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                 02/24/2018 12:57 PM  
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03/12/2008 02:00 AM ID: 69227 Permalink   

Tehran Brothel Bust Nets Naked Top Cop with 6 Prostitutes


Iranian Farda News reports Reza Zarei, police chief of Tehran, has been arrested in a police raid on a Tehran brothel. Accounts say that Zarei was found in the nude with a half dozen also nude prostitutes.

Farda News is said to be closely allied to Tehran's mayor and former police chief Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf. After the raid, Rezi resigned from his position as police chief.

Reports on the Iranian website Gooya say the raid was ordered by chief judicial authority Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi. There are reports of hundreds of arrests in recent months for disrespect of Islamic code.

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follows, Islamic penal code, hence this guy would wish he was residing in USA now.

That said, I hope they make an example of him, since he made this bed and now he gotta lie in it.

This is the plight he is facing.
1: If this guy is married, he will be stoned to death, because of the double jeopardy
2: If he is not married, they will have to lash his tan and for that to take place, it will have to be done in a public place.

Then, if any of the prostitute by any sheer luck is someones wife, than once again he is screwed. Because the husband will also have a say on which kind of punishment he would like to inflict on this John, as for his wife, she will have to be beheaded.

Justice served...
  by: isuzu     03/12/2008 02:39 AM     
  oh yeah  
6 prostitutes.. lol

sex machine !

  by: ProTesTa     03/12/2008 02:45 AM     
HAh, for gov. spitzer thats his lunch break.
  by: DRK   03/12/2008 05:11 AM     
  I hope...  
I hope he gets the death penalty.
  by: RazaF   03/12/2008 05:33 AM     
If you're going down, might as well go down in flames with 6 prostitutes.

This Reza guy knows how to party.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   03/12/2008 08:05 AM     
  6 at once? This guy choose the wrong profession  
Lawl, that's awesome. Every time someone 'disrespects the Islamic code' I wanna buy them a beer. Oh wait, that's against the Islamic code as well isn't it.
  by: Bella Morte   03/12/2008 09:55 AM     
  Death penelty, example?  
Jesus christ. I'm glad you guys are not writing laws
  by: Kaleid   03/12/2008 10:12 AM     
  If this guy escapes to America  
I fully expect to see him in nation-wide ads, selling penile erection pills. He'd make an excellent poster boy.
  by: White Albino   03/12/2008 11:20 AM     
The USA or the UK, it would be no problem for him, he would walk away with a pat opn the back,married or not!
  by: captainJane     03/12/2008 11:28 AM     
The USA or the UK, it would be no problem for him, he would walk away with a pat on the back, married or not!
  by: captainJane     03/12/2008 11:29 AM     
  Where as  
I don't condone prostitution and adultary but, Capital Punishment for playing away from home is a little backwards.
  by: spacechimp     03/12/2008 12:13 PM     
If this guy is married, I agree with the cut off his head option.
  by: Anglo_Englishman   03/12/2008 12:18 PM     
  Mort Bella Mort  
I guess Spitzer would deserve a medal of honor from you.
However thats not the exact sentiment from; mostly women in USA. They are saying he is shameless, he is a dog, he should and must be impeached, etc, etc.

I am a Muslim and who knows, I may end up getting caught with my pants down or worst (Hope not)but to applaud me breaking the law, so as to piss off a religion followers, makes you dumb and stupid. That said, it means any country's law is to be followed by it's occupants or citizens, thats what we call Democracy, to assert your laws as you see fit, makes you the Backward excuse monger, as you are trying to force all nations to accept your ways.. Where is the democracy in that?
  by: isuzu     03/12/2008 02:19 PM     
  Six is a good number  
They had to nail him for 6.

If they nailed him for 4 he could have claimed he is married. Such short term marriages are permitted in iran. They are called Muta (Pleasure) Marriage.

The Sunni muslims also have a similar marriage called (Misyar).

  by: kmazzawi     03/12/2008 10:12 PM     
  This World Has Enough Sexual Problems  
I can't beat somone for consenting acts. I can for hipocrasy. How many has he prosecuted for this?
  by: ichi     03/13/2008 12:05 AM     
Death penalty for the cops and his whores.
Biggest deterrence.
  by: RazaF   03/13/2008 02:09 AM     
  Remind you of anyone?  
Was the Governor of New York caught in there with him also? Or maybe the Governor was just running the brothel!! :)
  by: holtsonly   03/13/2008 05:26 PM     
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