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                 01/22/2018 01:12 PM  
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04/16/2008 11:38 PM ID: 70059 Permalink   

No, I Said "Bud Light" has reported that using new reconstructions of Neanderthal vocal tracts, anthropologist Robert McCarthy has been able to work out how they would have sounded.

By using fossil evidence and computers, scientists have been able to simulate what Neanderthals would have sounded like. They have concluded that Neanderthals spoke, but lacked "quantal vowel" sounds in their speech.

McCarthy's team has managed to engineer the Neanderthal "e" sound so far. Eventually, McCarthy wants to model an entire Neanderthal sentence.

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gave it a moderate rating for the title being a bit misleading.

  by: elijah4twenty     04/17/2008 12:05 AM     
I like the humor.
  by: Circuit_Monkey   04/17/2008 03:30 AM     
  @vant & elijah  
You have do to some thinking with the title. The subject matter here is that of language and understanding (i.e. - meaning) based upon the quantal vowel.

Now, think back to all of the old Bud Light ads based upon that common misunderstanding - "No, Bud Light".

Connect the dots, and you'll see the title isn't misleading. It just requires some thought.
  by: Zpravodajec     04/17/2008 03:39 AM     
still stand by the rating....

its misleading. humorous, but misleading. thanks for explaining anyway.
  by: elijah4twenty     04/17/2008 03:57 AM     
  gave news a very good  
because of the clever title ; )
  by: m.i.a.elite     04/17/2008 03:59 AM     

The commercials went:

"Gimme a light!"
[Someone hands over a light-bulb, light-sabre, strikes a match, etc, etc...]
"No. A Bud Light."

The emphasis on the commercial was that Bud Light wasn't just any other "light" beer. It was special, so you should ask for it by name.

I don't see the connection with lack of vowels.

Sidenote: I loved Bud Light in college. As I explored other beers and flavors and developed a more sophisticated taste for beer, it now tastes like piss water. Samuel Adams, Chimay, and La Chouffe is the way to go!
  by: CArnold     04/17/2008 04:02 AM     
  Smoke and Mirrors  
Perhaps needed to wait till the whole sentence is modelled before explaining to the world that he can now pronounce the letter "e". Interesting, but in its infancy as a story.
  by: grumpy ray     04/17/2008 09:27 AM     
  I don't see how  
the title relates to the article at all.
  by: TabbyCool     04/17/2008 02:23 PM     
  gave news a very bad  
because i shouldn't have to complete a crossword to understand the link between the title and story.

that's not the purpose of a title, least of not for a news story.
  by: dilated   04/17/2008 10:43 PM     
  First do it to human bones  
then I'll accept these results if they proove correct.
  by: vhan     04/17/2008 11:23 PM     
  Independently the story is good...  
... and extremely interesting. IT doesn't need a catchy title... especially one thats not related to the story.
  by: Kuhl   04/17/2008 11:59 PM     
  Title is totally off the chart.  
I am an American, but I do not get the obscure reference, which I am assuming has to be some cliche pop-culture thing going on that I am missing while living abroad. This is an international site and half the people here won't get it, if that's what it is.

Besides, there are very few American beers worthy of consideration aside from some local brewery concoctions. I used to hate beer till I moved to Europe. Now it's like "MmMMmmM... Beer."
  by: theironboard     04/18/2008 12:24 AM     
  @ Headline  
I found it OK.It isn't always easy to find a catchy headline, sometimes they work good in your head, then you submit it and people don't like them. This one from my, Australian, POV needed a little bit of thought but even I found the humour and the context.

@ Story

Can they use this technique to work out what Dinosaurs sound like too?
  by: stretchman     04/18/2008 04:48 PM     
  I don't get it :(  
  by: tiggyfiggy   04/19/2008 11:47 AM     
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