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                 02/20/2018 08:18 PM  
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03/27/2008 07:04 AM ID: 69594 Permalink   

"Lucky" Man on Cancer #8


Australian Don Miller is beginning treatment for a secondary endocrine cancer, his eighth cancer since 1964. Mr Miller said, "I'm unlucky in the context of getting the cancers, but I'm lucky in my ability to fight them."

He says the support of his wife and a positive attitude along with early diagnosis help him conquer the cancers. He also credits the the Peter Macallum Cancer Centre in Victoria with his success.

"Having been a patient here for 44 years, I have told the hospital "You keep me going for another six years so I can get to 50, and we'll have a big party'."

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...maybe it's time for him to switch hospitals.

I had ingrown toe surgery done (worst shots ever) multiple times on the same toes by the same doctor...two or three times.

After all that pain, and then having it grow back just didn't cut it (no pun intended), and my parents helped me look for another podiatrist, and what do you know: after only one surgery by the new podiatrist, my feet were cured.

Didn't help state of mind when I found out a few weeks afterwards that my old quack podiatrist moved out of her work building for reasons unknown to me.
  by: The Mad Mule   03/27/2008 08:57 AM     
It might not necessarily be incompetance you were facing with your old doctor-- what if she'd been purposely doing the cuts in a way that you'd have to come back later? That's business for you. Good on you for switching though.
  by: gimboid   03/27/2008 10:07 AM     
Understood. My brother used to take his car to a certain mechanic and he alway needed to go back about every 3 months. We figured they were loosening stuff like wires and connectors so he would keep coming back.
  by: John E Angel     03/27/2008 07:03 PM     
  "Bad" business practices  
it's like Delta faucets-- they make more from replacement parts than they do the actual faucet. If your plumber suggests only Delta, then you know he's making sure he'll be employed for years to come.

I suppose that's what we get for living in a capitalistic society.

  by: Duhickie   03/29/2008 02:55 AM     
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