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                 01/17/2018 12:01 AM  
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04/07/2008 10:28 PM ID: 69840 Permalink   

Catholic Museum Displays Homoerotic Last Supper


A display of works by Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka at Vienna's Roman Catholic Cathedral's Museum has provoked many calling for it to be shut down. The artist described the main picture of the exhibit as "a homosexual orgy."

The Church removed the picture from the display. Bernhard Boehler, the museum's director thinks "Hrdlicka is entitled to represent people in this carnal, drastic way." He said that art should be allowed to provoke debate.

While many religion blogs in Austria, Germany and the US have denounced the exhibit as blasphemous, Boehler does not see it that way, saying "People can see what they want." The artist has said that the Bible is the most thrilling book he has ever read.

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  Truth Hurts  
Methink (they) protest too much
  by: Keftan   04/07/2008 11:00 PM     
But so many of USA and other parts of the Western world condoned the Danish Cartoons of Prophet Mohamad!!

Whats amazing is, Westerners would point, bash and even ridicule other societies, call them backwards until someone steps on their toes and they are about to cut off someones foot..

Blasphemous is but blasphemy, to Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc, just because you dont believe, dont insult pls.
  by: isuzu     04/07/2008 11:11 PM     
The point of the previous comments about islamic people isn't that they are offended. They have every right to feel that way about certain things. The point was that when they are offended they call for death and vengeance. There's a big difference between the two in my opinion.
  by: fiebre   04/07/2008 11:30 PM     
Shot your own foot there with that comment. As mentioned, the difference here is that the Catholics are asking for it to be shut down, not have the person killed. Big big difference.
  by: agnaram   04/08/2008 12:07 AM     
  Where's the picture?  
I highly doubt the disciples were throwing an orgy at that time, quite the opposite, they were probably very tense while Jesus was anticipating his own death.
  by: Ramona   04/08/2008 12:32 AM     
  "death and vengeance"  
I'm sure he will receive some threats, just like people like Richard Dawkins and other outspoken atheists. Faith is still very sensitive to talk about and some people get very angry...
  by: Kaleid   04/08/2008 02:27 AM     
  Roman Catholic Cathedral  
I think part of the problem may be where it is being exhibited.
  by: Convivial   04/08/2008 03:07 AM     
There is no point in any of these cases, regardless of what is the outcome, however civilized altercations ensue it doesnt mean violence has not been issue.

It is just that it has not been reported. If this were related to Muslims, this same rational media, would have given it a different title, something like, "Muslims mob seeking stoning to death"

Remember Oklahoma? Did you hear anything pertinent to Christian Zealots?? No! You didnt, while all along Timothy Mcvey was spewing refuse from the bible.

Besides, we dont have to all turn the other cheek now, do we?
  by: isuzu     04/09/2008 01:59 PM     
  It always amuses me... so many people really seem to have this underlying need to believe that Yahushua, if he actually existed, was a californian-looking long-haired sandal-wearing white man with bright blue eyes and a slightly sorrowful wounded expression.

But then it also amuses me that if I was a middle-eastern carpenter and I claimed to be the lord and saviour of all mankind I'd be locked up...or shot...
  by: chiffington   04/09/2008 03:57 PM     
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