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                 02/25/2018 12:36 AM  
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04/30/2008 07:14 AM ID: 70355 Permalink   

True Lesbians On Trial


The island of Lesbos was the home of Sappho, a female poet who wrote lyric verses of her love of other women in early sixth century BC that brought about the name "Lesbian". Now the name is on trial.

Two Lesbos inhabitants, plus a member of the nationalist pagan association launched a legal case to ban the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (OLKE) from using the word "Lesbian". "This affair is totally ridiculous," said OLKE spokeswoman Evangelia Vlami.

The lawsuit claims the residents of Lesbos suffer from "psychological and moral rape" because of the "seizure" of their island's name by gays, as written by Dimitrius Lambrou, an activist who wrote The Misfortune of Being a Lesbian.

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  Robin Williams was correct!  
You can't say "Lesbian", it is "women in comfortable shoes"!
  by: Allanthar     04/30/2008 07:16 AM     
what a bunch of cretans
  by: ManilaRyce     04/30/2008 07:29 AM     
I can't help thinking that there's dollars (drachma) at the bottom of this story. 'Psychological and moral rape', thems strong words. Seems like a case of money for nothing to me.
  by: grumpy ray     04/30/2008 07:34 AM     
  Why not,  
its the same as the french winning the legal battle to have all sparkling white wines banned from using the name champagne unless its from the town of champagne.
  by: ssxxxssssss   04/30/2008 09:28 AM     
lol. i like that one.

  by: veya_victaous     04/30/2008 10:52 AM     
Actually quite a big difference, one is a way of life, the other is a commercial product.
  by: StarShadow     04/30/2008 01:15 PM     
within reason, tequila is produced in somewhat the same fashion. i.e. only typically produced around tequila, jalisco, mexico (city, state, country)
  by: elijah4twenty     04/30/2008 03:14 PM     
I don't believe the laws will differentiate between the two.
  by: thewarrior   04/30/2008 04:12 PM     
  What's next?  
People from New Zealand saying that the name of the kiwi fruit has to be changed?
  by: Carmex4thesoul   04/30/2008 04:39 PM     
I guess the term "dykes" will become the norm once "Lesbos" is repealed.

"Welcome to the first annual meeting of the GDTG Alliance"
lol @ "GD".

Intolerance for creepy behavior FTW.
  by: aardvark   04/30/2008 05:45 PM     
Too bad Troy's not still around, or this could get really funny.
  by: l´anglais     04/30/2008 06:07 PM     
The word you're referring to is "cretin" (with an 'i'). It has no relation to Crete, you mongoloid!
  by: l´anglais     04/30/2008 06:09 PM     
will soon start complaining about Sodom. What a bunch of Sodomites.
  by: isuzu     04/30/2008 11:57 PM     
  @ L'anglais  
uhmmm.. that's why it was funny.
  by: wolfer   05/02/2008 08:20 PM     
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