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                 01/21/2018 07:23 AM  
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04/03/2008 02:30 AM ID: 69739 Permalink   

Shoppers Summoned To Jury Duty By Judge


What's a judge in Lima, Ohio to do when he can't find enough prospective jurors to try a child's rape case? How about sending sheriff's deputies into the local Wal-Mart and serve jury summonses to unsuspecting shoppers.

Such was the case as three sheriff's deputies quizzed shoppers exiting the local Wal-Mart. Asking the shoppers whether they were residents and registered voters of Lima, if they answered both questions 'Yes', they were issued on-the spot summonses.

Despite the unusual circumstances, eight women and four men were seated as jurors for the trial of Terry Hupp, 51, charged with several counts of gross sexual imposition and rape.

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  This is good  
yet another caring judge, they are beating the bad guys now, at last.
  by: captainJane     04/03/2008 02:44 AM     
some-one with common sense as well as quick thinking!
  by: sleeky     04/03/2008 03:08 AM     
  Hmm, I don't know...  
About you article.

=/ You made light of a really serious case. It just didn't sit well with me.
  by: edya   04/03/2008 03:23 AM     
  thats a great idea  
  by: hl2k   04/03/2008 09:11 AM     
  I imagine myself  
seated as jurors i would have no idea
what to do.
  by: vizhatlan     04/03/2008 09:46 AM     
It's not like the source has much more information about the actual case, it's just about the unorthodox methods they used to get people to do jury duty.

Had the source article been largely about the crimes this man had committed, then maybe this summary would be ignoring important information in favour of writing a light-hearted article, but this is not the case here at all.
  by: TabbyCool     04/03/2008 02:55 PM     
Would you want a jury of pissed off people who's lives were interrupted with no warning in the middle of the day?
  by: OneEightSeven   04/03/2008 07:25 PM     
  The Courts Had The Voter Registration Lists  
Why did they not subpeona enough jurors in advance? It is not like this trial jumped out of nowhere.
Someone was very derelict in there elected or appointed job.
  by: ichi     04/03/2008 07:56 PM     
  Not new  
This happened in my home town. The judge sent a balif to the post office (right next door) and he grabbed a few voters and brought them into the court.

I'd be bummed if that was my trial... right from the beginning you have some pissed of jurors
  by: barryman9001   04/03/2008 08:02 PM     
  Wrong in the long run  
On the face of it, it sounds like the Judge had the right idea. The Jury pool may not always have enough members left who can try a case (for one reason or another).
My only concern is that you may give a defendant the right to appeal because a pissed jury was prejudiced from the start.
  by: Keftan   04/03/2008 10:53 PM     
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