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                 02/17/2018 10:09 PM  
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03/14/2008 12:24 AM ID: 69310 Permalink   

Retired Greyhound Has Flashback at Soccer Game; Escapes, Runs 4 Laps


England: Fool's Mile, a retired 5-year-old greyhound likely having a flashback to her days of racing from the crowd noise and lights at a soccer game, escaped from her owner and disrupted play while running four laps.

Fans there to watch the match between Burnley Reserves and Blackpool Reserves gave a standing ovation to the 5-year-old pooch with 11 wins.

"It was as if all her old instincts had come back. We were nearby and when she heard the crowd she was off," said owner Jane Holland.

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I'm pretty sure that running around in circles like an idiot would be something other than "instincts"

Poor thing was brainwashed by idiot sport obsessed humans.
  by: Circuit_Monkey   03/14/2008 02:24 AM     
  Would have  
been amusing to watch.
  by: acrux   03/14/2008 08:08 AM     
  Bless him  
Yes brainwashed would be it, a lot of hard things happen to these dogs which leaves a load of reactions, what a shame, they are such nervous creatures.
  by: captainJane     03/14/2008 03:14 PM     
  Yea but....  
did she win?
  by: Valkyrie123     03/14/2008 04:40 PM     
  give me a break jackballs  
I'm pretty sure the dog enjoyed it's old job, and misses having a purpose. The thing probably wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the sport of racing the particular type of dog. Demoestict animals are competly cabible of understanding the consept of getting attention from humans, and I bet it felt better then Micheal Jordan did coming back to play for the wizards, after getting the standing ovation from the crowd. Though it isn't a natural instinct, I really can't stand when jackballs assume and animals is miss treated and has such a hard life when they know nothing about the animal or it's life.
  by: shoezacks   03/15/2008 07:02 AM     
  I used to help train greyhounds  
and as said if it wasnt for the sport it would probably never have existed. They only look nervous, remember they are out there basically hunting a rabbit.

Most greyhounds are put down in retirement ... when was the last time anyone went out looking for a cute greyhound puppy, yea, theres always one, but they are few and far between.

*Awaits for the deluge of greyhound 'lovers' since its the net. Per head of pop though, its not a common animal.
  by: AccessG     03/15/2008 11:51 AM     
Well, let's see here where to begin. #1 your comment is absolutely absurd, and with no moral merit whatsoever. #2 you clearly have never been to the back area of the dog racing tracks before. #3 I'll leave it at that, as you (being the armchair skeptic that you are) are too damned lazy to be counted on doing anything positive, or anything that would possible make the human race shine. Instead you make this brash comment, on how the dogs should be happy because we let them live (selfish, absurd, totally wrong, you are actually making me sick to my stomach on this one). Dogs are usually very violent toward one another (normally why they have bite guards whenever they aren't in there tiny cage). DId you know that Greyhounds actually can't sit down like most dogs? They actually have to lean up against something to rest, so keeping them locked up in a cage that even a hamster would find tiny, is the last thing you could do to an animal that can't even sit down properly. Oh yeah, dumbass!!! 'Nuff Said. Hopefully Jane won't see your stupid ass'd comment, cuz i'm sure she'd have plenty of shit to stuff in your face.
  by: meshuggahfan   03/16/2008 03:31 AM     
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