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                 04/21/2014 02:10 PM  
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03/26/2008 06:37 AM ID: 69566 Permalink   

Man Decides to Return to Work at McDonald's After Winning £1.3 Million Lottery


Cardiff: 18 months after winning £1.3 million in a lottery 25-year-old Luke Pittard has returned to work as a staff trainer at McDonald's for £5.85 per hour.

He and his wife, who both worked at McDonald's prior to winning the lottery, married, purchased a house, and retired in luxury. Some time later Pittard realised he missed his work and, with the support of his wife, asked to go back.

"Lots of my… workmates came to our wedding and I had kept in touch with them all the time, so I just thought: 'Why not go back?' There's only so much relaxing you can do. I'm only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm," said Pittard.

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  Yay for him  
glad that money didn't get to his head.

Now he's just got to watch out that nobody backstabs him for the leftover cash.
  by: The Mad Mule   03/26/2008 07:14 AM     
  What an idiot  
Anyone who wins that kind of money and doesn't make a radical change in his life doesn't deserve it... and going back to work at MD. Obviously the money didn't get to his head because he doesn't have one. The "lavish" honeymoon in the Canary Islands shows how far he can think.

It is really sad that a lot of people don't know what to do with themselves if they don't need to work. This example really reflects how the people in the UK are conditioned to think less and less for themselves. "Go to work. Take your anti-depressants" and from the speaker mounted on the CCTV cam "Citizen, you dropped something. Now pick up your rubbish and place it in the bin 3 feet on your left."
  by: mousejunkie     03/26/2008 10:17 AM     
He has a good income for life from the interest. He's chosing to work at something he apparently enjoys around people he considers friends. How does that make him an idiot?

Also, by going to work instead of having 24/7 leisure time he sets a good example for his kid.
  by: ixuzus     03/26/2008 11:03 AM     
  @ ixuzus  
I'll repeat myself in different words.

A person who cannot think of anything better to do with his time than to work at MD is an idiot. If he really is dependant on having his friends around him during the day and working for psychological reasons, he could open his own chip shop and get his friends to work for him.

Actually it is a bad example to his kids. Not the fact that that he has friends and enjoys working (with them), but where he is actually working.

Great example "Go get a low paid job for one of the worst employers you can find. MD is definitely good for everyone(employees and customers)"
  by: mousejunkie     03/26/2008 11:16 AM     
ok... what would you do with the remaining £1m (he bought a house)?
  by: koultunami     03/26/2008 11:22 AM     
  The man is married  
with a child and has enjoyed his 'retirement' for eighteen months. Now he has gone back to work, that's great. He is very young and I can see why he would want to do that. There are a lot of people out there that make their fortune, retire and then go back to work and then retire again. Heck I know some that would love to have a job now and they are pushing eighty. There should be more like him! Does it really matter the type of work as long as it makes you happy? How many people are working in jobs they hate?
  by: sleeky     03/26/2008 12:01 PM     
  @ sleeky  
suppose you're right. It must be a very fulfilling thing; teaching others how to make burgers and chips at MD.

I don't view not having a regular job as retiring from life.

@ koultunami: Buy a weather-proof backpack and a good pair of shoes and go travelling.(I'd also take along a laptop with all the music making software my heart desires and pair of headphones). First stop Australia.

Today is lottery day where I live by the way. Wish me luck.
  by: mousejunkie     03/26/2008 12:32 PM     
All i see in your post is pure jealousy.... and it looks like all you are doing is trying to justify it.

You do know wealthy people are people who don't spend all of it?
There are definitely cases where people have ended up bankrupt after owning millions.
  by: sp00ky187   03/26/2008 12:44 PM     
  @ sp00ky187  

If you read my comments again... s-l-o-w-l-y... you might get the point.
  by: mousejunkie     03/26/2008 01:35 PM     
I can't quite grasp why you think that this person is an idiot. What you think "finding something better to do" might not be the same as what he thinks it is. If he enjoys work, then why should he retire? Everyone enjoys different things in life, and those things should be decided by no one but themselves.

I don't live in Britain, but if the British mentality is anything like the average American's, then good for him. It is definitely setting a good example for his child. People today are too concerned with material things, and if he can find pleasure in his life by working, all the better.
  by: juicebox   03/26/2008 02:14 PM     
  Why not invest that money  
on his education? I mean he could get really good education which would (theoretically) guarantee a high paying job. Obviously he would still have enough money saved on his account. Therefore, I agree with many of you who said that what he is doing is more less moronic. Also, I agree with those who said they are glad he is working...but why work at MD just to hang out with your friends when you could actually use that money for something that will allow a stable life for him and his family.

And to be honest...1 million is not that much.
  by: lex_yakuza   03/26/2008 03:41 PM     
I read all of your posts s-l-o-w-l-y and... Yep, you still come off as a jealous fool. Either your not articulate enough to explain your ideas effectivley, or, and I'm guessing this is the actual reason, your point is entirely without grounding in logic and sense.

This man won alot of money. He spent it on the basics (house and improvement of life). He had eighteen months off. Now the guy has gone back to a job surrounded by friends, with zero pressure.
If this man were to invest his money on some shakey company that failed, he loses his money. If that company took off what's he got then? A job he can't retire from when he feels like it, huge amounts of pressure, and even more money that he doesn't need.

When your a millionaire and you spend it on something worthwhile then come back and tell us all, I'm sure we will love to hear about it.
  by: G1itch   03/26/2008 04:51 PM     
"he could get really good education which would (theoretically) guarantee a high paying job."

Fact - money can't make you smart. You can go to the finest university, but if you're just not academically inclined, you will struggle. He might not be particularly interested in any academic subjects, he doesn't particularly need to get a high-paid job, so why bother with the stress of going to uni and having to do all that work when it's not something he's interested in doing?

So most of us probably see training people to flip burgers as being a completely menial, tedious job, but this guy clearly enjoys doing it and now he can go to work every day without having to worry about taking on more shifts to pay the bills or whether or not he'll get a promotion soon. He can just do the job he enjoys, without any pressure.

I don't know what I'd do if I had that money. Buy a house and car, take some time off work to travel or whatever, but I'd probably end up back working where I am now.

1 million will only get you so far, considering the house prices at the moment - a decent house in a reasonably nice area in the North East will cost over £200,000, which is still a lot cheaper than what you'd pay down south.

I find that when I'm off work I spend so much more money than when I'm at work, so I'd need to work just to keep myself from spending all day! lol
  by: TabbyCool     03/26/2008 05:55 PM     
he should buy the restaurant
  by: ProTesTa     03/26/2008 06:04 PM     
  Mouse is right  
Mouse is right the guy is a fool, if he loves mickyDs so much why not buy a franchise now he has the money? it would make him more then than 5 pound an hour and probably more than the intrest he gets from the bank as well.
he is definitly someone who wouold never have made the money if he didn't win it in the lotto.
  by: veya_victaous     03/26/2008 06:16 PM     
I'd probably go to college and get a real job.
  by: Kolman   03/26/2008 06:30 PM     
you just come across as jealous.
  by: elijah4twenty     03/26/2008 06:57 PM     
  If I were him...  
I'd be trying to get into great shape. Run marathons, (indoor) rock climbing, etc. You know, self-improvement.

As a working student, I'd love to have all that free time to just better myself.
  by: edya   03/26/2008 08:41 PM     
  Philanthropy out the window?  
Why not change the world for the better instead of making people fat?

He is an.... IDIOT.
  by: theironboard     03/26/2008 08:47 PM     
  if that's what he wants  
then that is what he should do...I want to know how he keeps people from begging all the time for money, though. Because they say that happens all the time when you win the lottery.
  by: gryphon50a   03/26/2008 10:53 PM     
  I wouldn't call him an idiot  
But anytime I hear people say "If I won the lottery I would go right back to work." I think to myself, if I had millions I could think of plenty to do with all that money to keep me busy.

@Protesta - Unfortunately to buy a McD's franchise it is $1 mil up front for use of the name and not including your lease to buildings and equipment.

Besides, the photography equipment I want would clear out that money in no time :)
  by: Rislone   03/26/2008 11:50 PM     
  theironboard's comment  
How true. I swore off McDonalds two months ago and I have already lost 8 pounds. It's not like I didn't know. I just didn't want to know.
  by: John E Angel     03/27/2008 02:40 AM     
McD does not "make" people fat. People make a conscious choice to eat there or not to eat there. It's not like it's a secret that it's not good for you. McD is not holding a gun to consumer's heads and forcing them to eat a big mac. The customer is the only one to blame if they gain weight. There are several healthier eating options at McD, you choose not to eat one of those rather than the 800 calorie burger, then you have no one to blame but yourself.
  by: jeniq     03/28/2008 01:33 PM     
He could have bought his way into a new and better job
  by: 5t3v3   03/28/2008 01:48 PM     
the blame shouldn’t be put entirely on one or the other. Realistically its both the consumers, and MD that make people fat. Its a combined effort. People cant get fat if MD doesn’t make the food for them to eat. And likewise MD can feed people if there are not mouths to feed.

I think MD has a bigger responsibility when it comes to regulating food. Seeing as how they are a multi-billion dollar corporation and they have the means to do something to regulate the nutrient intake of its customers. Their logo is practically everywhere, they are solely responsible for advertising their food, and therefore they should take responsibility for people that respond to that advertisement.

On the other hand, people should be aware of what they are eating. You cant count calories is you don’t know how many your eating. MD is doing a better job of displaying nutrient content of its food. But you still have to jump through hoops to find out how many calories or how much trans fat a big mac contains.
  by: m.i.a.elite     03/28/2008 04:15 PM     
"I think MD has a bigger responsibility when it comes to regulating food. Seeing as how they are a multi-billion dollar corporation and they have the means to do something to regulate the nutrient intake of its customers."

Why? They don't claim to be a health food store, they put out a product, it's up to the consumer whether or not they choose to eat it. And obviously they do in abundance considering the sheer amount of stores there are. Public likes crap food, public gets crap food.

"But you still have to jump through hoops to find out how many calories or how much trans fat a big mac contains."

how do you figure? There is a link to nutritional information directly on their front page. Big Mac has 1.5g of trans fat. took me about 10 seconds to find it.

  by: jeniq     03/28/2008 05:13 PM     
  @The detractors  
You people, particularly the "he could get a better job" people are ridiculous. Why the hell would he want a job where he'd have to bust his ass for money he doesn't particularly need?

I want to know what makes you dipshits happy so I can anonymously pass judgment about you from the comfort of my computer.

The simple fact of the matter is this: This guy won a bunch of money and is using it to make himself, his wife, and his kid happy. Frankly, it seems you're all jealous.
  by: erasedgod   03/28/2008 11:42 PM     
  Well said erasedgod  
If it is making him happy, why the hell not. Yep there are better jobs out there but does he want to do them?
  by: stretchman     03/29/2008 02:03 PM     
  Here's another one  
  by: stretchman     03/30/2008 12:22 AM     
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