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                 01/20/2018 09:41 PM  
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03/27/2008 08:18 AM ID: 69595 Permalink   

1.3 Million Year Old Human Fossil Found


Scientists in Atapuerca, Spain claim to have found the oldest known evidence of humans in Europe. This fossil, found in a cave with animal bones and hand tools could be up to 500,000 years older than the previous record found in 1997.

The leader of the team, Eudald Carbonell, director of the Catalan Institute of Human Paleo-Ecology and Social Evolution, says the fossil represents an earlier example of Pioneer Man (Homo antecessor) and might be an ancestor of humans and Neanderthals.

He went on to say that even older fossils, perhaps up to 1.8 million years old could be found in Europe. "This has to be the next discovery," he said. "This is the scientific hypothesis."

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  And they also know it's a woman  
Because the jaw bone is still moving.
  by: White Albino   03/27/2008 09:17 AM     
  by: DarkWave     03/27/2008 09:52 AM     
Haha, testing us again with the "fossils" eh?
Good one, hahaha.
  by: silentrage   03/27/2008 10:36 AM     
  Rather humbling  
To know that something like ourselves existed 1.3 million years ago. Amazing that the species has survived this long really.
  by: Maxx20     03/27/2008 12:05 PM     
lol !
  by: gago   03/27/2008 12:10 PM     
"Amazing that the species has survived this long really."

Thats why we invented nuclear weapons. That way we can give the middle finger to mother nature!
  by: slavefortheman     03/27/2008 01:50 PM     
  I thought this was interesting  
  by: shawn1flog   03/27/2008 06:22 PM     
I took up the opportunity to read that article. I also had to take a moment to check the sources however. The problem is that most of those sources have been debunked/are outdated. The source also references the classically skewed man is an ape argument, which isn't evolution at all.
  by: JDStops   03/27/2008 07:39 PM     
  The scary thing  
is that these are our direct ancestors - we owe them so much!
  by: p_g_chris   03/27/2008 08:43 PM     
  Thanks JD  

Might as well have gotten that info from

These are all talking points of Creationists or YEC. Unfortunately they keep using the same old hoaxes/misinformation and can't move on past that.
  by: Rislone   03/27/2008 11:03 PM     
But here are a few interesting points.
Some folks are quick to jump to all this belief in something just because a scientist said so.

Someone who in thought can twist the evidence and warp it just as easily as a preacher on Sunday can twist whatever religious book he's using to fit his preconceived ideas or bias.

In other words there are still many holes, giant canyon sized ones, in what people think is scientific fact.

Principles can apply to both science and religous reasoning.

Even this guy who wrote that article was able to bend science to his way of thinking.

Scientists can an often do. Many scientists could destroy their career if they went the opposite of what the mainstream says.

For that matter people believe drugs for ADD are good just because the doctor said so when in actuallity some kids just need a good old fashioned butt beating. Just because the doctors to some degree want those drug company kickbacks.

I see it all the time in various groups I work with.

  by: shawn1flog   03/28/2008 12:06 AM     
Yeah, I agree definitely. Power corrupts. Even a small amount

I find it hard to believe some news I read because we've been lied to before. You can see for yourself in articles you read that people twist the the facts of a story by reading 2 articles about one subject.
  by: JayWar   03/28/2008 04:29 AM     
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