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                 01/17/2018 09:09 PM  
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04/19/2008 05:27 PM ID: 70123 Permalink   

RIAA Drops Suit Against Homeless Man


The RIAA escaped a court sanction when it dropped a lawsuit against a homeless man it had accused of copyright infringement. The recording group attempted to serve him at his last apartment but was unsuccessful in delivering its summons.

Judge Fox, who oversaw the case, stated "the plaintiffs demonstrated they never intended to conduct 'a thorough address investigation'." Rather than deliver the summons to the man, the server stuck it onto his old apartment.

US District Court Judge Harold Baer, Jr. decided not to sanction the RIAA because he saw this as sloppiness on the RIAA's part instead of a deliberate attempt to mislead the court.

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What were they hoping to gain from the lawsuit? A foreclosure on a refrigerator box?
  by: Kolman   04/19/2008 08:11 PM     
  Really showes...  
ho low these scuzzbags(riaa) will go. They have NO interest in music, just their own GREEDY interests....
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   04/19/2008 08:39 PM     
not about the music, or barely even the money anymore --- it's about a rather frightening example of how zealotry isn't confined only to religion. It's turned into some kind of grotesque legal crusade.
  by: velger   04/19/2008 08:50 PM     
  there sloppieness  
is a reason to impose these sactions. Its a fear mongering campaign pushed by people with way to much money to began with. I'd like to use this opportunity to endorse Peer Guardian. Get it before these pieces of scum get you. It's the only thing that will protect you. I've been using it for years now and it's helpfull in avoiding spyware and ddos attacks as well as the RIAA.
  by: shoezacks   04/20/2008 04:54 AM     
  This is why  
I will only buy second-hand CDs. My money does not go to the record companies.
  by: ixuzus     04/20/2008 12:20 PM     
NO your money goes to the retailers who buy CD's new, and if not new than used, from people who once bought them NEW.

Buying them second hand isn't hurting anyone unless you are buying pirated copies.
  by: Kuhl   04/20/2008 08:36 PM     
  I stopped  
by CD's altogether. does Itunes pay the RIAA? If it does im not going to use it either. Ill just listen to the radio and yahoo music :)
  by: RyanB     04/21/2008 01:59 AM     
  Copyright infringement in Canada is hilarious!  
According to Part VIII of Canada's Copyright Act, I can make a copy (or as many as I like) of recorded music for "my own personal use". I can then give the original to any third party, who make a copy, and continue the process ad naseum.

I cannot give my "copy" to any third party. That would constitute "copyright infringement". But at least I have the right to copy. For this, every Canadian consumer has paid a levy of 59ยข for each CD-R that they purchase.

In the US, even though the same levy is collected (ref. Title 17, section 1004 of the US Code), there is no right of "personal use". So, you get hit with the levy, and you get RIAA trying get even more money out of you. Gotta love it!
  by: Zpravodajec     04/21/2008 05:44 AM     
  I'm waiting for the day when the RIAA  
tells me that I am in violation for copying the original music that I wrote for my band. Then I can die in peace.
  by: White Albino   04/21/2008 10:42 AM     
  @White Albino  
I don't remember when, but I heard a story a long time ago where people were getting attacked but the RIAA...just from having an mp3 of a local band who GAVE their music away to promote themselves.

If they see you have ANY Mp3, they will come after you, regardless if you got it from the band personally or not it seems. >.>
  by: SunDown   04/23/2008 09:24 AM     
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