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                 01/21/2018 09:16 AM  
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03/19/2008 07:19 PM ID: 69430 Permalink   

Leg Operation Turns Into A Pain In The A..


A woman in Germany is planning legal action against a clinic in Hochfranken, Bavaria. The woman checked in to the clinic to have an operation performed on her leg, but awoke to discover that she had been given a new anus.

Apparently, the surgical team confused the woman with another patient, suffering from incontinence, who was scheduled for sphincter surgery.

The woman, who still requires the leg operation, is looking for another hospital to perform the operation.

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  It seems  
that this poor woman has been through a harrowing experience. I hope all turns out well for her.
  by: sleeky     03/19/2008 07:32 PM     
  A new anus?  
I didn't know you could get those. I've been due for a new one.
  by: RyanB     03/19/2008 08:17 PM     
This story had me laughing. Great find! I didn't know they did sphincter transplants.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     03/19/2008 09:47 PM     
Love the headline, good one!
  by: StarShadow     03/20/2008 02:05 AM     
did they replace her previous anus or does she have 2 now? That could come in handy. Do you have a choice where it is placed? Great entertainment value with proper (or improper) placement.
  by: valkyrie123     03/20/2008 02:06 AM     
  Is it  
tuned differently? It would be awesome to have the ability to fart songs.
  by: stretchman     03/20/2008 04:28 AM     
  How do you  
replace an anus?

I mean, it's not like replacing a kidney or something, they're whole organs. In an anus transplant, do they replace the muscles around the anus, do you get new skin down there, or just muscles? I thought the anus was just the actual hole, but you can't replace a hole, because a hole, by definition, is a void, a gap between other stuff. So I assume that with an anus transplant you just get new muscles around the anus? Would make sense for an incontinent person, as I expect they are incontinent because the muscles no longer work properly.

I'm probably thinking about this far too much! lol
  by: TabbyCool     03/20/2008 02:37 PM     
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