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                 08/01/2014 07:48 AM  
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03/18/2008 05:14 AM ID: 69399 Permalink   

Man Catches Same Fish He Released 25 Years Ago


A Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologist who was ice fishing at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir recently managed to catch a Mackinaw trout which he likely put there in 1983 while stocking the water, after noticing one of its fins was clipped.

Bill Wengert said, "I may have actually clipped the fins on this very fish, and I know I was driving the barge when the fish were stocked, nearly 25 years ago." He has been working for the department for 35 years. He was 26 at the time.

The 26-year-old fish only weighed 2.5 pounds, compared to a 17-pounder from 2004 that was also released in 1983. He said fishery biologists now have "an opportunity to learn more about fish genetics, age and growth of lake trout in the reservoir."

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  by: ioio32l   03/18/2008 06:09 AM     
I thought the same thing.
  by: luc1ddr3am     03/18/2008 06:37 AM     
  i'm sure  
this is on the front pages of newspapers in Wyoming, lol
  by: jamesmc   03/18/2008 03:09 PM     
  Story is interesting,  
However, the guy's job was stocking the reservoir with fish. I would say that in 35 years that he's been doing this work, chances are he will catch a fish he released.
  by: smarta$$     03/18/2008 06:04 PM     
I think this was more about the fact that the fish has lived for over 25 years.
  by: Rislone   03/19/2008 12:56 AM     
and then he caught it...
  by: Dook   03/19/2008 01:40 AM     
  probably one of  
the best fish stories you can hear. I can only come close with the story that once I went to Long John Silvers and ate 6 pieces of fish. I was stuffed!
  by: John E Angel     03/19/2008 02:39 AM     
  Yeah right!  
  by: captainJane     03/19/2008 11:14 PM     
I have thought about it. This is still a boring story that shouldn't really be on a regular news site.

I could see this being in some fishing magazine that is desperate for news. Well not a national site, but a local Wyoming magazine. Perhaps one that is dedicated to people who never had a "Big fish" story.

Ya know? To make them feel better about not having ever had anything exciting happen in their life. A story like this would make them feel like they could die happy.

I don't know. Maybe I read too many good stories posted here by people who like exciting news. But this is sort of depressing.
  by: ioio32l   03/20/2008 06:35 AM     
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