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                 02/20/2018 08:50 AM  
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03/23/2008 05:48 PM ID: 69506 Permalink   

Date Rape Toys to Go Back on Shelf


The Chinese made toy, Bindeez, the 2007 Australian Toy of the Year will be re-released in Australia. The little beads were banned because they contained a precursor to the drug Fantasy also known as gamma-hydroxybutyric acid or GHB.

The new product has a different chemical composition and will be known as Beados. Manny Stuhl of the distributors, Moose Enterprises said "By rebranding and re-educating consumers on the differences, we can protect consumers from the recalled product."

1.5 million packets of Bindeez were sold in Australia and 12 million were sold throughout the world in six months. Nine children were hospitalized when they were poisoned by the beads.

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is VISCIOUS. I have been a bouncer in bars for years and GHB mixed with alcohol is a coma coctail. Widespread abuse of this drug began in the body building industry. GHB can raise the user's metabolism and help them burn calories. However, when mixed with alcohol the user risks going unconscious. I have carried more unconscious body builders our of a club than I care to remember. They were all messed up pretty bad and had to spend the night in the hospital. It is dangerous stuff. Date rapists like it because it can put a victim in that state. It comes in a liquid that is EASY to slip into an unattended drink. If you go out, go out with people you trust.
  by: tomblik     03/24/2008 01:25 AM     
  I can  
understand the need for drama, but knowing that the toys are of a completely different chemical make up, and even being marketed under a different name, isn't it completely irresponsible to report the new product as a "Date Rape Toy"? I know you needed the headline, but this is the kind of thing that keeps negativity flowing.
  by: Ignorance Police   03/24/2008 03:56 AM     
  Enough with the ignorance already...  
GHB does not cause a person to go into a coma. It also does not raise a user's metabolism nor does it help anyone burn calories. GHB was taken by bodybuilders because it had been shown to elevate human growth hormone in vivo and therefore some thought that it might do the same for them on a day to day basis. It is also used to induce a deep sleep and is prescribed on this basis under the brand name "Xyrem". It can be said that due to this fact it can help protein metabolism... the deeper you sleep the easier it is for your body to produce growth hormone and start tissue repair.

Taking GHB with alcohol is dangerous. So is combining alcohol with any other systemic depressant; it is not particularly special or magical in this way. I have seen people mix GHB with very low amounts of alcohol and it can be ugly... they get very sick. I have also seen people take GHB on its own and go into such a deep sleep that nothing could wake them until it wore off.

But, let's try not to get fantastical, dramatic or promote the spread of ignorance. Besides, the honor of the first "date rape" drug goes to alcohol. Followed by chloral hydrate from the 1800s on... then maybe Rohypnol in the 1990s.

As a medic, I saw more idiots than I care to remember. Idiots end up in hospitals my friends. Idiots and their victims. The world would be a whole lot safer with less idiots living on its surface. Idiocy is VICIOUS. That's V-I-C-I-O-U-S.
  by: crom   03/24/2008 08:19 AM     
I was going to say the same thing. Alcohol puts GHB, and any other substance the government considers a date rape drug to shame.
  by: xufeelinlukyx   03/24/2008 10:51 PM     
is the most common gateway drug there is. It also causes more pain and suffering than all the other drugs combined.
  by: stretchman     03/25/2008 09:56 AM     
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