatican's views, saying: "These incorrect statements about condoms and HIV are dangerous when we are facing a global pandemic which has already killed more than 20 million people, and currently affects at least 42 million."

The WHO believes correct condom use can cut the risk of HIV infection by 90% and attributes failure to breakage or slippage, rather than holes through which the virus can pass.

The Guardian said scientific research by the US National Institutes of Health and the WHO found "intact condoms ... are essentially impermeable to particles the size of STD (sexually transmitted disease) pathogens".
*This was just taken from some channel 24 news site. couldn't find the actually WHO refrences with google

Bottom one actually has a link

The Scientific Evidence: Condoms Work
Laboratory studies show that HIV cannot pass through intact latex condoms, and condoms can protect both partners during vaginal, anal, and oral sex by preventing—or limiting—the exchange of body fluids such as semen, genital discharge, or other potentially HIV-infected secretions.
  by: the mobile kid   03/12/2008 02:34 AM     
Just pushing for mandatory Gardasil vaccinations. Instead of forcing girls to get injections, why don't we teach kids to stop being whores and if they find that too difficult, at least use protection.

Rape victims excluded, why are teenagers so stupid?
  by: pariahpoet   03/12/2008 05:20 AM     
"why are teenagers so stupid?"

I think you answered your own question ;-). They are teenagers!
  by: OneEightSeven   03/12/2008 05:43 AM     
  Scare Tactics  
This is total scare tactic. I can not believe they still list HPV as an STD. HPV is what causes Warts and most people are carrying this virus most of the times. The fact that teenagers have it for less then 1 in 4, it means that teenagers have a LOT less problems then adult.

And as such, it is true what the men in Senegal think, that the younger prostitutes are safer!
  by: kmazzawi     03/12/2008 08:42 AM     
  Slap on the Hand  
Bad Kmazzawi, bad bad bad.
  by: kmazzawi     03/12/2008 08:43 AM     
  I bet  
I bet you won't find such stats in Saudi Arabia, or Iran.
  by: RazaF   03/12/2008 08:55 AM     
"I bet you won't find such stats in Saudi Arabia, or Iran."

No, but I doubt in the USA there are many cases of girls being killed as "honour killings" after being raped by their brother/uncle/cousin or whatever because they brought shame upon their family by not being a virgin anymore.

Don't say it doesn't happen, I know someone who comes from that area and I've heard that it happens fairly often.
  by: TabbyCool     03/12/2008 01:42 PM     
  This isn't 1 in 4 girls.  
As I understand it, it's 1 in 4 girls who have been to the doctors for some kind of problem they have. The results are going to be much higher for girls going to the doctors because they believe they may have an STD than the whole population.
  by: barryriley   03/12/2008 02:38 PM     
There you go lie in tabbys bed now.

@Tabby, Saudia and Pakistan and India are different places, honor killing does not happen in Saudia.

I think this is to push the Vaccine harder to the mainstream, rather than an actual case scenario. fear mongering anyone?
  by: isuzu     03/12/2008 04:18 PM     
  @barry, razaf  
"As I understand it, it's 1 in 4 girls who have been to the doctors for some kind of problem they have."

I think most people go to the doctor for problems, so I fail to see why that would be a sampling issue. Do you have any evidence that they did something so flawed as only sampling people who thought they had an STD? I don't think that'd pass the muster in a psychological research class, let alone a nationwide CDC study. Further, I don't see how you could think that these girls came in thinking they had an STD when only about half admitted to having sex. Do you think the rest expected some kind of immaculate infection?

Hey, that'd be a great band name...

"I bet you won't find such stats in Saudi Arabia, or Iran."

Nah, the genital mutilation and treatment Tabby describes do much toward curbing the problem...woo hoo!
  by: MomentOfClarity     03/12/2008 06:23 PM     
  So what you saying is...  
I should stop having sex with teen age girls?
  by: VermiciousG     03/12/2008 07:05 PM     
"@Tabby, Saudia and Pakistan and India are different places, honor killing does not happen in Saudia."

I know they are different places!

The person who told me about the honour killings in Saudi is married to a woman from Jordan, he said that when they go over to visit her family it is fairly common to read about honour killings such as this happening in Saudi. He has no reason to lie about it, it's not like he would have anything to gain from lying about something like this!
  by: TabbyCool     03/13/2008 12:26 PM     
  Liberals are 100% responsible for this  
The problem isn't education, it's the wrong kind of education: liberal education. Not only is it acceptable for teens to have sex, the liberal educational institutions encourage it. Sexual promiscuity is taught to them as the norm. <deleted by admin>

Yes, liberals are directly responsible for these teenagers with STDs. As responsible as if they had infected them on purpose.
  by: arisch   03/13/2008 03:49 PM     
How many slaves do you own? Gonna go fire up the ol' Victrola, pop on some Irving Berlin, and relax with a couple KKK brothers? Get with the 21st century ass.
  by: smarta$$     03/13/2008 10:20 PM     
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