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                 02/23/2018 01:21 PM  
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04/11/2008 09:29 AM ID: 69922 Permalink   

ESPN Takes "The Contender" Out of Contention


US sports channel ESPN has taken boxing show "The Contender" off the air, after taking it over for its second and third seasons. The show has given a career leg up to boxers Alfonso Gomez, Peter Manfredo and Steve Forbes.

ESPN spokesperson Ron Wechsler said: "It was a hard decision to make. We were talking to [promoter Tournament of Contenders] about a renewal but we couldn't come to terms." It is likely that the series will be picked up by another network.

"The Contender" executive producer Jeff Wald said: "Hopefully, the deal we are working on will be closed in the next few days. 'The Contender' is the show that will not die. The show is a success with the fans..."

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